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Review of Kinkyads: Expert Opinion for All Users

Review of Kinkyads: Expert Opinion for All Users
About Site
Active Audience 79%
Quality Matches 86%
Popular Age 25-45
Profiles 1 250 000
Reply Rate 80%
Ease of Use 7.3
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • There is a unique aesthetic with the sensual content that makes the site unique.
  • The requisite features are available for all the users on the site for free.
  • You have an option for community features with the help of which you can express yourself.
  • The site is easy to handle and carefree to use.
  • The site doesn't have any applications for your mobile devices.
  • Some of the high-rated profiles have explicit sexuality language.
  • Some of the advanced features are not available to the users as compared to the other sites.

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Kinkyads are for the people who want to have a relationship with no strings attached. Sexual relationships are the great concern behind this website. Hence, it emphasizes appearance with a dark background that makes a person feel cozy, keeping one’s privacy safe. The interface design is simple and unique.

It is a dating site that makes people get their needs fulfilled. You can get to know several hot people who are interested in no-commitment relationships and have fun. For people looking for a life partner and thinking about marriage it is the wrong option for looking into this site.

Web version and mobile application

The Kinkyads don’t have any mobile applications. You can have access to the site by the web only. The website supports the hookup purpose and provides the best services to enjoy an online casual sex for people who don’t want to have any emotional relationship over the sexual relationship.

It helps you to get a great match with all the provided information that fulfills the sexual needs. You can use the website through your mobile phone or any browser.

Quality of profiles

Quality of profiles

The profile qualities in Kinkyads are very insightful and contain a lot of information about the person holding the account behind their profile. The information provided by the users is related to the sexual content and tells us about their fantasies. The website has an aesthetic look with a dark theme by giving you some sense of privacy. The site gives you the best and the feeling of freedom to use it.

The site has an option and a feature to let you see the photos and the videos of any person you like. The profile tells you about the type of person they are. It gives you all the information provided by them that helps you to judge their personality and character.

When you create an account, you need to fill in all your interests and dislikes about things. It helps the opposite person to know you before having a conversation. It helps to judge them as there are many bots on the site among the experienced people.

Hundreds of users are experiencing their dating life with this site. This site helps them to connect on a sexual level in their relationships.


You can join Kinkyads by creating your profile with the help of the website. On the website, you can get to know all the instructions by clicking on the homepage. On the home page, go to the right top corner that helps you to join the website. The page will fill in all the required pieces of information for your registration, including your email address, your username, password, date of birth, and gender.

Then the other category is something that covers your sexual inclination, relationship status with a preferred match. Once all the above things have been done, you need to provide your location and add your phone number for the other verification process. As you reach the verification stage, you get a code to access the legit number site.

Profile set-up

After the registration process in Kinkyads, you need to set up your profile by providing the required information with your profile picture in it, and many more. You have to fill in all the information that is not too personal about yourself. You need to provide your sexual preferences for your easy access to the website. You can add some of your interests and likes about certain things, to let people know something about you.

You can upload a number of videos and pictures according to your comfort other than posting a fully nude picture as they are forbidden on this dating platform. You can list your physical peculiarity in a given section where other members can see you. It helps you to link with the other users with the same interests.

How To logout?

How To logout?

The logout process is as simple as the log in process in Kinkyads. As you get access to your account by logging in, you can easily log out from it whenever you wish to. If you want to log out, you can go to the account settings and click the last option for your logout process.

As the site doesn’t have any mobile application, you need to log in whenever you open the website in your web browser or on your mobile phone. You can have a conversation with your matches or your partner whenever you log in with your account. You can repeat the process whenever you want to perform the same activity as the people here are for casual sex purposes with no strings attaches to the Kinkyads website.

How Long to Activate Account?

As soon as you provide the information during the registration process or while signing in for the Kinkyads website, the same time you get access to the site. Your account gets activated as soon as you log in. When you fill in the details to log in to your account, you get the password sent to your email address, and after that, you can enjoy surfing by logging in. Your account is activated.

As soon as that process is done, with your account on the Kinkyads website, you can connect with the gender you are interested in or check the person’s relationship status before contacting them.

How to Delete Account?

In Kinkyads, if you want to delete your account, you need to contact the customer team that supports the users without having any excuses. It helps you to know if your account is deleted permanently.

As you contact customer care, they will not let you do so. And this is a part of a business, after all. While deleting your account, send the proof of your paid services you enjoyed till now to them. Following the steps will take less time to make it done.

How to Make Your Profile Top?

Being the top viewed profile on Kinkyads, you need to be very active with your profile. You can be a paid member to grab all the advanced features and its advantages to make your profile the top profile on the site. It will lead you to the maximum number of people and keep you at the top of their search bar.

The information you provided to the website, should be honest and specific.

Can Kinkyads Put Age Limits on Who Can See Your Profile?

Can Kinkyads put age limits on who can see your profile?

All sorts of people use Kinkyads regularly. Some people vary from age to age as per their interest. People of every age group create their accounts and enjoy the benefit of being the user of the site by providing all the required information. People here have the freedom to access anything they want on the website by creating an account. People can find their match by surfing the search bar with hundreds of profiles.

The people keep their profiles private but can make it public for them to get to know them through it. There are advanced features for which you need to have a paid membership to enjoy the site’s surfing.

The male users on the site might be between 18-56+, where the age groups make them more than half of the database as 24-34 and above 55.

You all might wish to be a member of this platform and enjoy its services; and for that you must be:

  • Eighteen years of age or more than that.
  • The age agreement under the law you live in or have access to the Kinkyads website.

How Can I Change My Name on Kinkyads?

In the Kinkyads, changing the name of the profile is easy to do anytime. By going and editing your account settings, you can edit and change the name of your profile. It is the easiest method to edit or change your account’s username when you feel like changing it. There is an Edit profile option in your account settings that makes it easy and direct for you to access the available feature. It is an easy thing and can be done and undone whenever you want to change it and, at any time being anywhere.

How can I Hide My Profile on Kinkyads?

The hidden setting is for all the people who want to hide their profile temporarily. The choice depends on the person interested in hiding their profile temporarily or permanently with the settings in the profile, setting option. In the section of ‘my profile,’ you can change your setting by making the changes in the details given.

How do I Change My Profile Picture on Kinkyads?

The changing of profile on Kinkyads is as easy as you change your username. It can be changed according to your mood and interest.

The profile picture shows your desires and the way you look. People can get interested in you by seeing your profile picture. So, keep that sexy and hot to grab the attention of all the users on the site. Keep changing your profile picture from the option of settings in profile by clicking the profile picture option.

Changing the profile picture keeps people’s interest alive and makes them more curious to learn about you.

Special Features

Special Features

Every dating site provides special features and some advanced ones that make the users happy and satisfied by being a site member. There is a wide range of videos on the site that has been uploaded by the users and made them the high-rated profiles and the users of the Kinkyads website.

  • You can be selective with an advanced feature for any location to your partner. The people here get precise details for their new partner with many options in a search list for a respective location. It allows all the users to have access for a casual hookup.
  • You have the feature of keeping your account private or public, depending on your choice. You can share your details with the option of your partner only.
  • There is a prominent feature to the people to make their accounts visible without doing anything. You can choose whenever you want to do it when it is in demand.
  • You can post your videos or upload your pictures to your existing profile by being a member of this causal hookup and sex dating site. You can separate your profile by being the most viewed or profile from the recent searches and be the top-rated profile.

Costs and Prices

Without having the paid membership in Kinkyads, you won’t enjoy all the services and the advanced features that the website contains. Many features can only be enjoyed by upgrading your account to a paid account. There are many discounts at a reasonable price for your payment plan.

  • $22.99 for a month.
  • $60.00 for three months.
  • $110.00 for six years.
  • $200.00 annually.

About their free membership

It is a free option in Kinkyads. You can use this type of account as long as you wish to use it. You can choose according to your choice if you want to get the paid option or not. While using the free membership, you can send messages, respond to the ads, and post them. But you cannot get to the high-rated profiles. To make it more interesting to enjoy all the features, get upgraded to the site’s best things.

About the paid membership

You can have access to the unrestricted resources and the site’s features for the paid membership in Kinkyads. Yes, you can enjoy the services for an independent duration of time. You can enjoy all the access to the high-rated profiles and the freakiest accounts. Your ads will reach the maximum amount of people.



Even though the cycle needs aim, it has distributed all the reports identified with their assurance concerns. There are terms of utilization of the treatment strategy and everything. It has been made simple for its users to report other users who are found manhandling and indicating peril. The technical group consistently alerts all the on-goings on their site and applications and screens them for the day.

When you visit the site, you will see that you truly don’t approach much without signing up for an account. Accounts are free, brisk and simple to set up, so that it is not that enormous of an arrangement. It’s reviving to set up a record to utilize this site so a great amount of looky-loos can be separated from the network.

Some features are a magnificent piece of utilizing Kinkyads. The general purpose of utilizing the site is to discover casual hookups around you, so what’s the point if they’re not found anyplace close to you? Unusual promotions have postings both locally and universally, so don’t hesitate to use the site when you are in a hurry.

Are Kinkyads Chats Encrypted?

As per the Kinkyads Reviews – No, they are not encrypted.

Can Kinkyads Track You Down?

With the IP address of the user, anybody can be tracked down on the website of Kinkyads. The police also can track users out there. It is mentioned in the Kinkyads Review.

Who Should You Contact if You Have Questions Regarding Privacy in Kinkyads?

If you have questions, comments, feedback, or any queries regarding privacy, Kinkyads’ user assistance group can be connected by email: [email protected].

The staff of the stage is committed to keeping up the given standing. One of their center zones is ensuring no profile on the stage is a phony or has been inert for a long time.

Can You Delete the Information That You’ve Already Submitted to Kinkyads?

Yes, you can. Need to know whether Kinkyads Website is safe? Before you settle on your choice, take as much time as needed, and do your examination first. It’s constantly advised to know about the sort of site you’re signing into by perusing the security directions given on the site’s page. It’ll just assist you with having a sense of safety all through your whole experience on Kinkyads.

Because of the site’s particularity, it appears as though there isn’t a lot of data that con artists can use against you, aside from photographs. It’s the correct decision to namelessly utilize the site and not let others know any of your subtleties.

What’s more, if you go over users whose dubious conduct causes you to feel terrible, report them to the site’s organization. The arbitrators will take it forward and execute strict measures against them. Regardless of whether you haven’t made the most of your real insight yet, you can connect with the arbitrators who’ll assist you with dropping your participation if you wish to.

Real life review

Real life review

As a spot to discover beautiful girls for a snappy and easygoing experience, Kinkyads is by all accounts a pretty healthy choice. Kinkyads don’t exactly have the popularity and reputation CraigsList had, so there are certainly fewer choices. Toward the day’s end, Kinkyads is allowed to utilize, so you don’t have a lot to lose in the method of joining and giving it a go.

There are a couple of things to be worried about. This site has no check cycle, so that anybody could be talking with you. Kinkyads additionally don’t encode your messages on how CraigsList used to, so ensure you’re setting up a different record for simply this reason. Even though the site is in your fundamental arranged style, it takes care of business with no garnish fancy odds and ends. Generally, we think it merits a go!


With everything taken into account, the Kinkyads website is a decent site for individuals worldwide to associate, which is excessively liberated from cost. This platform is a finished dating stage with numerous features and services prepared for the users to utilize. Whether it’s simply casual sex or an attach, this site gives the users a medium to associate openly with the others. For the ideal match to occur, the world’s powers join together and cooperate to make something lovely, wake up truly, where this dating platform assumes an imperative part all the while. You found what you were searching for in this Kinkyads review.

By and large, this is an amazing site. It has not just prevailed with making what must be a sexual insurgency online, yet it has also figured out how to do such with style. This site is a certain go-to for share ups, with extraordinary and reasonable costs and an exceptionally practical site. Kinkyads is the perfect recommendation to go for. The specialized group is consistently cautious of all the on-goings on their site and screens everything for the day.

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