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Review of Fabswingers: Expert Opinion for All Users

Review of Fabswingers: Expert Opinion for All Users
About Site
Active Audience 91%
Quality Matches 88%
Popular Age 25-40
Profiles 1 985 000
Reply Rate 89%
Ease of Use 8.8
Popularity 8.7
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • You can register on the website at light speed. It's easy, quick, and without any boring questions. All you need to do is visit the website and fill in a very few basic details about you.
  • New members have to verify their identity by confirming the email sent by the website. This helps the website to have more authentic and real people.
  • Here you will find open-minded people from all corners of the world. The website does not impose any boundation of language or custom or countries that can stop you from having someone as adventurous as you in your life.
  • The backend team of the website has an eagle eye on the accounts of the members. Any account with suspicious activity will get suspended immediately.
  • The homepage of the website looks simple and easy to handle. Here you can find all the services offered by the website to the swingers and the number of users available online then.
  • All the features of the websites are available for the users free of cost.
  • The verification process on this dating site takes 2-3 hours sometimes. If you have a lack of patience, then it can irritate you.
  • The website will not suit someone looking for a serious relationship.
  • The homepage of the website reminds of some out-dated website.

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Online dating sites are cool to have hook-ups and to flirt with unknown people. Online dating is an all-time hit formula for the website and the users, too but do all the dating sites available on the internet worth your time? The answer is no. Not all the website has the spark to have a huge member base and user-friendly interface. The virtual world has lots of dating sites websites that include straight and transsexual dating sites, but to know about the best one, you must take help from the reviews. The dating site reviews evaluate the website based on its features and describe them to the new users. The Fabswingers review state the good, bad, and ugly side of the dating site. You can decide to visit the website or not after reading this brutally honest review.

Here you will find both kinds of people. But this information is not sufficient to have an account on Fabswingers. You can know more about this dating site from here without having an account on it. Check out the Pros and Cons in Fabswingers reviews and move further to decide if the website deserves your precious time or not. The dating site has been evaluated on different parameters such as user strength, user interface, ease in using the website, different functions of the Fabswingers website, and a few others. With the reviews of Fabswingers, the user seeking love in an online dating platform can make up his mind about having an account here.

The website is popular among people who want to spice up their sexual life, so if you are looking for something different from a committed relationship, then the website is perfect for you. Here you can communicate with people of the same mind and also meet them through the website’s arrangements. In 2020 when everything is dull and humans have to follow so many instructions, the website can take you to a different world where you can chat with curious people and have a great time. Fabswingers is not a new name in the online dating site niche. It is one of the most popular websites for swings, and it has a huge customer base. Most of the websites claim to take you to the heart of your soul mate, but this is a pro that invites the swingers only.

Web Version and Mobile Application

Web Version and Mobile Application

The mobile app of the dating sites makes it feasible for the users to stay connected with other members of the website all the time, but Fabswingers does not have any mobile app. The website of the Fabswingers is already popular among swingers. As far as the website of Swingers is concerned, it can be accessed from https://www.fabswingers.com/. To access the dating site from your mobile phone, the members of the website can use the following link; m.fabswingers.com. The website of Fabswingers takes a long time to load on smartphones. It also doesn’t fit on the small screen of the mobile phones so that you can access its smart version from a given address.

Fabswingers cannot have a mobile app as a play store, and Apple’s app store doesn’t allow nudity. So to get a smooth app-like experience, you can use the mobile version of the website. This version will be compatible with both android and iPhones. Moreover, it works well on all internet explorers. You can enjoy all the features of the website on its smartphone version too. Here also you can chat and communicate with other members of the website through a webcam or chat box.

Quality Of Profile

The profile creation is easy on this dating site, but once you verify your mail id, then you will have to provide detailed information to the website. The website is only for the straights, so you cannot change your orientation. Rest other information like your hair color, body type, the ethnic origin you should fill on the page. Further, you can add information like your eye color and others, including your status, to show off to other members about your state of mind.

The website is specially designed for the free spirits that believe in flings. According to the numbers, the male members of the age group from 25 to 35 are second-highest on this dating site. Here most of the male members are from the 45 to 55 age group. Somehow in the female member base of the website, no much variation of numbers is visible. The Fabswingers Reviews has the following numbers of members based on their age group;

For male members of Fabswingers;

  • 18-25 years old: 17%;
  • 25-35 years old: 19.6%;
  • 35-45 years: 18.5%;
  • 45-55 years: 31.8%;
  • 55+ years: 13.1%.

For female members on Fabswingers;

  • 18-25 years: 11.4%;
  • 25-35 years: 26.4%;
  • 35-45 years: 28.6%;
  • 45-55 years: 27.6%;
  • 55+ years: 6.0%.

During the Corona time, the number of users of Fabswingers has increased. To enjoy the lockdown period, more people created their account on the dating site. The users of the website have touched the magical number of 2 million. Though the Fabswingers’ meet has been closed by the dating site now due to COVID 19, it still does not affect its popularity. The spam accounts are the rarest thing on this website as the technical development team suspends any suspicious account, and at the time of profile set –up, it is a must to do a photo registration.

Registration on Fabswingers

Registration on Fabswingers

An ideal swinger dating site must have a quick registration process, and Fabswingers get 4 out of 5 points in it, according to Fabswingers reviews. The website does not ask you never-ending questions about your body and interest. To have an account here, you can visit the dating site and click on the ‘Join Now’ link. The link will be given on your left-hand side of the webpage.

Now a new page will appear with a few queries and boxes to fill with the answers. It will ask you to fill in five basic information about you that includes your user name, password, and mail id, date of birth, and security code. You are on the site as a male, female, couple, and your confirmation on the age you can give by clicking on the given boxes. Further, you will have to set up your profile so that other members of Fabswingers can get to know everything about you and your sexual preferences.

Profile Set-up

Your profile on the website will get completed in the following three steps; Preference, About You, and Your Profile and Interest. After completing these three steps, you will also have to complete the photo verification process.

  • Preference: In Preference, you will have to provide information about sexual orientation like a man, a woman, a man couple, or more. You can choose the one option according to you as per by clicking on the option. Here you can click on multiple choices as well. Then you will have to inform the site about the age group from which you are looking for a partner or partners. Further, you will have to mention your choice of meeting smokers and providing accommodation or ready to travel.
  • About You: As the name suggests, in this section, you will have to provide information about your body type, date of Birth, Sexuality, ethnicity, and others. The information given here will help to fetch some good profiles for you. Based on this description, the other member of the website will contact you, so be honest here.
  • Your Profile and Interest: Here, you will have to give a catchy title to your profile and describe your fantasies here. You can also choose your interests from this page. So, now the user’s profile is ready. Though it is a bit time taking but here you mention everything about you and your sexual interests. With all this information, it becomes easy for other members to contact you. The last step can be skipped too, but the website urges you to complete it for a better match.
  • Photo Verification: This step is not mentioned in the three steps for profile set –up but if you will not verify your account, then you may not use many essential services of the dating site. For the full use of the website, you will have to keep refreshing the page. This process takes time, and sometimes a user has to wait for 2-3 hours too. The Fabswingers review gives 3 points out of 5 to this step of profile set-up. Though it is an essential step to keep the website spam-free, the website developing team needs to be quick in the verification process. Once you complete the profile, then click on ‘Start Exploring,’ and you will find people that can make your life more spice up and happening.

How do I Log Out?

How do I Log Out?

It is easy to logout from Fabswingers. For this, you will have to click on the logout tab given on the home page. The website will not ask you any questions if you want to logout from here. To login to the website again, you will have to enter your user name and pass the word.

How Long it takes to activate the Account

The activation of the account takes a slightly longer time on Fabswingers. Most of the time, the account gets activated within 30 to 35 minutes, but sometimes it takes more than 1 hour too.

How to Delete Account

When you can create an account on Fabswingers so you can delete it too, you are not supposed to give any reason before deleting your account from the website. The process to come out from the dating site is as quick and easy as creating a profile here. To delete your account from the dating site first, you will have to log in here.

How to Make Your Profile on Top

Making a profile is not sufficient to meet some wild and curious people; you need to make it on top so that more users can contact you or see your adventurous side. Fabswingers has a huge user base, and the lockdown has made it bigger now, so it is a bit challenging to have your profile on top. To be a famous user on the website, the very first thing you need to do is to complete your profile. Write something interesting about you so that other users will have to ping you and talk to you and most important is to stay logged in and keep interacting with other people.

Can Fabswingers Put Age Limit On Who Can See Your Profile

The dating site cannot put age restrictions on the user’s profile. Somehow a user can put the age limitation on the visitors. The users will have to mention the age limit of the profiles that can see your profile. This option will help the users to impose a limit on the people from the ideal age limit that can be a great partner. It will cut the younger and older members from coming to the personal space of the user.

How Can A User Change Name On Fabswingers

It’s easy to change your name on Fabswingers. An easy user interface of the dating site gives the command to the user to make and apply the changes on the profiles. To change the name that displays on the user’s profiles, the user will have to click on the My Account tab, change the name there and apply the same. This process will hardly take one minute, and the display name of the user will get changed easily.

How Can I Hide My Profile On Fabswingers

With the help of Fabswinger’s reviews, you can know about hiding the profiles on the dating site without even having an account on this. The process of being on the website but stay invisible is very easy. For this, you will have to go to the My Account tab given on the homepage of the website and click on hide account settings.

How Can A User Change Profile Picture On Fabswingers

How can a user change Profile picture on Fabswingers

It is a must to have an attractive profile picture on your profile on a dating site. To attract more people or to give a surprise to your existing partner, you must keep changing your profile pic. For this, check out the accounts settings and upload a new picture there. The whole process of changing the profile picture is as easy as a cakewalk.

Special Features

Though the concept of Fabswingers is special and different, few of its features are excellent. The dating site has the following features that make the flings with no string attach experience excellent here:

  • Meets and Events

It is one of the most popular features of the website. The Fabswingers itself organizes the event where its members and subscribers come and meet with each other out of the virtual world.

  • Webcam Communication

You can see your partner while chatting here as webcam communication is by default chatting settings here.

  • Forum

Discuss your ideas of an adventurous life, share your opinion on the forum to know fellow members on the dating site. It is the best way to develop a relationship in this virtual world.

Cost and Price

Cost and Price

The home page of the dating site claims that it is free, but when you create an account here, then you come to know that it is a paid one. Though you can access most of the features of the website without taking a membership but for a few, the membership is required. You can opt for Gold or Silver membership plans. The payment of the membership can be made through PayPal, phone calls, and debit or credit card.

  • Gold for 150 days will cost £25 and 50 days free as a bonus
  • Silver for 225 will cost £25 with 30 days free as a bonus.
  • The cost of the plan changes as per the days of subscription.

After making the payment, the subscribers will get access to uploading and viewing the uploaded videos, check out who has visited their profile, get rid of annoying advertisements, and access emoji while chatting. The paid subscribers can also add three photos per day in their profile to make it topmost on the website.

Are The Chats On The Site Encrypted?

Yes, the chats on this site are encrypted and safe from any hacking.

Can Fabswingers Track You Down?

No, the website will not track you by default. To be traced by the dating site, you will have to permit it.

Who Should I Contact If I Have Questions Regarding My Privacy On Fabswingers?

You can contact the site owner if you have any questions. For this click on the ‘Contact Us’ link given on the bottom of the home page of the website.

Can A User Delete The Already Submitted Information On The Site

Yes, a user can change any information given to the dating site, including the user name. You will get these functions on the right-hand side of the homepage of Fabswingers.

The Real Life Review

The Real Life Review

Fabswingers can be a great way to spark up your dull sex life. Here you will get many people who are interested in casual sex without any further expectations. The website is pretty simple, without any high-end graphics, but it fulfills its purpose. The key features of the website make it more attractive.


This website is ideal for only those who are looking for fun for a night or two. It’s a great place for people that want to do experiments in sex. Here most couples and individuals are looking for a sex partner only. On this Fabswingers review, it is recommended to the people looking for a serious relationship to stay away from the site as it’s only available to calm your sexual thirst.

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