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Review of SnapSext.com: Expert Opinion for All Users

Review of SnapSext.com: Expert Opinion for All Users
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Active Audience 61%
Quality Matches 90%
Popular Age 28-36
Profiles 1 740 000
Reply Rate 88%
Ease of Use 6.9
Popularity 4.4
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The registration process is speedy on SnapSext website; it takes just a few seconds to be a website member.
  • It's easy to use the website. New members are not to spend any time to understand how it works. After signing up and logging in, all the options come clearly; hence it is easy to use.
  • The selection of profiles from the local areas is pretty well. The website has plenty of members so that new members will get their benefits.
  • You can find some steamy hot photos of your sex interest here.
  • The website is full of fake profiles, so don't expect to get a genuine member soon.
  • The design of the website could be better. It seems like the developer is hardly interested in giving a new look to the years old website.
  • SnapSext is keen to get money from every member, so you will have to watch unwanted ads frequently until you buy a membership here.

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The evolution of the internet has made it easy for people to connect with each other irrespective of their physical location. The internet has also created opportunities for dating websites, for example, to have an ideal platform where people can meet others for hookups, flings, and long-term relationships. SnapSext is one of the websites where people can share their photos and videos with others. Singles and couples can join the website to meet other steamy hot people with the same fantasies and desires. If you are looking for some steamy relationships but unsure about joining the website, SnapSext reviews will help you decide.

Web Version and Mobile Application

SnapSext has its website since the dating sites come in trend. The website is old fashioned, but here you will find sufficient members from your local area. SnapSext Review confirms that the dating site does not have any app. It is a disappointment for users who want to stay connected here 24*7.

Web Version and Mobile Application

Quality Of Profile

SnapSext.com is an old website. It was developed when most of the people used to surf the internet only for hookups and flings. So the dating site has plenty of profiles. Here you will also encounter the most irritating thing with dating sites; fake profiles. The website has an easy registration process; therefore, users make different profiles. So if you find any account suspicious, then it can be a fake one.


The registration process is quick on SnapSext.com. To complete the registration process, visit the URL of the dating site, give some short answers like your sex, your interest, and other basic ones. Enter your mail Id and password to complete the registration process. No wonder SnapSext has become one of the most popular websites with such an easy and quick registration process.

For registration on this website, you will have to take a total of six steps. The website will ask you about your sex; you are interested in, your age, location, mail id, and then you will have to choose a password. On confirming that you are not a robot, you will get registered on the website. The registration process takes less time, but the website’s responsive time is slow. It takes from a few seconds to several minutes to process the information provided by you and confirm you as a registered member of the dating site.


Profile Set-up

SnapSext Reviews make it easy for new users to interact with the website when they first log in smoothly. Like the registration process, the profile set-up is also easy on SnapSext. This website, has a few fake profiles, so it’s better to have a complete profile to interact with people who have the same interests. The profile set up starts with mentioning your necessary information on the websites. The confidential information like mail id will be only for the website’s use and will not be disclosed with the other website members.

SnapSext is all about hot and steamy photos sharing, so upload your photos that suit the website’s standard to complete your profile’s set-up.

How To Logout from the Account

To logout from your account on SnapSext, you will have to click on the ‘Log Out’ button on the accounts setting. On clicking on the Log out button, you will not remain online. All those messages sent to you during logged out will be available when you log in again. The logout process is to make you inactive on this website until you log in again. All your interests and chat will remain the same, and you can access your account in the same condition in your next login session.

How Long Does It Take to Activate Account

The website took several minutes to a few hours to activate the accounts. It also needs an uninterrupted internet connection to activate a new account on the website. The website of SnapSext is also prolonged. Sometimes it takes a whole night, and the web page doesn’t show anything else except ‘Processing.’ The activation time is terribly slow on this dating site, so have patience and don’t expect a quick result after providing the asked information here.

How to Delete an Account

If you don’t wish to continue with the website, you can delete your account. Once your account is deleted, then you will not get any notification or mail from the website. For all your interests, you will not be seen as activated. Whatever messages you had received when you were activated on the website will remain in your account, and you will not get any further message or request.

To delete your account from SnapSext, you will have to click on the Settings and then click on the option named ‘Advanced Settings.’ Find the option to say ‘Make My profile Inactive,’ click on it to delete your account. If your mind changes in the future, you can re-login on the website again with the same login credentials.

How to Delete an Account

How to Make Your Profile on Top

On the homepage of the website, a few profiles will be visible. The profiles that are on top get the most attention and request to share the photos and chat. So everyone wants to be on top of all the profiles. You can make your profile on the top by being active on the website. Along with this, you will have to make your profile complete, add a few hot and revealing photos so other members from your interest criteria can approach you.

The website also has membership plans. You can take one according to your feasibility. The plan makes you an authentic user on the website and your activity and login time make your profile on top.

Can SnapSext.Com Put Age Limits On Who Can See Your Profile?

One of the biggest issues with SnapSext is that it does not have a modern user interface. The website runs smoothly but doing anything here is not as easy as it is on other dating sites, but still, it is one of the most popular dating sites because of its database.

Here you can meet different kinds of people that can have the same interests just like you. Most of the members come on this platform to get the sex partners for a short time to have one night stands. When the users expect not more than sex, then it is a must for the website to use some advanced techniques to make a perfect searching criterion to find out a perfect partner.

You can search other members here through basic, advanced, and name search options. The advanced search option is the most preferred one by the members of the website. This searching criterion gives you plenty of options to apply to your search for a suitable partner. In the Advanced search option, you can set an age limit. Here you will have to enter the minimum and maximum age limit of the users you are looking for. On submitting the information, you will get the suggestion of profiles from the same age group.

How Can a User Change The Name on SnapSext?

A user has the right to change any information visible to others on SnapSext. The SnapSext Reviews find out that the registered mail will not be changed for a profile, and the rest can be modified or changed, including the user’s name as per the user’s wish.

The registered user will have to visit his profile on the dating site to change the profile name. Here the user will have to click on the name, and on the right-hand side, an option will come to edit it. Click on the edit option and chose a sexy name to flash on the screen. A happening and sexy name will attract the people to your profile, and you can connect to other users.

How Can a User Hide His Profile on SnapSext?

If any user wants to deactivate his profile, he can choose the option of inactive my profile, but to hide the profile on SnapSext, the user will have to follow other instructions. To stay on the dating but to hide for a limited or unlimited period, the user will have to go to their profile settings. Here they will get an option of advanced settings to click on it. The user will find the option to hide the profile. On clicking on this option, the user’s profile will hide. The user can remain hidden till he wants to. The profile user will have to un-tick the box given with the ‘Hide My Profile’ option to unhide.

How Do a User Change His Profile Picture on SnapSext?

Changing your profile photos frequently keeps your profile fresh, and it also shows that the user is an active member of the website. So it is recommended to change your profile photo from time to time. The procedure of changing your profile photo is easy and doesn’t consume your time.

For this, you will have to click on your profile setting and then click on your profile photo. You will get the option of Change your Profile Pic or Remove Your Profile Pic. Click the button of Change your profile pick. Now, you are to upload a new pic on your profile. Though you are smart enough to choose a pic to make it your profile pic, having a revealing pic will force many other users to ping you.

How do a user change his profile picture on SnapSext?

Special Features

SnapSext is an adult website where people make their account for hookups and short term relationships. The website is one of the many websites that offer adults a platform to meet others with the same mindsets. SnapSext has introduced a few unique features, and one of them is photo sharing.

The website lets its registered members share and post their naughty photos. When you visit the website, you will see some scorching pictures of girls, even if you are not a website member yet.

Here you can search for the other members based on their look. After completing the website’s login process, you will land on a gallery of the photos of people you are interested in. Lie, you are a man, then you will find plenty of photos of girls. If you find anyone attractive, then click on the photo, and you will see her profile. Here you will get the button to chat with her. Though the website is all about hot, steamy, and naughty photos and open relationships, the initial way to start interacting with others is to chat with them. Users can also wink the women they like, and they also save them for chatting in the future. When you have an account on this website, then be prepared to get some vulgar photos in your chatbox.

Costs and Prices

SnapSext let anyone create an account here and to look at the photos of a few members. To get access to some additional features of the websites, you will have to buy the website’s plans. SnapSext is keen that its free members take the membership plans. The best benefit of taking membership on the website is that you can have an advertisement free session and chat with other website members. Here are the plans of the website that you can opt for;

  • Gold 2 Days Trial goes for $ 0.95
  • Gold 7 Days Trial will cost $ 9.95
  • 1 Month Gold Plan will cost $39.95
  • Gold 6 Months Plan goes for $ 69.95
  • Gold 12 Months Plan will cost $ 80.04

A plan with a longer duration will give some benefits to users. The membership allows you to do an advanced search and search by the name of the members. To chat with other members, explore their profiles, and send them your photos, you will have to buy any one of the website’s memberships plans.

Costs and Prices


SnapSext is all about sharing and receiving photos, so the users are a bit concerned about their privacy. From the website, end things are pretty sure that it will not leak anyone’s photos, but the users must be sure first before sharing their naughty images with others. The website member also can block other users and set an age limit for other members.

Are SnapSext Chats Encrypted?

The website does not claim encrypted chats. Though chatting is the only way to know and talk to your potential partner, the chat box does not show any message if the chatting is encrypted. SnapSext has not received any complaints about any outrage activity. However, there is still no surety about the security of messages exchanged by the website members on SnapSext’s messenger.

Can SnapSext Track you Down?

Though the website is old fashioned, technically, it is smart enough to track your location. The new user can experience this activity of the website when they log in here for the first time; the country and region name comes by-default on the registration form, which shows that the website tracks you. With this tracking system, the website shows the relevant profiles of your area to hang out with. Though the website does not have any app, it can still track its users easily.

Who Should I Contact if I Have Questions Regarding My Privacy in SnapSext

It’s obvious that you need to worry about your privacy on the dating website. Here at SnapSext also the users need to make sure about their privacy first then to have an account here. SnapSext Reviews can help the new users know the contact point in case of having any privacy-related question.

SnapSext has a privacy policy, which is available at the bottom of its webpage. The website also has a Twitter handle, and it has an account on Instagram. At both platforms, users can ask questions about the dating website privacy.

Can I Delete the Information That I’Ve Already Submitted to SnapSext?

If any user wants to delete the website’s information, it can be quickly deleted. Todelete the user’s information on SnapSext, the user will have to first login to the website. After login, the user will have to click on the profile option and then edit my profile option. From here, the user can delete the information that he does not want anyone to access.

The user’s profile will get updated immediately once the editing of the profile will get completed. Here, users will have to keep in mind that they cannot change their website, which they have mentioned when registration rest can be changed.

Can I delete the information that I've already submitted to SnapSext?

Real life review

To know whether the site is worth trying, it’s recommended to read some real-life reviews before you register on it. Here are some SnapSext reviews left by its users. “ I felt bored, so I decided to register on dating platform to have some fun. I chose SnapSext because the platform seemed to be reliable and safe. After registering, I started to communicate with plenty of cool people. That was a funny experience. So, I can recommend this platform.” “Two months ago, I registered on SnapSext. My goal was to flirt online. I met a lot of sexy users on the site. We were sharing photos and having lots of fun. So, my experience on this dating platform was quite successful.” “ My friend recommended me to register on this site. I was bored and wanted to have adult entertainment. So, I registered and created the account. The whole procedure was simple and took only several minutes. After that, I started to communicate with other users of SnapSext. We were flirting and having fun. And photo sharing option is just great! I recommend to use it if you choose this platform”


SnapSext can be an ideal website for those who want hookups only. Plenty of nude photos are enough to tell you the website’s motive and most of its users’ minds set. As soon as you log in here, your inbox starts to get messages from attractive girls with minimal clothes on them. Their invitations seem suspicious. The website was developed long back, so you can meet up with many fake accounts and be aware of them.

The membership charges are high on SnapSext. Only those will take the membership who are not here to con others. So better to ping the members only. The design of the website can be better and faster.

According to SnapSext Reviews, this website is good enough for short term relationships. Not all the profiles are fake here, and the website is not a scam. If you are fond of flings and are not interested in things like emotional and true love, you can create an account on SnapSext. The website has most of the profiles from the age group of 25 to 30 years old. The number of profiles is high, too, so you will not have to wait for a longer time to meet someone like you. To land on the right account, you must make the website’s membership after that; only you can approach other members on SnapSext. Like many other dating sites, SnapSex is a good platform for having adult fun.

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