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Review of Flingster: Expert Opinion for All Users

Review of Flingster: Expert Opinion for All Users
About Site
Active Audience 95%
Quality Matches 92%
Popular Age 18-29
Profiles 3 560 000
Reply Rate 88%
Ease of Use 7.6
Popularity 8.0
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Mobile optimized website
  • Free registration
  • No compulsory verification
  • Verification badge
  • Search filters
  • Sending and receiving messages is for free.
  • Instant message translator
  • Fast connections
  • No social syncing
  • Slow interface
  • No mobile app
  • Match system

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Flingster is one of the most popular websites because it is really straightforward in use and has a short registration process. Although the registration and verification process may seem to be the highlights for many dating platforms, the experienced online users know that dating sites, be it the most popular ones, niche, or transsexual dating sites, tend to disappoint at the quality. Thus, the lengthy registration and profile setup stage only prove to hinder finding the dating site’s real face faster. According to different the Flingster Reviews, this site breaks the stereotype by removing the compulsory registration that other dating platforms ask for initially. The highlight of the dating site is its simplicity. Flingster is a basic chatting and calling platform that connects online users randomly and instantly, a perfect place for people looking for quick dates.

Flingster Review 2020: The Dating Site For The Busy Ones

Website Version Vs App Version For Mobile Users

Flingster has taken a simplistic approach towards its website. The Flingster Reviews highlights the lack of complicated features and ease of navigation that makes the platform space for all kinds of audiences. The website is rather easy to use but runs at a medium speed. It takes a few seconds to connect to a random stranger on the platform, although that depends on the internet speed and member availability. However, the negative point about the Flingster website is that it does not have an app version for mobile users. Not having an app version can be a major disappointment amongst users today when the population is used to getting the entire world in their palm. However, the Flingster website does come with a solution. Flingster Reviews reveal that the website version’s design is optimized for any device users are comfortable with to log in. The only requirement that the platform poses is that users should log in using a web browser. The website on a phone or a tablet shows the same interface with the same features and the same speed, thus not letting the users miss anything.

Profile Analysis And Quality

Despite following the common trend of men taking up most of the audience composition, the quality of the profiles on Flingster does not deteriorate. Wondering why? Flingster is not just about dating; people from all over the world connect randomly to have real conversations and learn about people and cultures as well. The reason why gender imbalance doesn’t really affect the user experience on the chatting platform. Although the site shows quite a distribution in the age department, Flingster is generally more popular in the younger age group. The same is the trend with the location as well. Despite being a global platform and getting users from across the world, Flingster shows a larger amount of popularity in the United States. The large percentage of users registering from the country points out the fact.

Profile Analysis And Quality

Registration Process For New Members

Flingster Reviews reveal that the registration process son the platform is as simple as the website’s interface. It hardly asks for any information and thus gets done within seconds. Being a chat site that lets you keep your identity anonymous, it asks for four basic information from the registering users. First is the email id and the second, the user’s age, third, gender, and finally, the country that the website selects automatically. Age is an important factor on Flingster because the platform does not allow anyone below the legal age to enter the site. The legal age is18 as the only eligibility criteria one has to meet on the site. The registration process is simple and super short, and unlike all dating platforms, it doesn’t even ask for email verification, making things faster than imagination.

Setting Up A New Profile

Anonymity is an important characteristic of Flingster chats. At most, one can see the gender and country of the user. The registration process is the only thing one must go through before using the platform and connecting with random users. The absence of user-profiles is the reason why there is no possibility of profile browsing on the site. The absolute surprise is the highlight of the platform. However, members who are not comfortable talking to the same gender are quick to make new connections on the platform. And although the basic nature of Flingster is to talk to random people from around the world, a premium subscription plan can help users reconnect with the last connected user again.

What Steps Should You Follow To Safely Logout?

Safely logging out of the Flingster website is one of the essential tasks all registered members should follow. Wondering why? Flingster is a website only platform that means all of its online members are using the site from a browser. Using a dating platform on a browser brings with it some risks. Leaving the platform without logging out can expose your Flingster account to unwanted hands. Although there is not much data on the platform that could go against you, you still wouldn’t want to gift your account to unknown users without your knowledge. One of the critical things to remember about Flingster is that it does not have a feature that automatically logs the users out after each session. It means manual intervention is a must to carry out the process successfully. Users need to hit the top-right logo to find the logout option and wait for the confirmation before closing the tab.

What Steps Should You Follow To Safely Logout?

How Long Does Account Activation On The Dating Site Take?

Flingster is a relatively easy-to-use chatting platform that requires no lengthy or complicated account activation steps. Even the registration process is extremely simple and short. It does not even require email verification, a step made mandatory on almost 90% of the dating platforms online today. It means there is absolutely no activation period that one has to wait to get started on Flingster. Registration is the only step that a new user needs to complete to get connected to a random stranger online for a video or text chat.

How Can You Delete A Registered Account?

If you plan not to use the Flingster account again, it is best to delete the account instead of abandoning it as most do. The first step starts with the cancellation of any active subscription plan to avoid getting billed on it unknowingly in the future. Once that step is complete, move to account settings, and instead of choosing to log out select delete account. You may be asked to reconfirm the action; doing so will complete deleting the Flingster account.

How To Make Your Account Profile Get More Attention From The Members?

Flingster does not use a profile system to match people. The very highlight of the dating platform is that it does not require building up profiles. The algorithm on Flingster connects users randomly until the user chooses to use a specific filter with a premium plan.

Can Flingster Put Age Restrictions On A User Profile?

Since there is no existence of user-profiles on Flingster, putting restrictions on it remains out of the question. You don’t even get to choose what kind of users you will get connected to, not at least with a free account. However, if you purchase the premium subscription plan, you will be able to use certain filters. Even then, there is no age filter on Flingster. It is one piece of information that remains hidden from the users they are getting connected to. In case you want to try the filters and custom your connections, you get options like location or gender to choose from on the Flingster website.

Can Flingster Put Age Restrictions On A User Profile?

How Can You Change Your User Name On Flingster?

Since Flingster does not have a profile system for its users, members do not have the luxury to set a name for it. Unlike other platforms that require users to enter a unique user name as part of the registration process, Flingster only asks for email id, gender, age, and location. The online chatting website does not even verify the email id provided by the user. In case you are wondering how you know, who you are getting connected to on the platform, then you must accept that you can’t know. The only information Flingster lets you see about the stranger is their gender and location. Anonymous gets defined by the platform, and that is the highlight of the chatting site.

How Can You Browse Anonymously And Hide Your Profile On Flingster?

Profile browsing is not a feature that you get to enjoy on Flingster. Unlike other popular dating platforms, the Flingster website is a chatting platform that does not even have user profiles. The website comes with a simple interface that requires the user to chat with information as fundamental as gender, and location, besides the email id, and the age required for registration purposes.

How Do You Change Your Profile Photo On Flingster?

Flingster does not have a profile set up for its members. It does not even have space for users to allow them to set up profile pictures. It means there is no way you can change a profile photo because you cannot set it up in the first place.

How Do You Change Your Profile Photo On Flingster?

Unique Features And Services

  • Anonymous Web Chats With AR Face Filters
  • Video chats or the webcam chats on adult chat sites are all about virtual sexual activities and nudeness. But not many people are comfortable with showing their faces to strangers. The AR face filters available on the Flingster is a fantastic way to hide your face and keep things anonymous in an excellent way to the video conversation.

  • Instant Translator
  • The instant translator is a feature that helps to communicate with people across the globe without facing language barriers.

  • Reconnect
  • While the free version of Flingster is all about getting connected with random strangers, purchasing the premium plan can help you reconnect with an old partner.

Unique Features And Services

Flingster is a chatting platform that offers its services mostly for free. It is only a set of additional features that can make the site’s experience better that comes at a price. Otherwise, unlike most other dating platforms, users can enjoy and access almost all important features on the platform without spending a penny for the same.

Free Features

  • Registration
  • AR Masks
  • Instant translator tool
  • Video chat
  • Text chat

Paid Features

  • Location filter
  • Gender filter
  • Verification badge
  • AR Face filters
  • Ad-free zone
  • Reconnect
Flingster Premium Subscription Plans And Prices
Expiry Cost/Month Total Price
One Week $ 27.96 $ 6.99
One Month $ 19.99 $ 19.99
Six Months $ 14.99 $ 89.94

Privacy Protection

Flingster is a perfect website for passing the time without risking many private data, so chatting sites are popular among younger age groups. The platform hardly takes any sensitive information to risk the privacy of users, saving them from worries. However, the webcam chat could pose some privacy risk to the users. Flingster has come with the perfect solution for that problem, such as the AR Face masks and filers. It is a cool way to hide the face and, in turn, their identity from random strangers they get connected with on the platform.

Are The Chats Encrypted On Flingster?

Flingster is a simple platform that does not boast of many technologies. The Flingster Reviews reveal that the chats are not encrypted despite being one of the most popular chatting platforms. However, the website takes other steps to keep things anonymous. The first being, not using a user profile or allowing user names or even profile photos, things that are considered basic on all social networking sites. And secondly, it offers AR masks and face filters for users on video chats.

Does Flingster Keep Your Location To Be Able To Track You Down?

No, the only information does the Flingster website keeps a record of is the country. It does not load itself with any additional user data, which means it cannot track you down.

Whom To Take Your Privacy Matters To On Flingster?

Although one can reach out to the team through their hotline number or send an email, the possibility of having privacy issues is next to impossible. Flingster does not take any private information or store any sensitive data to end up with such problems. It is the very reason why the chat website is the hot favorite of youngsters.

Hotline number- +1 800-952-5210

Email- [email protected]

How Can You Delete And Edit Previously Submitted Pieces Of Information On Flingster?

Unfortunately, there is no way to change or delete previously submitted information on Flingster. Since there are no user profiles, there is no way you can do that. However, if you feel that you have made a mistake during the registration process, then you can delete your Flingster account instead. Once deleted, you can use the same email id again to create a brand new account in seconds with new information on it.

How Can You Delete And Edit Previously Submitted Pieces Of Information On Flingster?

Real Review From Users

There are times when I get lonely, and I don’t feel like talking to the people I know. The possibility of talking to a random stranger got me excited, and I started using Flingster. I have previously tried using dating platforms, but they demand too much time from users like me who want to find a quick partner to talk to on the internet. Flingster did the trick for me because it is free. I was doubtful at the beginning about the quality of profiles, and I did come across users unwilling to use the webcam, but they were only a few. I have been so impressed with the platform that now I have purchased the subscription plan even. It is a perfect place for pass time and even better for flings. – Jack, M, 28


Flingster is one of the rare dating platforms that make online dating a fast process. It takes the users back to the initial days of the internet that had brought with itself the various number of chatting platforms. Flingster, too, is a random chatting platform that comes with an additional feature of webcam. Although these platforms come with the risk of connecting with unidentified individuals, it is also the theme’s fun point. Talking dirty or nice with a random stranger could be the many satisfaction looks for on various dating platforms. Only in this case, the connection does not take much time. Flingster is particularly the best option for people who hate the long registration and profile setup process only to come across bot messages. The platform has no time-taking drama and has thus successfully attracted users from transsexual dating sites promising fast-paced satisfaction. And even though there is a paid version, the free version and fulfilled promises make Flingster worthy of the attention. We hope that our Flingster review will help you to make the right choice!

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