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Review of Fling: Expert Opinion for All Users

Review of Fling: Expert Opinion for All Users
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Active Audience 75%
Quality Matches 79%
Popular Age 25-45
Profiles 1 200 000
Reply Rate 75%
Ease of Use 9.1
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Fling website is the most popular and well-known dating site. It ranks #9 in the Best Dating sites out of all the 173 dating sites nominated. It is extensively dynamic and raises the inner thrill with photos and videos to some good level. Highly stimulating user interface.
  • Fling website offers a three month get laid guarantee, which makes it much more reliable than any other site. Casual hookups and sex is the motive fulfilled by the site. Get horny and slay out your lust with this site.
  • Fling.com is extremely safe when it comes to sharing location, pictures, and porn videos. The site protects all information shared by the user. Encrypted messages and ease of use.
  • Fling website is run for so many decades and makes its way easily in satisfying customers with their needs.
  • Fling website is always updating itself to meet its users' current culture and desires; time changes, so do people and their needs. New fantasies and new plans and schemes to get you laid on. Sex is not just a want but a passion in today's world. Enjoy it with full-greed - is what Fling is here for.
  • Fling website hardly offers any compatibility tests or games that connect people. Knowing your choices and then getting laid on the type of person you want is fun. What if the site doesn't provide the best match you want?
  • Fling website doesn't do much work; it's more like a self-service system where you scroll around and browse through people's profiles, read the information, and talk about your needs.
  • The Fling website has excessive erotic content and may seem too much to new users or young users who are only searching for a casual hookup. All the videos and photos may be a bit overwhelming to new users. It all just seems too much at once.
  • The user's location needs to be manually turned on; only then the user get people to choose. This may involve the risk of leakage of your address and information.
  • If it's you who is looking for some subtle snuggles and cuddles video, do not expect any gentle source of photos or video chat. It's all adulterated.
  • The real consequence of using such a dating site is only the fear of leakage of all the photos shared, the chats made, and mostly the privately sent videos are not private anymore because of the internet that hacks anything and everything.

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Fling is a sensational dating website that provides the user the experience of sex and cybersex not just for single men and women but also for couples, straight bisexual or others. If you have lost the fire of sensation in your relationship, this site is the place to be. For over two decades, Fling.com has been an excellent business site that satisfies all urges inside today’s men and women. The site has stimulating pictures, explicit videos, and various categories of profiles organized by popularity, hotness, distance, and fun games to attract your choice of people. Fling allows censorship decisions for you. You decide what you want to see; on the other end, the site grants users access to explicit, hot, and stimulating videos by Fling live girls. Discover new profiles, read what’s best for your needs, and fulfill your greed. Drench down with what your body needs. This Fling review will tell you all about the platform.

Web-version and mobile application

Fling.com is only a website; it does not have any extra or exclusive mobile version of itself; although there is a Fling app available, it is available on iTunes and Google Play and belongs to a completely different country or company altogether. Fling.com is owned by a company named Global Personals Media. The app may be accessed through some other company, and hence you can still get the tap on if you are looking for the app version of this website. Both the app version and website have the same big motive. The website is made for mobile users. The things are the same app or website; both have the same purpose and leave you to get what you’re looking for.

Quality of profiles

Quality of profiles
  • The site allows some naughtiness as long as the nude pictures do not take up most of the pictures area.
  • The profile has categories where you can put basic information such as height, body type, weight, age, etc.
  • But you cannot view the profile of other members if you are not a member of the Fling website’s subscription.
  • The profiles are detailed and give you proper information.
  • The profile information can be altered and changed when and where you want.


As soon as you enter the Fling website, you will see a sign-in option pop up; click on the sign-in option, and a form will appear.

  • Fill in the form by selecting your choices.
  • Users select their category they belong to either male or female, a couple or single, straight, or other.
  • Enter the email, password, and zip code to send a verification link to your email before approving your profile.
  • Fling offers you a variety of choices to know better the type of person you are interested in. Choose from the explicit pictures and videos provided and select the one which seems hot to you, making it easy for them to direct you into the best matches.
  • Logging in into Fling is the most non-difficult task ever done; all you need is an email and a password. Use the email address as a username instead of a name, making it easy for you to remember the login information.

How to set up a profile on Fling?

Setting up your profile is an easy task. All you will need is an email address and a password. In the email address, the Fling website sends a verification link to your email ID; as soon as you click on the verification link, it will open up your account, and you can use it when and how you want. Type in your username, or you can use your email Id information not to remember anything else; use your information and fill the choices you are given to know the perfect partner you can get in the nearest location.

How to logout ID?

As soon as you click on your account, you will see your profile picture showing up on your profile page. Just beside the picture is an arrow pointing downwards. Click on the drop-down arrow; a menu bar appears.

  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page. Soon you will notice that option saying log out you can log out of your account.
  • When you do not want to use it and make it much more private and personal, no one can access it when you are not using it. Sooner or later, when you wish to use it once again, you can log into your account just by clicking into the option that says login, just below your profile picture.

How long does it take to activate an account?

How long does it take to activate an account?

It hardly takes 60 seconds for this process to be completed then it directs you straight into the website. Get started with what you want to look at and how you want the person to be with whom you want to get laid.

How to delete account?

If you are no longer willing to use the Fling website, you should first visit all the way real-life Fling reviews on the internet. If you still do not want to continue using Fling.com any longer, you can delete your account by:

  • Clicking on the option just beside your profile, the arrow. Select the menu which shows options of account settings
  • Click on the account settings, and soon you’ll be able to find the option of privacy and security
  • Click on the option of privacy and security
  • Select the option that says delete account and clear yourself
  • Delete your account permanently as long as you do not want to get into the website once more.

How to make your profile top?

  • By sharing all the information like locations and pictures, age, height, weight, and type of person you want.
  • You can also top up your profile by sharing your actual username.
  • Being active all the time and mod riding your usage of the website can also be beneficial.
  • Being a member is the first and foremost thing that pops up your rank.

Can Fling put age limits on who can see your profile?

There are no such rules to limit who can see your profile because once the user enters the website, your account will be visible to them, but only if you do not turn on the discreet mode. It can restrict children who are minor and do not allow pictures to be posted by them.

How can you change your name on Fling?

Changing the name on Fling is easy, and it is a three-step process. Follow the steps given below to change your name on Fling.

  • The place where your profile is located has an option of Edit profile.
  • As soon as you click on the option Edit profile, you can access your current username.
  • Click on the current username and write the new username you want to change into your Fling account.

How can you hide your profile on Fling?

How can you hide your profile on Fling?

Fling website does not have any said services available for the users. There is no such information available yet, but surely the website will update the version of hiding your profile on Fling.

How can you change your profile picture on Fling?

If you want to change your profile picture on Fling then you can follow the steps given below.

  • It is really simple to change your profile picture on the Fling website.
  • Click on the current profile and select the option of edit profile.
  • As soon as you click on the profile option, three gallery, drive, or camera options will appear from your gallery, camera, or drive; select the picture you want to upload and click ok to upload.

Special features of Fling

There are various features that you will be able to use when you are registering on the website. Given below are some of the features of Fling that you should know.

  • The site usually focuses on visual entertainment and is the most energizing interface with countless ways to engage you into casual hookups and sex-related activities that may allure your body.
  • The site features categories like screen chat pop-ups, over 50 still and moving images sorted into separate modules, who’s online, the person on the video chat, the hotties located in the city’s, and members with their live cams.
  • Based on your location, you can step down to only those people you want to look at. The feature of fitting profiles down to precisely look at your choices of people, sexual preferences, age, and more.
  • Special status updates feature available, which do not always have to be photos or videos, but it can also be narrowed down to a simple text line.
  • Without the actual cancellation of the membership by blocking your account, one can go on a pause to deactivate the profile for a certain period.
  • Customize your profile as you want, limit the people who look at your profile, your preferences, and you can turn on modes to block sexually explicit content and the discrete model. And by that, allowing only friends to view your profile.
  • Special features like video chat, Fling live girls, sex shop, premium content, three-month guarantee served by the website for paid members.

Costs and prices

Costs and prices
  • If you want to make only the base account, it’s fine; you do not have to pay anything for doing that.
  • For one month of silver subscription to be taken by the user, you need to pay a word rupees 24.95 dollars.
  • For a 12 months subscription of premium silver membership for the users, you pay a rupees of $99.95, saving almost 66% from what you will behave to pay is calculated from 1 month of worth.
  • For gold premium membership of about three months, you need to pay $ 34.95.
  • For gold premium membership of 18 months, the user has to pay about $ 119.95, saving almost 80% from what you would have to pay if calculated from three-month gold premium membership.


  • The website doesn’t trade your email addresses and passwords or your location to any third party.
  • A monitoring team of Fling is active 24/7 to review your profile and check if there is any fake information circulated.
  • Suppose it bothers you about paying a lot of money. In that case, you don’t need to worry because the payment is safe ensured through the authorized sales agent of the epoch, Segpay, and WTS e-ticket services, where you can contact anytime you want for the billing inquirers.
  • Fling has its own privacy policy where you can contact the privacy information, and the site is verified and Norton secured.

Are Fling chats encrypted?

Fling tights out absolutely, and chats are encrypted and safe. All the chats are encrypted on the Fling, and there are no chances of them being read by a third party.

Can Fling track you down?

If you manually share your location, then yes. The website for your purpose of meeting the perfect hookup partner has to track you down as to where you live and the closest possibilities of getting a hookup.

Who should you contact if you have questions regarding your privacy on Fling?

Real-life Fling review

You had found numbers that are not available for you to directly contact anybody from the website, but you do have a customer CareLink that will direct you to a place where you can? You will be answered right away and your safety immediately verified. If you have any problem regarding your privacy on Fling, you can directly ask. You will be answered for whatever the queries on which you still do not feel safe; you can completely delete your account as the site gives you the choice of deleting the account when you want, or you do not feel safe.

Can you delete the information you’ve already submitted on Fling?

Yes, you can delete the information you shared on Fling; to do so, you need to delete your account permanently or deactivate the account for the amount of time you do not want your information to be shared. Deactivating your account is a temporary process and hence will only last till you do not reactivate it. Users will not be able to look at your information for the time you have deactivated it, but permanently deleting will completely remove the information that you shared on any of the platforms of the Fling website, whether it is those videos, explicit games played by you, the cybersex you did or anything regarding your activity in the website will be deleted because you no longer will be the member.

Real-life Fling review

As far as real-life reviews are concerned, people using the website do feel it to be really fulfilling. People can use the platform for dating and finding the perfect match. People looking for sexual satisfaction online or in real-life can find their perfect match on the Fling website. Profiles here are completely legit and people using the website will not find it difficult to search for the person they are looking for. With loads of profiles on the website, it becomes quite easier to get the search results on the basis of their search criteria.



The Fling dating platform is not really for everyone, especially not for children under 18 years of age who are not compatible with creating their profile on the website. Looking for a permanent relationship or love of your life, this isn’t the place to be because it is only friends with benefits website. However, if you want to explore your sexuality and find others involved in the same thing, then you are definitely at the perfect place. In today’s world, sex is needed not just by you or someone you are hooked up with, but everyone needs it in today’s world with a lot of stress and tension. There is absolutely nothing to hide. Fling.com is confident that if you don’t find the hookup for three months of your subscription, you get a free three-month subscription. The downside is they don’t offer a lot of features if you are a free user. Concluding the parting words of saying the website is really good if you are looking for casual hookups and is the place to drench out what’s inside you and your body to connect with everything and tell the world about the real you. Fling is usually suitable for people under the age group of 35 to 45 or 25 to 35, with women of age group about 35 to 45 participating in the website. Fling does not allow minors or children to post pictures and strictly prohibits any private parts’ zoomed-in pictures. Remember, children under the age group of 18 are strictly prohibited from such websites. Do not enter or even try to get into the website because if you are caught using such adulterated websites strictly eradicated for you, you can be in great trouble. Children above 18 years of age are allowed to use such websites, but it can be overwhelming and a bit more than necessary for your needs.

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