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Review of Mixxxer: Expert Opinion for All Users

Review of Mixxxer: Expert Opinion for All Users
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Active Audience 56%
Quality Matches 90%
Popular Age 29-36
Profiles 2 450 000
Reply Rate 88%
Ease of Use 9
Popularity 4.0
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Sex dating and hookups are provided freely on this platform
  • Users have the options to shield their identity or their exact location
  • Mixxxer.com website services are also available on your smartphone
  • The registration procedure is quite complicated
  • Mixxxer app services cannot be fully utilized on a desktop as it is more phone friendly
  • The profiles here are reported to have lots of scams and are risky

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So what exactly is Mixxxer? As per Mixxxer reviews, an adult dating site supports people who want to hook up casually and not look for any commitments. This site is one of the dating sites that is not designed to look for a long-term relationship or get married. But if you are interested in meeting sexy hot locals, it is the best choice for you.

Mixxxer.com is nearly related to the tinder app and targets those people who are interested in finding casual sexual encounters without the need for any long term relationship. As per Mixxxer reviews, it is designed to satisfy your sexual lust, and you will find many options on this platform without the need for any lengthy conversations. The services do not take any of your background details. This platform’s mobile app aims to find sex partners in nearby locations. This is possible by tracking your GPS location. It is good to know and share all the required information about this dating site, such as site users, sign-up process, cost, safety, or any doubts and queries you have in your mind regarding this dating site.

Web version and mobile application

As per several Mixxxer reviews using the smartphone version of this dating site is better and will prove efficient. Using the mobile version, you can find hotties that are living or at present in your nearby area because the app can access your cell phones’ GPS location. The web version is cumbersome and filled with plenty of ads that may distract you until you become a paid member. So people prefer to use the mobile version of these dating sites as it uses the swipe function, which is easy to use to navigate different profiles, though, there is no official app version.

Web version and mobile application

Quality of profiles

Profile qualities of Mixxxer are the best. It contains several pics uploaded by users and a brief summary of the person. The questions they ask you during the profile set-up process are fun and easy to do the task. Yes, it is suggested to do them all for better performance in receiving results that are a casual hookup partner. Most of the profiles here are looking for casual hookups and sex. So you can witness more photos on the profiles than the description or information about the person. However, people do not provide their personal information on this site or keep them hidden from strangers.


The registration process is quite simple, like on otherdating sites. However, little knowledge is necessary for filling it easily. But as the site is dedicated to finding casual sex, it requires a minimal amount of information. The registration will not take more than ten minutes. First, go to the log-in page, and then you will be asked to select your gender and the gender of those persons whom you are interested in meeting. You will then be asked to pick a username or be asked to enter your e-mail id and password. You will be asked to enter a unique password that anyone cannot easily guess; all this is done to protect your profile. You can capture people’s attention by choosing any good username and writing provoking descriptive words on your profile. A little bit of research is necessary, but it’s important as these people will come to know about you. Finally, the site will ask you for your birth date, and this ends the entire registration process on Mixxxer. Now you can log-in on the site and start finding local hotties.


Profile set-up

As per several Mixxxer reviews, signing on is not an easy task. It needs some knowledge and a little patient. If you know about signing in on any social media platform, you will not find it difficult. The Mixxxer app is more friendly on your smartphones since the process involves swiping similar to Tinder. The registration process ends with screen buttons, for which you have to provide your basic details and what type of partner you are looking for.

How Can You Logout?

The website’s logout button is on the top corner and can be seen easily.

How Long Does It Take To Activate An Account?

The account is activated as soon as your profile is completed and submitted.

How to Delete Account?

You can contact Mixer help or the site moderator to delete your Mixxxer website account.

How To Make Your Profile Top?

By choosing the premium services of Mixxxer, you can put your profile on top.

Can Mixxxer Put Age Limits On Who Can See Your Profile?

By selecting the gender you want as a partner, and their age you will receive matches the basis. Mixxxer has not put any restrictions on age limits but will provide you with your compatible partner.

How Can You Change Your Name On Mixxxer?

Just go to your profile section, and then you can edit whatever information you need to delete or edit.

How Can You Hide Your Profile On Mixxxer?

You can use the “Shower door” function to hide your profile on Mixxxer.

How Do You Change Your Profile Picture On Mixxxer?

Simply click on the bottom of your profile pics, and you will be asked to upload a new photo or change pictures options similar to other social media platforms

How do you change your profile picture on Mixxxer?

Special Features of the website

One of the special features of Mixxxer is the swiping feature. You can search for other members by using the swiping feature or chatting. This dating site relies on the GPS data on your cell phone. It tracks your location and finds a compatible partner near your areas. The shower door is a unique feature of Mixxxer that you can use to protect your identity. Without any worries, you can permanently install its app on your phone when you are in need.

The main feature is the chatting feature of this site. You can swipe to see various sexy images. The members looking for casual hookups share an unlimited number of photos that you can view and enjoy and finally start interacting with anyone from them. The site has not put any boundaries regarding content and the number of the picture you want to upload. Users can also upgrade to a premium version in Mixxxer and enjoy the erotic chatting experience. After sharing plenty of photos here, you will surely have the chance to get a casual sex partner. In Mixxxer messages, you can easily see who is online and who is not.

Costs and Prices

Yes, everyone wants to know that this amazing platform is free or paid. Like other dating sites, Mixxxer follows the same pattern, both free and paid. But people who are free members find it difficult to find their partner or get only a limited number of partners. If you are using the free version, you will have restricted access or a limited number of options, such as messaging. Without this feature, it is nearly impossible to find a partner.

The site is free to use but is noisy and filled with distracting ads. For many people, it’s a huge pain. If you hate such disturbances, you should switch to a paid version of the site. As becoming a paid member, you will keep free from useless ads. Becoming a paid member will give you personal significance from this platform. Take some time to read their terms and conditions and the cost of becoming a paid member.

So the pricing of this site can be categorized into three free parts, premium services cost $7.99 for one month, and for three months, it is $19.99

Costs and Prices


The privacy factor is an essential parameter on any dating site. A little bit of research is necessary for it. As the site is dedicated to casual hookups, several Mixxxer reviews say there are many scams on this platform. They have also been suggested to go through the safety page and read it once before becoming a member of this site. In case you get in touch with any person you find suspicious, get in touch with the Mixxxer help.

Report the incident there, and it will help you to save other people from that particular person. It is also recommended to be alert while dealing with any new person and use your instinct also. Ensure that the site moderator should be kept informed if you face any problem and the stuff you feel is going fishy on this site.

Are Mixxxerchats Encrypted?

Yes, Mixxxer chats are encrypted. All data on the Mixxxer.com is encrypted via SSL connection. It makes it technically impossible for anyone to intercept your messages or personal details.

Can Mixxxer Track You Down?

Yes, the mobile version of the Mixxxer can track you down by your smartphone’s GPS location. The feature is a necessary evil as with this Mixxxer helps you identify local hotties who are ready to hook up at your nearby location.

Who Should Anyone Contact If They Have Questions Regarding Privacy In Mixxxer?

You can contact on Mixxxer help or the moderator of the site for privacy concerns

Can You Delete The Information That You’Ve Already Submitted To Mixxxer?

Yes, anytime you can delete the information that you have submitted to Mixxxer.

Can Mixxxer track you down?

Real life review

To understand whether to use the dating platform or not, it’s recommended to study the users’ reviews. Here are several real-life review written by Mixxxer users.

“ I started to use the services of Mixxxer several months ago. The platform is great if you want to have adult fun. There are plenty of naughty users on the site ready to have fun. The registration is simple. So, after registering and creating a profile, you will be able to plunge into the world of erotic fantasies.”

“ I was looking for a sex partner online. I didn’t know what platform to choose. Luckily, I came across this cool hookup platform. In a week, I met a person with whom I could have a lot of fun. So, if you feel bored and want to have adult fun, I strongly recommend this platform.”

“ My friend was using this platform for some time. Of course, this dating service is not for finding serious relationships. However, if you want to diversify your sexual life, this site will perfectly suit you. The prices are moderate, and the features are great.”

Here are some of the tips you may consider before selecting one such dating site and the tips to excel others while finding your desired partner.

The following tips can help you to find compatible partners on Mixxxer.

Making a Wish list is essential.

You have to develop a strategy before you begin with this dating site. You should be clear about what, exactly, are you looking for. Keep score

Once you’ve thought of all the traits you want in your partner, you are ready to go.

Get online

You can use Mixxxer.com that can provide you with a lot of options. People who use Tinder are similar to you as the people there are not looking for long-term partners on such sites. It’s best to use two or three sites of the same type at a time. But keep in mind that you will always need all of the activated features, and many of such sites are expensive.

Most of the time, dating sites are not doing anything mysterious. Sites mostly create an algorithm to find a perfect partner and match users based on their answers. In some cases, Mixxer uses to track locations and look at the gap between users’ answers while filling up their profile. For example, if you say that you prefer a very tall man with dark hair who is religious, you may receive someone who has written similar to you. In that case, the algorithm would try to match you according to your hobbies and age also. But if you want to check on all of the profiles, even those that don’t match your preferences, you can do it also, so one can say that dating sites are similar to giant databases for you to explore.

Here are some of the tips that you may find useful while dealing with the Mixxxer dating site and similar sites.

Keep the Profile Short and Focused

As per Mixxxer reviews, many people say that having long profiles do not perform well. Keeping your bios short on your profile and adding more photos can help you on this dating site.

Always Maintain a Curiosity

Mixxxer and other dating sites are popular because they are masters of the so-called “curiosity gap”. The site offers just enough information about the member, which will help you meet someone in person for the first time.

Keep touches of humor in Limit

Many people are not as funny as they feel. What you say to your friends while enjoying may get a few positive responses and a lot of laughs, but it does not mean it will be applicable to such dating sites. The same goes for sarcasm. The best tip is to hear your profile loud by yourself, and so you will feel satisfied.

Always be Selective

It’s good to mention your likes and dislikes in your profiles, but keep in mind that you may keep someone away from you.

Use Positive Language

According to several Mixxer reviews, people say that using positive language such as cool, fun, and excitement has positively characterized a person’s personality. Such people often get their desired partner easily from others.

Present Yourself

Never reuse old photos or copy on your profile from one dating site to another one. There is a similarity between online dating and marketing: you have to know exactly who the audience is and the people you are looking for. You should also have the ability to select and attract your desired partner as per your interest.

Platforms like Mixxxer exist for a long time; they know how to attract users because they are successful and still operating. They don’t provide their customer with a particular product to buy; they just get people looking for sex, and as soon they find them, they offer people to use their services. They mostly use the same methods to attract users, and they do this professionally. That is why there are always a lot of users on such platforms.There are fake accounts on most of the dating sites. So, you must follow some safety rules not to become a scammer’s victim. Never provide the stranger on the dating site with your personal information.

If you are searching for casual encounters on Mixxxer. com, it’s possible to find them. However, you should be careful selecting among the users on the site. Not all of them are real. If you come across a fake account on the site, report it to the site’s administrators. However, there are a lot of users on the site who really want to have adult fun. You only need to be patient to find a perfect sex partner. So, keep searching for him/her and remember: “The person who seeks always finds.”

Of course, it’s better to purchase a paid membership to get the premium services and increase your chances of finding a perfect sex partner. Premium accounts get access to all dating features unavailable for free users. You need to pay for entertainment; that is obvious. So, if you are not ready to purchase a premium membership, you must be very patient before you find a suitable partner to have adult fun with.

If you are looking for a free hookup dating site, you can hardly find it. Almost all dating sites of such type require payment for their services. Some of them declare themselves to be free; however, they have hidden fees. So, it’s better to choose a paid platform such as Mixxxer not to spend your precious time on pseudo-free dating sites.



If you are looking for casual hookups and not long-term relationships, this is the perfect platform for you. Every single Mixxxer review says that this site is not suitable for finding life partners or long term partners. However, it’s good for hookups and casual encounters. At the same time, you should be careful when communicating with strangers on this site.

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