Review of Fling: Expert Opinion for All Users

Review of Fling: Expert Opinion for All Users
About Girls
Date with older guy 82%
Reply rate 75%
Beauty 79%
Popular age 25-45
Profiles 1.200.000
About Site
Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Fling website is the most popular and well-known dating site. It ranks #9 in the Best Dating sites out of all the 173 dating sites nominated. It is extensively dynamic and raises the inner thrill with photos and videos to some good level. Highly stimulating user interface.
  • Fling website offers a three month get laid guarantee, which makes it much more reliable than any other site. Casual hookups and sex is the motive fulfilled by the site. Get horny and slay out your lust with this site.
  • Fling.com is extremely safe when it comes to sharing location, pictures, and porn videos. The site protects all information shared by the user. Encrypted messages and ease of use.
  • Fling website is run for so many decades and makes its way easily in satisfying customers with their needs.
  • Fling website is always updating itself to meet its users' current culture and desires; time changes, so do people and their needs. New fantasies and new plans and schemes to get you laid on. Sex is not just a want but a passion in today's world. Enjoy it with full-greed - is what Fling is here for.
  • Fling website hardly offers any compatibility tests or games that connect people. Knowing your choices and then getting laid on the type of person you want is fun. What if the site doesn't provide the best match you want?
  • Fling website doesn't do much work; it's more like a self-service system where you scroll around and browse through people's profiles, read the information, and talk about your needs.
  • The Fling website has excessive erotic content and may seem too much to new users or young users who are only searching for a casual hookup. All the videos and photos may be a bit overwhelming to new users. It all just seems too much at once.
  • The user's location needs to be manually turned on; only then the user get people to choose. This may involve the risk of leakage of your address and information.
  • If it's you who is looking for some subtle snuggles and cuddles video, do not expect any gentle source of photos or video chat. It's all adulterated.
  • The real consequence of using such a dating site is only the fear of leakage of all the photos shared, the chats made, and mostly the privately sent videos are not private anymore because of the internet that hacks anything and everything.

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