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Review of BGClive: Expert Opinion for All Users

Review of BGClive: Expert Opinion for All Users
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Active Audience 57%
Quality Matches 88%
Popular Age 20-40
Profiles 987 500
Reply Rate 76%
Ease of Use 9
Popularity 8.1
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Compatibility: The services may get enjoyed via a computer or mobile phone. Customers enjoy safe connectivity on any device.
  • Interaction: The site is exciting. Users have a chance to connect with various LGBT members.
  • Communication: Registered members can exchange typed texts effortlessly.
  • Design: The platform is friendly, rendering it easy to learn how to operate even if you have new to dating services.
  • Safe service: The site takes safety seriously. Personal information stays confidential.
  • Support: The website has a 24/7 live communication option. Users can get help anytime they face a problem.
  • Services: The service is ideal for hookups and long-lasting affairs.
  • The service is only available to Android users. People with iOS devices cannot access it.
  • Most website users are from the North-Eastern region of the US. It is not easy to meet people from other places.
  • The website is for the LGBT community, but many individuals are gay males, making it hard for people interested in lesbians to find partners.
  • As seen from most BGClive reviews, the site design is outdated. Young people might find it boring.

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BGClive platform emerged in 2009. Synergy Tek Company created it to serve the LGBT community. Bisexuals, gays, and lesbians have great features to enjoy. Its services include hookups and long-term affairs. Anyone interested in LGBT matchmaking can register, create a profile, and look for a suitable partner. The number of times you can visit the site depends on how determined you are to find a match.

As seen from most BGClive reviews, the site has various features that make it stand out from all other dating platforms. Users can expect a unique experience, and great fun gets guaranteed.

Dating on the LGBT site may seem easy, but it is never that simple. Users must be smart to avoid fraud. Everyone joining the website should keep in mind that he/she will be meeting strangers. Any conversation that makes you uncomfortable should get avoided.

In this BGClive review, readers will find all details regarding the dating service. You will see what to expect when you decide to join. All the features will get discussed. In the end, you will be able to tell whether the site is worth joining or not.

How does BGClive work?

How does BGClive work?

The site is for finding hookups or long-term relationships. There are many LGBT members from various places worldwide. Any registered user is free to share his/her fantasies with anyone he/she likes.

The site’s operation is smooth, and users have a lot to enjoy. The registration process is straightforward and does not take a lot of time. Within fifteen minutes, new members will have registered and can start looking for suitable partners.

The registration happens on the signup page on the website. There is a section for specifying your gender and the gender of the people you wish to meet. Next, you need to enter your email address, pick a password, and create a username. The name should be catchy and engaging to attract partners.

Lastly, you need to provide details such as location and age. You should click on the finish button after that, and your account will get created.

As a registered user, you can interact with other members and exchange messages. The primary chatting area is always open for group chats. However, if you find an attractive profile, you can switch to private communication. You are free to send seductive messages, and the recipients will reply.

The BGClive website also has a voice and video chat option. The service helps in knowing people better before meeting outside the online platform.

After communicating with someone, you can plan to meet outside the site. It is advisable to avoid meeting in a secret place on the first date. The people you meet online are strangers, and you can’t tell what they want.

Also, despite the dating website being real, there can be fake members. If you come across one, there is an option for blocking and reporting. Blocked individuals will no longer have access to you. The site administrators will ensure to ban them from accessing the platform if they are likely to cause harm.

Signing Up at BGClive

Signing Up at BGClive

You cannot have access to communication and most site features without registering. The registration process is simple, and users don’t need to share personal details or upload documents to prove their identity. Below are the instructions followed when registering

  • Load the site home page and click on the join option that appears under the registration form.
  • The signup form will appear. You have to fill it out. The details needed include:
  1. Race
  2. Name
  3. Username
  4. Gender

Customers should not get scared about sharing their real name because the registration details are not public. No one will ever be able to access them.

Besides the above details, new customers must provide their email addresses. Providing a fake ID will make it impossible to regain access if users forget their password.

New members can also select their zodiac sign and sexual preferences. This step can get ignored, but it is good to fill it out if you want a partner since most people use those characteristics to find their matches.

  • The next step after registering is to go through the website terms and conditions. The section covers the requirements that users must adhere to when using the service. You will also see what you must not engage in to avoid getting banned.
  • After agreeing to the website conditions, users have to enter a code to prove that they are human.
  • The site will then send the verification link to the specified email address. You have to click on it to verify your new account.

Once you have an account, you can start building your profile.

How to start contact

How to start contact

Contacting other users is simple. After registering, you can look for who to interact with using the live search option. The messaging option is on the dashboard. You can send either group or private messages.

The communication service allows exchanging photos and videos. Doing that helps people to get closer to each other.

The website users can also communicate via voice notes. The feature enables fast interaction, and it is more fun than texting.

Another communication option on the site is the video chat service. Users only need to have a webcam to use it. It is the best interaction tool because you will see people’s facial expressions. Seeing the face helps determine if they are honest.

Profiles BGClive

The site is perfect for all kinds of affairs, but most users want long-term relationships. A good number of previous users have found suitable partners.

The profile plays a significant role in finding the right match. To complete it, you have to answer several questions about your interests, objectives, language, etc. Your responses enable the site to get you a suitable partner. Your replies also help other people know you better.

The profile must also contain images and a description. This step can get skipped, but it is good to avoid missing it if you want your page to look attractive.

Users are allowed to fill out their profiles as per their comfort. However, it is good, to be honest. Saying lies can lead to getting incompatible matches. Also, it is good to provide enough information about you. The more other individuals know you, the higher the chances of finding the right partner.

How to Avoid Fake Profiles

How to Avoid Fake Profiles

It is easy to tell whether a user is real or fake. Below are some red flags.

  • Empty profiles or one with little information should get avoided. Anyone serious about getting a partner will ensure to say who he/she is and what he/she wants.
  • People asking for personal details could be scammers. Avoid anyone that asks for your financial information, phone number, location, or anything else that will reveal your identity.
  • Individuals that ask to meet in secret places are also dangerous. It is advisable to meet in a public location on the first date.

Design & usability BGClive

The BGClive website is simple. Connecting to the available features is safe, and users can access it using an Android app or computer browser.

The only negative thing about the design is that it has not gotten updated. However, users can navigate through it fast. There is nothing complicated on the site. The service is ideal for singles and frustrated individuals.

Mobile app BGClive

The LGBT dating service is available on the Android platform. Users can connect to the website through an app.

The application has all the features available on the desktop site. Besides that, there are many other enticing options. No one will ever get bored using the BGClive app.

How the app functions:

  • Like in the desktop site, people start by opening an account. Next, they have to fill out their profile information.
  • As a member, one can search for suitable partners. The app can also use the profile details to recommend compatible matches.
  • The app allows compatible partners to communicate via text, voice, or video option.

Special Features

Special Features

The top features on the LGBT dating site include:


The website offers an instant texting system. Users can use it to communicate with anyone they want.


Members can add the people they like to their favorites list. They do that by clicking on the “add to favorites” option. The feature allows users to find the individuals they like easily on the home screen.


The function allows site members to create music videos, which they share on the site for everyone to see. The feature is available for premium customers only.


The site users can restrict people from accessing their profiles through blocking. A blocked member cannot find you on the site.

The advanced search tool is available to premium members. It assists in narrowing down searches to the most suitable partners.

BGClive Costs

Duration Costs
Thirty days 4.99 dollars
One year 19.99 dollars

Basic Membership

Below are the features that basic members enjoy.

  • Instant texting.
  • Users can add the people they like to their favorite list.
  • They can add anyone to their friend list.
  • One can use the group chat service.
  • Free members can block malicious individuals.

Premium Membership

Premium Membership

Below are the services enjoyed by premium members:

  • Users have the option to create a friend list. One can have random interactions with the people he/she chooses.
  • In the favorites list, members can access more information about other users.
  • People can add as many images as they like to improve their profile performance.
  • Premium members can show what they are good at by creating music videos of about sixty seconds or even more. The videos get published for everyone to watch. Besides that, users have access to video blogs and cartoons. The recordings make the dating site more fun.

BGClive Coupons

The BGClive app does not have coupons.

Verification & Safety BGClive

The LGBT dating website is safe. Conversations get encrypted. Users also get encouraged to report any malicious activity they come across. Anyone found to cause harm to other customers gets banned from the website.

Is BGClive a scam?

No. The site is legal and has been operating since 2009. Each year, more people keep joining. Had it been a scam, its popularity will not have gone up, and neither will it have survived for more than ten years. However, users need to be careful. Not every individual that registers has good intentions. Some members are there to scam other individuals. If you come across anyone suspicious, ensure to block and report him/her. The site does everything possible to offer a safe dating place. Fake users or scammers can get banned if found to cause harm.

Is BGClive legit?

Yes. It is a legitimate service for the LGBT community members. The site gets run by a legal company. You can even find its physical address to ensure that it is operating legally.

Is BGClive anonymous?

Is BGClive anonymous?

The website values its users’ safety and does everything possible to keep the dating service safe. When registering, you can create a username that does not have to be your real name. There is SSL encryption to make users’ details unreadable. Nobody can access other people’s private information.

The Problem With BGClive

Below are the most critical issues on the dating website.

  1. Many gays: Most people on the site are men interested in other men. Women interested in females find it difficult to find partners.
  2. Outdated design: Most people on dating websites desire an attractive platform. Unfortunately, the LGBT site has an old look. Though it is straightforward, most embers, especially the young generation, will get bored with its outdated look.
  3. Few free services: The basic features are not many. People need to upgrade their membership to have access to most of the offers.
  4. Refund: Like most dating companies, the LGBT website does not refund unused money. It is even indicated on the terms and conditions that payment is non-refundable.
  5. Difficulties in finding nearby partners: Most of the website members are from the North Eastern US region. People from other places have a hard time finding matches near them.
  6. App: The LGBT service is only available to Android users. People with iOS devices have no choice other than to use the desktop site or purchase Android phones.

Help & support

The LGBT platform features excellent support representatives. You can get assisted any time you have a problem. Whether you get stuck during registration, when creating a profile, or when making payment, you can send an email or call a representative. The officials work around the clock and ensure that customer issues get solved within the shortest time possible.

The site also has an FAQ section where people can get answers to the most commonly asked questions. There is even a form where people can write their inquiries. The support representatives will respond as soon as possible.

BGClive alternatives

BGClive alternatives

There are several other LGBT websites that gays, lesbians, and bisexuals can consider. The platforms are open to adults only, and they offer either hookups or long-term affairs.

  1. Grindr

The site is one of the oldest dating platforms for gay men. Currently, it has more than thirty million members from various places around the globe. The website has been operating since 2009.

  1. Hornet

The site centers on the social networking sector. There are twenty-five million members. The platform often operates like a dating service. It has a neat design, and its feed accumulates information and keeps customers up to date. Another good thing about the platform is that its adverts are not intrusive like on most dating sites. The service is famous in France, Taiwan, and Brazil.

  1. Jack’d

Jack’d site offers a safe place for emotionally and sexually open individuals to meet. It is easy to find suitable partners and start new affairs. The website focuses on the LGBT community and the individuals that feel unwanted in other places. There are more than five million members from two thousand cities.

  1. Her

The dating service caters to seventeen sexualities and eighteen gender identities. It is one of the leading dating platforms with inclusivity and diversity.


Below are the most commonly asked questions regarding the LGBT dating service.

What is BGClive used for?

The site enables gays, lesbians, and bisexuals to meet suitable matches. Anyone above eighteen years can sign up, create a profile, upgrade his/her membership, look for a partner, and communicate via text, video, or voice messages. Like any other dating service, the site enables people with similar interests to interact. Once you find the person that suits you, you can meet face to face and take things further. Many features make the internet dating exercise smooth. One of them is the convenient messaging service. The advanced search tool also makes it easy to find suitable partners fast.

Is BGClive a Real Dating Site?


Yes. The company has been operating legally since 2009. Most people in the LGBT community have found genuine partners, either for short-term or long-term commitments. The only thing that makes the website unsuitable is the fake users. However, they can get avoided by blocking and reporting. Members should be careful to avoid ending up with dangerous individuals who might steal money or harm them.

The site also does everything it can to offer a safe dating platform. Besides banning scammers, there is SSL encryption to keep customer details secure. The website does not even reveal customer details to third parties.

How to delete BGClive account?

If you no longer wish to use the service, you can delete your account. The settings section is where the delete option is. Upon clicking it, your profile will get deactivated, and you will no longer appear on search results.

How to see private photos on BGClive

The website allows users to choose who can see their pictures. If you wish to view private images, you will need to request access from the owners.

How do I know if I’ve been blocked from BGClive

If you cannot log in using the correct username and password, you have been blocked from accessing the service.


Company: BGClive.com

Address: 300 Boulevard E Ste 100 Weehawken, NJ 07086-6702

Phone: Not Found

E-Mail: [email protected]


As seen from the BGClive review, nothing can stop bisexuals, lesbians, and gays from giving this dating site a try. Whether you want a casual or long-term affair, you can join and upgrade your membership to enjoy more exciting features. There are more than seven hundred and fifty thousand users, and the number keeps growing each year. Besides the large number, the platform is exciting. It offers the perfect way to find suitable sexual partners in the LGBT community. Join the BGClive app today and satisfy your sexual cravings.

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