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MissTravel Review: Great Dating Site?

MissTravel Review: Great Dating Site?
About Site
Active Audience 69%
Quality Matches 83%
Popular Age 21-38
Profiles 1 250 000
Reply Rate 88%
Ease of Use 6.6
Popularity 8.1
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The site for rich men and their sexy ladies;
  • Women who appear on dates and men who pay;
  • No shady business;
  • Consensual conversations;
  • Modern, decent interface;
  • Premium upgrade possible;
  • Understandable usability.
  • The site doesn't have too many features;
  • Scammers happen here.

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MissTravel is a dating sugar daddy site where rich men have the luxury of finding a company when they travel. Here are beautiful ladies ready to escort you whenever you want. And vice versa, this site helps women achieve their goal of getting to know Richmond for luxury travels, cruises, and expensive gifts. People here are mutually beneficial for each other, so no one gets unsatisfied after long days of cruising on the yacht.

This site was created in 2010 by Brandon Wade, the person behind Seeking.com. This platform allows people of different generations to unite over similar interests and not be afraid of expressing their deepest desires.

In the MissTravel review, you will learn more about the site operation, its prices, and main contingent, as well as its main ups and downs.

How Does MissTravel Work?

How Does MissTravel Work?

MissTravel works as follows: a woman creates her account on this site and awaits for her rich man to offer a journey together, free for this lady. The lady opts for medium to higher class voyages with affluent men. On the contrary, men come here to visit the site and choose from a gallery of beautiful women to have someone by their side while traveling. It is a mutually beneficial process nobody stands against. The site has a unique way of matching members and continues to win appreciation from different sources.

Although many MissTravel reviews say that this site is a new word in the world of sugar daddy dating. Many people frown upon this platform because of how women make money and exchange their intimacy with unknown men.

Signing Up at MissTravel

Signing up with MissTravel is easy because all you need to have is an email address attached to your email box. The first thing you need to do is create a unique nickname. It doesn’t have to be your real name. You will see your username when you log into the website and visiting someone’s profile. Then you will have to verify your account if you provide the email address. On the downside, you cannot use MissTravel if you don’t verify your account. On the flip side, it is great because it allows people to stay away from scammers and bots, which is great. It will take you less than 5 minutes to complete your registration process. You will have to provide only the essential information about yourself during signing in, and all of these details will immediately display on your profile page. You do not need to provide any zip code or real names either.

How to Start Contact?

Initiating contact on MissTravel is easy even if you have no experience in sugar daddy sites. Women find it easier to use the app because, from their side, all the features are free, except for texting men. Men don’t have free access to reading and sending messages, only when talking to a premium user. If you are a man and want to find a companion for your trip, it’s better to do shout and upgrade your account to premium. Standard users can still enjoy basic search features, add people to their favorites list, create a request to join a trip, and see the checklist of those who visited their profiles. Initiating contact is easy as a premium user. All you have to do is text someone or send them a friend request.

Profiles on MissTravel

Profiles on MissTravel

MissTravel has basic profile quality because no one wants to reveal too much information. Because most of these men are already married, or in a relationship, they do not want anyone to find out a wealthy businessman belongs to these circles. The only information you will understand from someone’s profile is a made-up name and some information in the “About Me” and “Why I Travel” sections. The good thing is, most visitors here don’t have zero-info profiles already giving you leverage. You can understand at least something from the information displayed on their profile. People usually announce when they have an upcoming event. You can additionally specify this information by asking someone in their text messages. There is access to unlimited photos on this site, which you can only show to a selected list of people. The majority of members acquire at least three photographs. That way, you can understand if someone is a scammer or not. There are some chances that you will go through some fake profiles and spammers because similar sites can’t establish strict rules. Verification immensely helps in these situations.

People here speak different languages, but the most used one is English. You can see their current location and interests if someone chooses to mention them.

Sugar Daddies’ Profiles

Sugar daddies profiles are not very detailed because most men do not want to reveal themselves. They usually have hidden photos and only basic information. They often go by fake names, but their location and goals will never be fake. If these men search for younger women, although it is not specified what is their age limit. Men here communicate actively because their primary goal is winning the most beautiful woman. They do not like beating around the bush and usually present women with some offers right away.

Sugar Babies’ Profiles

Sugar babies can be college students or mature single ladies who want to have a good time with a wealthy man. Usually, their profile pages are more detailed because women want you to understand what you are dealing with. They will provide you with plenty of photos and some more if you ask in direct messages. They also provide truthful information about their age and some interests. For example, you can ask about hobbies in direct messages and offer travel. Other site presents women with more liberties because it has more free features for women. A young woman is usually more talkative than a mature one because they take it easier.

My Experiences Chatting with Sugar Babies on MissTravel

My Experiences Chatting with Sugar Babies on MissTravel

“A couple of months ago, I had a trip to Cyprus where all of my business partners had to be with their better halves. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a plus one, and I also don’t hire an escort. Usually, I find women through dating sites, but this time I found out about the site that specifies on mutually beneficial traveling. Scrolling through several sugar baby profiles, I found a woman I wholeheartedly liked and offered her a trip. She answered me within a business day and specified her requirements. We quickly found common ground and met for a quick rehearsal. What happened next? This woman did not disappoint my expectations and made a good impression on my friends.”

“I used to work for escort, but the terms were so horrible I quickly had to get out of there before any accidents could happen. This site seemed like the only remedy because it creates a safer way of talking to a stranger without revealing too much about you. I stayed incognito, only allowing strangers to see my photographs. It was a good experience because I felt safer after verification. You still have to meet in real life with an unknown person, but it is easier to check their interests beforehand to know what to wait for.”

How to Avoid Fake Profiles?

Avoiding fake profiles starts with not following or talking to non-verified members. If you didn’t verify your account, you should change this situation because it gives people more stability and reassurance that they’re talking to a real person. And vice versa, if you see someone requesting money without a single photo, it means that this person is a scammer. Real profiles have several photos even if they don’t want to reveal too much information. The same goes for basic information and bio. It is easy to understand whether the account is fake by how they talk. For example, if women ask you for money without allowing you to see their faces or don’t appear at the meetings, you’re dealing with a fake profile. It’s better to block this person or report to a help team. They will quickly change the situation by deleting this profile from the website.

Design & Usability of MissTravel

MissTravel website has a simple and aesthetically pleasant design. You will not see too funky or vibrant details because it distracts people from navigating and finding their better half. Everything is organized into categories, so you don’t have to wander around to find a useful feature or option. The site has a different color scheme for each navigated category. If you’re trying to find how many trips are there available, you will see a dark version on the site with purple and grey accent colors. If you are just looking at someone’s page, it will appear white. How cool is that?

The site is eye-pleasing because it combines a nice design and minimalistic navigation everyone can understand. It has small icons which you will ace in no time. It’s user-friendly and appropriate for any age group.

Mobile App of MissTravel

Understandably, MissTravel should have an application to download for any phone or tablet. However, the MissTravel app is not yet a thing. Why? No one knows. Still, you can navigate the website from your phone by using an adaptable mobile version. Just use your browser and scroll down profiles from your phone like you normally would do on a computer. The mobile version has the same arsenal of features you would receive by navigating a desktop version. It can be a good alternative if you like using the site from the comfort of your home or on the go. It works with most browsers and has a minimalistic design. The interface and smooth transitions between pages make this version no worse than a usual computer one.

Special Features

Design & Usability of MissTravel

These are the special features used at MissTravel:

Create a Trip

Special features of this website include creating a trip which means that you can post an event and comment on it. Once the admins approve this event, you are free to invite women and ask them to join your trip. You will have to provide the location, the dates, and all the expenses for this one. Feel free to specify your needs and use tags to attract a specific person.

Add to Favorites

For example, if you add someone to your favorites list, it will be displayed in your profiles. Therefore, you can usually get back to this account and see this person on the top of your priority list when searching for profiles.

Advanced Search Filters

The site also uses smart filters you can try for free. It will help you find the person quicker based on the location of your future voyage. You can also specify people you want to see on your future trip.


This site also allows you to create your perfect lists and include only those profiles that meet 100% of your expectations.

MissTravel Costs

Duration Cost Total
1 Month 59.99 USD / Month 59.99 USD
3 Months 54.99 USD / Month 164.97 USD
6 Months 49.99 USD / Month 299.94 USD

Basic Membership

Your basic membership will include creating a profile and seeing other members. It’s handy if you yet don’t know about the time you will spend with MissTravel. You can also upload photographs for free and request trips, sending others specifications on your future voyage. Although the following feature is paid on most sites, you can add others to your favorite lists for free.

Premium Membership

Premium membership allows you to send messages and read them. Sending and reading messages is not free only for men. Also, you can browse other people’s profiles anonymously and highlight posted trips.

MissTravel Coupons

MissTravel doesn’t use any coupons, neither can you apply during registration.

Verification & Safety MissTravel

Verification & Safety MissTravel

If you want to build a mutually beneficial relationship, it’s better to verify your account to be safe. You can verify your account by sending a request and following a message in your inbox. All it takes is a few minutes, but now you can create a secure account everyone will follow because they see you’re not a fake member. If you see someone without a verified account, it’s better to abstain from such a user because they might indeed be a scammer. However, scammers here are not very frequent, so there is nothing to worry about.

Is MissTravel Scam?

MissTravel is not a scam, and thousands of positive testimonies are the proof. Here you can find real women while traveling ,talking and checking their photos. Once you offer someone a trip, they can appear right to your doorstep to testify and bust your myths.

Is MissTravel Legit?

This site is completely legitimate because you can talk to many foreign women interested in your conversations here. They answer your quick and they are not bots. However, if you think there is something wrong, ask the help team to support you and give you a piece of advice.

Is MissTravel Anonymous?

The site is anonymous because it doesn’t work with Facebook or Instagram. You do not have to transfer your data or interact with other social media.

The Problem With MissTravel

The Problem With MissTravel

The main problem with this site is the occurrence of scammers. But all in all, what side doesn’t have scammers and malevolent users? Other than that, it is a pretty decent website.

Help & Support

You can access the support team by choosing Open a Customer Support Ticket from the lower menu of your main page. These people will help you as fast as they can.

MissTravel Alternatives

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What is the success rate of MissTravel?

MissTravel success rate is three and a half out of 5.

Is MissTravel a real dating site?

MissTravel is there a real dating site with real people you can meet in life and interact with.

How to delete MissTravel account?

If you want to deactivate your account, click on settings and select Deactivate Your Account from the list of options.

How do you build a beneficial relationship?

Building a beneficial relationship starts with creating your account on this site and talking to as many women as possible. Then you just choose the best one and offer her to travel with you.



Company: MissTravel.com


Hong Kong Address:

Room 2103, Futura Plaza, 111 How Ming Street, Kwun tong, Hong Kong

Cyprus Address:

Paster 6, Flat/Office 101, 1055 Nicosia, Cyprus

United States Address:

3250 Pepper Lane, Las Vegas, NV 89120

Phone: n/a

Email: [email protected]


MissTravel is a decent dating site for sugar babies and their sugar daddies because it is consensual, not very expensive, and will help both parties to have the best trip of their lives.

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