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Review of No Strings Attached: Expert Opinion for All Users

Review of No Strings Attached: Expert Opinion for All Users
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Active Audience 67%
Quality Matches 87%
Popular Age 25-45
Profiles 1 258 000
Reply Rate 83%
Ease of Use 7.9
Popularity 9.3
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The searching option made it easy for the user to operate the site and is designed with superb detailing.
  • You benefit from keeping your profile private and can be very personal while communicating with the other users of your choice.
  • The website has made it easy to use the format even when you are a fresher to the site.
  • You can upload photos and videos with your free account also.
  • There always comes a forget password dialogue box that pop-ups whenever the user login to the site and must use.
  • The user must use the website for their website surfing as the mobile app is not enabled for one to use it directly.

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No Strings Attached website is a site that was launched officially in 2010 and is an adult site for hook-ups that serve an individual a causal relationship without attaching any string. And it made it possible to connect to around 76000 visitors monthly.

The website is popular for its videos related to sex and some photographs and is also towards the people who are in high demand for virtual sex. It has members worldwide and mainly they are from the USA, Germany, and Canada. For a fresher visitor, there is free registration for a new member joining the website.

Web Version And Mobile Application

This site has huge visual influence and users navigate the virtual environment filled with beautiful organized images, videos, and live chats compared to other similar sites. Users can message or send flirts to members or their favorite images and videos for showing interest. The site also uses this matching feature and shows members who match users’ chosen preferences. There is an app for users where they can chat and interact with whom they want.

Quality Of profile

Quality Of profile

The quality of the profile is so clean and high that the profile pictures are visible. If you want to see the profile you need to be upgraded with your membership to VIP.

  • You have the right that you can add videos and pictures to your profile.
  • The profiles are detailed, and the information can be changed at any given time.
  • You need not have to be a VIP member for viewing the profile picture, as it is for free to everybody.
  • As soon as you register for the No Strings Attached dating site, you will come across the match preferences according to you’s information.
  • You can rate the videos according to your taste, and the best-rated videos appear on the top in high ‘quality videos of members’ and can sort the list by your gender preference.

You can quickly fill your profile with the information you want to provide to the users and let them know about you. The basic information has to be given so that it is easy for the users to search for a particular person with the sorted information given and that comes on the top while searching. This is the way you can fill your profile to let people contact you, with the help of your information given to them.

No Strings Attached is the full-featured site that looks attractive and has traditional dating allowing its users to redefine them for the modern age. Does it work really? No String attached official site is the website that works a lot better than it looks. At its first sight, this website is nothing to write home about. Anybody can expect it to be some kind of fraud, either of hook-ups or escorts and there are just lots of fake profiles of real girls. But this expectation is completely wrong. The girls on No Strings Attached website are interesting, real, and engaged in meeting the men for lots of fun. There is a mixture of single and married girls, so whatever you feel more comfortable with is available for you here.

The visitors of No Strings Attached review looking for the partner to feed their needs and continue their affair. They can communicate with the partner of their choice and is for the users who are interested in virtual sex by sharing the images and videos.

The users are active and passionate about their liking and the pieces of information they have provided to the website to show to the other users so that they can contact them according to their information. They take help from these kinds of websites as they are not getting the attention or the relationship in real that they are expecting and are receiving it from virtual dating. This is what a dating website looks like.



While creating an account or register on No Strings Attached website, you need to enter with some of the basic information with the help of which people will walk towards you by searching and shortlisting you according to your given information.

You need to provide the information like:

  • Your name makes it easy for the user to find in the search bar by searching according to the name of a user or person.
  • Gender is the leading information section that needs to be provided because it is the thing that people will know and contact you based on their opposite gender and want to communicate with a gender opposite to them.
  • Your age and relationship status is also important to provide with the help of which people will come to communicate by knowing your relationship status like, single or married or anything that you want to provide.

Profile Set-Up

A questionnaire must be filled to sign in or make a profile for the website with No Strings Attached review. The detailed that need to provide for the profile set-up is given below:

  • Name that will be shown as a username
  • Marital status and gender
  • Your preferences about who you are seeking
  • Your email addresses

As soon as these steps are completed, you will be provided with a password to your given email address. Next, you will have to complete some information regarding accessing the search for your preference. As soon as you have started your account, you can list your likes by changing the sort of things you want in the search bar and then can search for the partner you want according to your likes and dislikes.

How To Log Out?

How To Log Out?

It is as simple as the login process is. As your login to o=your account on this site, you can easily log out whenever you want to and when your task has been performed and you want to log out your account after using. You can log out of your account by clicking on the account setting and going to the last section and clicking the logout option.

Every time you open the site, you need to log in to enter your profile and see your matches and communicate to your selected partners. And when your job is done, you can log out from the account and can perform the same activity whenever you want to use your account by being on the No Strings Attached website.

How Long It Takes To Activate The Account?

You can easily activate the account by entering the required information to start your account. As soon as you fill all the details, you get the password for your login to your given mail address and by entering your id and password your account will be activated.

You can easily log in to your account by entering your status as single or can male, female, or attached and can enter your interest type of person.

How To Delete The Account?

You can delete your No Strings Attached dating account for any of the reasons just by providing written notice to them. You can provide notice of termination by choosing to cancel the account within the account settings and following the instructions – mailing it to their postal address that is listed on their about page.

How To Make Your Profile Top?

Users need to sign in and get the best package of membership plans to get the profile on the top of the site.

Can No Strings Attached Site Put Age Limits On Who Can See Your Profile?

There is no age limit to the website. As any age group, people can create their account and use the benefits of the account by providing the information that is required and login to enjoy the activity provided by the website. Every age group people have the freedom to access the website by making their account on it and can surf the searching section on a free account basis.

The profiles here are private and if you want to see the profile, you need to have a VIP membership to enjoy the benefit of stalking the profiles of your interested people to whom you want to connect and communicate. His feature is only given to the users who have a VIP membership account that is on a paid basis and can enjoy some advanced features with it.

How Can You Change My Name On No Strings Attached?

How Can You Change My Name On No Strings Attached?

You can change your name anytime you want to on your account as per No Strings Attached reviews by going to the settings and my account. This is the easy way to change or edit your name in your account whenever you want to do that. You can change your name by going to the ‘edit profile’ option.

It is easy and can be changed at any time whenever you feel like changing it.

How Can You Hide My Profile On No Strings Attached?

You can hide your profile temporarily or permanently according to your choice by going into the profile settings. In the ‘my profile’ section, you can change your setting and hide your profile details there.

How Can You Change Your Profile Picture On No Strings Attached?

Users can change their profile image whenever they wish. First, they need to login to their ID, wherein the profile management. You can upload your new photos and set them as your profile picture.

Special Features

  • The hook up for causal websites permits the user to get detailed and precise with the search for new partners option within case you want to confine the search list to a particular location.You can be peculiar with the unique body feature or of any location for your partner.
  • You can keep your account more private in your communication by choosing the touch with your friend only.
  • The site comes up with an excellent feature for allowing your profile to be visible to the other users or don’t want to make it visible. You can do this whenever you want to as the situation is in demand.
  • You can upload your videos to your made profile by being a member of a sex dating site and separate being the highest rated or viewed videos from the recent ones.

The functions of the No Strings Attached website are easy to understand and simple. It is suitable for members of all age groups around the world and fulfils their needs. Apart from its simple usage and functions, the brand is yet to launch the mobile app or its friendly version.

Cost And Prices

Cost And Prices

Like the other dating sites, the No Strings Attached website provides all the services on a dating platform and is divided into two groups. The two categories are like free services, and the other one is fee-based services. This site is not a free website. This is not any disadvantage because the highest security and privacy cannot be for free, so it needs some financial provision to maintain the quality of service regarding the privacy matter. There is VIP membership, which costs:

  • $29.95 for a month
  • $44.97 for three months
  • $107.40 for a year

Free accounts have given you the authority to enjoy the basic features like you can have a quick search. You can add your kind of people to your hotlist. You can send flirt messages. You can easily enjoy surfing the website. You can broadcast your webcam. It is free to post or upload photos and videos.

For free functions like you are allowed to see the users’ profile picture to see how they look and match your partner’s preference.

Many services demand some financial help. Let’s discuss some of the paid functions and their cost.

If you are interested in watching the webcam models, for this, you need to buy tokens. Token prices are given below

  • $12 – 100 tokens
  • $20 – 185 tokens
  • $50 – 500 tokens
  • $99 – 1000 tokens

You can highlight getting a chance of finding a hot partner. And for that, you have to subscribe to this thing for:

  • $8.95 for three months
  • $9.95 for a month



The No Strings Attached company provides privacy of the highest level. The site collects all the data that has been provided by the user for a particular purpose, which includes:

  • It helps to improve dating service quality.
  • You would be updated with the latest news upgrades and updated via sending you the notification.
  • You can analyze website usage.
  • The information about the products has been provided to the customer.

The site takes many effective security measures to ensure the data leak and the information provided is not misused. The security check is taken into care that the data can never be shared with the 3rd party or sold to the one. The data transmitted by the No Strings Attached review is with your partners and the party that participates in providing the services.

Are No Strings Attached Chats Encrypted?

When users communicate with the partner they want to, they feel insecure about whether their communication is personal. So, to clarify, the chats among the two parties communicating with each other are encrypted. No one has the authority to check your chat and communication. The communication is safe between the two only.

The No Strings Attached website comes up with a high level of privacy as it is a dating site, and the communication and the uploaded content had to be private and between the people only. This is one of the most popular areas among adults regarding dating, extra-marital affairs, or any sexual contact with the people they want to have.

Can No Strings Attached Track You Down?

Many users around the world are using this site for dating purposes. More than 500 thousand members are using the USA website, and around 100 thousand are active in a week. With these numbers’ help, users can easily see and consider No Strings Attached as the largest and the popular dating site.

Many users worldwide are interested in making contact through the internet with these dating sites and meet their favorable partner by knowing them through their interests and dislikes about their sexual life before meeting them in person. People find this site interesting to connect or build their relationship on a virtual platform with their favorable partner. Users are safe here at this site.

Who Should You Contact If You Have A Question Regarding My Privacy In No Strings Attached?

Who Should You Contact If You Have A Question Regarding My Privacy In No Strings Attached?

For any questions, you can navigate to their Accounts help centre and forum, and there you can check out the answers to your question. But if there is no question related to your query mentioned, you can contact them via their customer support.

How Do The Users Delete The Information That They Have Already Submitted To No Strings Attached?

You can delete the information given by you that you have submitted earlier. It is easy and friendly to handle your account on No Strings Attached website that you have made for connecting to the people you are interested in for physical contact by the virtual meeting.

Can The Users Delete The Information Already Submitted On The Website?

It is easy to delete the information provided earlier to the website by your account. The users have easy access to operate and edit their profiles whenever they are willing to do by changing their information given to the website.

Real-life Reviews

The people beside loving their partners get bored sometimes and find their distraction through the No Strings Attached website. People say that they come across many good people who make them feel special about their bodies.

People are happy being using this dating website as they get what they are looking for. Some people are happy by communicating with the hottest partner they want, sharing their pictures and videos, or having the virtual sex if they are interested in doing so.

People find this website very great and useful for themselves. They can access their account to connect with several people to feel superior about their body and curves by communicating with their choice partner. The site makes it easy for them to understand and use.



No Strings Attached dating website is one of the most popular websites among dating sites in the world. It is a well-growing brand that puts a lot of effort into being the best service provider and helping users with their preferences.

The site is best suitable for adults and married people who want to have an extra-marital affair. These people can find partners who are preferable according to their wish list and can communicate with each other by sharing pictures and videos related to sexual content.

No Strings Attached website offers the user to communicate with the people of their choice by sorting the features on the search bar and can connect to whoever they want to and feel interested in seeing their profiles. This website helps you to build a connection with your opposite gender users and connect them to a sexual level according to your level of connection and limits.

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