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FlirtyMature Review 2024: How do seniors date?

FlirtyMature Review 2024: How do seniors date?
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Active Audience 57%
Quality Matches 85%
Popular Age 28-40
Profiles 245 000
Reply Rate 82%
Ease of Use 7.4
Popularity 8.1
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • One of the most used hookup sites for seniors and their fans;
  • Dominated by females;
  • Well-written policies and guidelines for new users;
  • Free bundles are enough to understand how the site works;
  • Free messages are available daily;
  • A non-paid membership is available for testing;
  • A competent support team that guides users.
  • It does not let send more than five messages a day, and they expire daily;
  • It is not a place for meaningless relationships.

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General Information

Another creation of Together Networks for people who want to date at an older age, or date seniors, FlirtyMature has a lot to offer. The main focus is on designing a safe casual dating community for people of the age category 50+. It does not mean that there is an age restriction on the site. It still accepts applications of all 18+ users. However, statistics show that females of the age 50+ are the most loyal customers of the service. They comprise over 60% of the population on the site. The average age of a male on the site is 55 – 60. It is not a site for seniors solemnly still. A small part of users falls under the age category of 35 – 45 years old. These are people who appreciate senior dating and know that it is the right place for it.

On average, a typical user of the site is a cougar, divorced male, or widower. These are people with a huge life experience and need loving and caring relationships. It is most probably not the place to find nsa relationship, though. Yet, not everyone wants marriage again. For many people, it is a platform for communication and romantic encounters.

Is FlirtyMature a serious website?

Is FlirtyMature a serious website?

The site was designed by a reputable company called Together Networks. The company is a pioneer and professional in the sphere of dating. It facilitates various types of dating, and most projects gained immense success worldwide. Hence, it is a good investment if you are looking into purchasing some tools for improving your dating life. You can be sure that the service is of a high level, and your information on the site is protected.

FlirtyMature Pricing Policy

Here is a detailed FlirtyMature review of pricing policies. You can find a breakdown of payments on the site. There are daily payments, but the amount is usually charged in one payment. You can select the duration of your membership and pay accordingly. Note that a special trial period use is granted to new users, and you can ask the support team about it. Get a couple of free days to get to know the site better. If you are into subscriptions, here are the options:

  • Pay $0.99 and use all the features for one day (24h);
  • Pay $1 per day, $7 per week;
  • Pay $0.96 per day if you get a monthly adult dating subscription;
  • Pay $0.54 per day if you sign up for the three months subscription.

There are basic facts you need to know about subscriptions on this site. They are standard but worse being aware of. Firstly, there is no fee for registration or commission for purchases. If you see some pennies withdrawn from your card, address the inquiry to your bank. When you decide how to pay, select the most convenient and quick option. One of the good ways is an e-wallet if you have one. Consider getting one for your online payments. Your account gets upgraded as soon as the payment is received. It usually happens within a couple of minutes. If you have a one-month plan, the same plan will be automatically purchased from your account for the next month. It is not an obligatory procedure but convenient for those who forget to upgrade the account regularly. When your membership expires, you can still log in to your account, but the conversations will not be possible. You will go back to having five free FlirtyMature messages per day. So, if you do not want to lose the connection with people, this default subscription renewal option is a good tool. Since the site offers free and paid memberships, let’s look at their differences.

Basic Plan

Basic Plan

After signing up to the account, you start on a basic plan. It means that you do not pay and get the following things for free:

  • Setting up your account and publishing it for others to see;
  • Uploading a limited number of photos to your gallery;
  • Looking at some profiles on the site;
  • Send a limited number of messages to some users;
  • Look at the gallery with the photos of other users and like them.

With this set of features you can start communication but to continue and have an effective one, you need to purchase a subscription. Getting access to unlimited FlirtyMature chat is only possible with the membership plan, and it is a key feature.

Premium Plan

After upgrading your account, life on the site becomes more hectic and exciting. You will see more profiles. About 40 % more profiles open up to users who purchased a plan. Besides, you get fewer chances of meeting fake profiles when you are a premium member. The features that become available are:

  • Immediate response from the support team;
  • Access to all the information on user profiles (all pictures, bio, videos, and posts);
  • Access to dating games (Like Gallery);
  • Unlimited communication with others;
  • Additional search filters.

Becoming a member – What are the challenges?

Becoming a member - What are the challenges?

Since people tend to not meet for sex but for relationships, the profiles contain some meaningful information. Before it is filled in, a user needs to sign up and provide some basic information. The email address is used to register every user and track their profiles later. This address is not published and not shared with anyone. It remains in the system for the support team to be able to identify you as a client. There is also a questionnaire to help users create their descriptions. If you are not bothered with answering the questions, you can skip it. This is optional, and not everyone is happy to answer the questions. Some hookup sites that actually work to bring people together make these questions obligatory, and practice shows that they lie or do not even read it properly. As a result, some stuff on the profile is not true. In general, signing up is not a cumbersome process. It is swift and short. If you want to set up a good profile, though, you will need to invest some time in it. That can be done gradually. Note that there is no charge for signing up. If you want to purchase a membership later, you can connect a card to your account right away.

How to start contacting people at FlirtyMature?

If you want to avoid people who are looking for sex only, fill in your profile correctly. Indicate that your intention is to find a serious connection. After that, you will be a part of a ‘Like gallery,’ and users will send likes to your photos. It signifies that they are open to conversations. With that, you can go to chat or messenger and start texting them. If you are shy or lack confidence, you can reply to incoming messages. The site has a large user base, and there is no chance that you will not receive at least 5-6 messages per day. If you want casual sex, it is not a problem as well. Make sure you indicate the aim of your dating to the person you talk to.

FlirtyMature User Profiles

FlirtyMature User Profiles

As it was mentioned before, a profile is your face on the site. It represents you and makes an impression on people. All they see is a personal page, and only after looking at it, they start communication. It is the reality of online dating. So, if you want to have nice people texting you, make sure that you have a well-kempt profile. What profiles can you find on the site:

  • Single cougars are looking for friends and boyfriends. Women in their forties are very active. They usually have professional photoshoots, especially for the dating site. You can see how much effort people invest into it.
  • 55+ women who are shy but open-minded. They usually have a well-written bio and good family values.
  • 60+ males looking for a casual dating community to set them up with loving, calm, but adventurous females.

About 60% of users on the site are females. Only 15% of them are lesbian. Most women on the site look for straight relationships. It is not a place for couples either. Males on the site are also focused on finding an adult lover for life together. Another option that you can use there is a travel partner. If you live alone and want to go on a cruise or some new country, you can always find a partner on FlirtyMature. It is an international platform that serves mostly English-speaking countries but can be accessed from all continents. If you want to find locals to go on a date with, the FlirtyMature app is your wingman.

Spotting fake FlirtyMature Profiles

Spotting fake FlirtyMature Profiles

Since the audience of the site is mature and not always well-aware of cybersecurity, it is vital to emphasize it. The site explains how it operates and warns users against violation of the policies. On the stage of registration, every user agrees to terms and conditions and they contain crucial information on safety. Traditionally, all users are encouraged to keep their contact details private. If you share some links to your social media or give out a phone number, you put yourself at risk of being overexposed. FlirtyMature offers a messenger that you can use to avoid oversharing. The site protects your name and gives you a cover identity. If you decide to take it offline with the user, you also need to remember about safety. Make sure to meet up in a crowded public place. Also, avoid getting into someone else’s car or meeting at someone’s home for the first time. As to the profiles on the site, they are checked by moderators. There are instances, though, when a moderator has not checked the profile yet, but it slipped out into a pool and started talking to people. For this purpose, there is an emergency button that allows you to block undesirable people. If you see a profile with the photo of a celebrity and a person is texting you, offering to ‘get laid,’ ‘go out, or asking for a gift, mark it and avoid it.

UX at FlirtyMature

Together Networks designs all its websites in a similar way. FlirtyMature is not an exception. It has the same layout as other websites, and the same registration form. The form is standard and easy to use. All the features are maintained with the help of a technical team that always fixes the bugs timely. If a user is new to dating online, doing it from a computer or phone as well, the site will assist. With great communication features set, the site is easy to use. All the sections and buttons are well-named, and they are not confusing. A user from 18 to 80 years old can easily register on the site.

FlirtyMature Phone application

At the moment FlirtyMature app is in the process of development. There is a way to access the site from your phone still. You can open a mobile version and use all the features.

Additional Features

Additional Features

FlirtyMature is a really comfortable platform for new daters. Not only seniors can enjoy it. One of the cool services is additional information. Whenever a user starts a chat, there is a window with tips that pops up. It offers a pickup line, a topic for discussion, and sets the users in the right mood. A separate feature available to paid users only is a section on the profile. It is a section with a description of what a user is looking for. Not as important is a free trial version that the site offers. It means that you can already start conversations without purchasing the whole package.

Verifying FlirtyMature Profile

FlirtyMature does not request documents that prove identity for registration. There are two sides to this coin. On the one hand, they are not authorized to do so, but it also means that many users can have unusual backgrounds. With that in mind, whenever you talk to people, take care of your safety and do not overshare. Leave the details of your location and contacts for later. To verify your profile, the site sends a link to your email address. If you are a real owner and have access to it, you need to click on the link, and it will refer you back to the site.

Is FlirtyMature involved in any scamming schemes?

There have been no instances of FlirtyMature being involved in scamming. It is a partially free platform. All the charges are thoroughly described in the terms and policies of the site.

Is FlirtyMature a legitimate service?

FlirtyMature has all the needed credentials to provide its services around the globe.

User Support

To receive 24h support on the site, one needs to be a premium member. In case you use a free version, you will have to wait for your query to be reviewed for up to 48 hours. The support team of the site is available via email only. There is no hotline or chat that can connect you instantly.

FlirtyMature and Similar services

FlirtyMature is one of the pioneers and leaders of the senior dating market. Yet, there are similar platforms. They all have something in common but a lot of differences too:

  • DateMyAge
  • SilverSingles
  • SeniorSizzle


How do people use FlirtyMature?

Most users who come to the site are not hungry girls who want sex. These are adult, mature and calm women, and men. The main goal for them is to find partnership, friendship, and mutually beneficial communication.

Is FlirtyMature a valid and reliable site?

It is a reputable and licensed platform. FlirtyMature was designed in accordance with law and had proper policies written down. They can be found in terms and conditions on the bottom of the site.

Does FlirtyMature charge for membership?

FlirtyMature is a partially free platform. It is low-priced, though. With the free features, you will not be able to have a long conversation. Buying a membership is affordable and improves your experience dramatically. For one day of use of the site, the price can be from $0.54 to $1. The plan can last one day, week, month, or three months.

How does communication happen at FlirtyMature?

Communication on the site happens via messenger and chat. Every user can text others in a private conversation. If you want to create a group discussion, you can do it in a chat. Without a paid membership, you will have a limited amount of messages to send per day. So, make sure you do not waste them. If you purchase a plan, the limits will come off.

How to erase a user profile from FlirtyMature?

FlirtyMature offers multiple ways of dealing with this request. You can handle it yourself via the settings of your account. If you want to be sure, or you have troubles, send an email to the support team. They also accept postal letters and faxes. If you have a subscription that came into effect already, the cost will not be refunded.


[email protected]

Together Networks Ltd

The British Virgin Islands


If you are in your fifties and life seems sad, you want to have an adult hookup, and there is a place for you. FlirtyMature is a specially designed platform for people who want to feel comfortable talking about their past life and look forward to meeting their future senior partners. Love life is not over at a senior age. On the other hand, there is a lot to discover, especially with the technological advances of modern times. If you have been finding excuses for staying single, the FlirtyMature website is there to change your mind.

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