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Review of Alt.com: Expert Opinion for All Users

Review of Alt.com: Expert Opinion for All Users
About Site
Active Audience 77%
Quality Matches 92%
Popular Age 20-30
Profiles 2 000 000
Reply Rate 92%
Ease of Use 8.8
Popularity 6.7
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Niche dating site
  • Free registration
  • Adult movies
  • Sexual activities on live shows
  • Huge userbase
  • High activity
  • Group and couple registration, aside from single registration
  • Strict verification process
  • Free live video chatting
  • Detailed profile with unique fields for the BDSM culture
  • Changing the username is a paid feature
  • Profile browsing is not free
  • Lots of fake profiles
  • Imbalanced gender population
  • Messaging is a premium feature

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Alt.com is a unique niche dating website, and you will know why. Sexual curiosities, BDSM, weird fetish, transsexual dating sites, domination, and submission have always been in the hush-hush category. While talking about sex itself is taboo in many cultures, it is still more accepted than the BDSM culture. It was only after the wide acceptance of the fifty shades trilogy that people started coming out in the open about their sexual fantasies. However, acceptance is still limited. Alt.com is a dating website that gives the people a common platform into this lifestyle, where they can find the willing partners they have been looking for since forever. The website is a haven for all those sexually curious souls trying to have some adventure and explore the lifestyle. There is a difference in finding hookup partners and someone for a Dom-Sub relationship. Alt.com Review shows how the website proves to be helpful for those in this lifestyle looking for a suitable partner. The disciplined community free of psychopaths that most people confuse them with is the highlight of the Alt.com website.

Alt.com Review 2020: Sexual Fetish, BDSM, Or Too Much Expectation?

Version Of The Dating Platform For Web Browser And Mobile Users

Despite being a celebrated and a top-rated dating platform for the BDSM community, Alt.com Reviews disappointedly reveal about the absence of mobile apps. The Alt.com website is a dark-themed platform that works well with the mood of the lifestyle. It makes use of three colors, of which black is the dominant, yellow, and white is used for highlighting font. While the font size increases readability on the platform, the rest of the design has space for improvement. And even though the Alt.com website can be opened on a phone’s browser as well, the interface does not give one of the best experiences for the mobile users. Although the All FriendFinder app can be used as an alternative, it is only available for iOS devices. The android users can, however, use the mobile site to continue enjoying uninterrupted satisfaction.

Audience Profile Analysis And Description

The numbers projected by the Alt.com Reviews may look surprising initially as the age distribution is shockingly distributed. A sight that not only is extremely rare to see on a dating platform but also because it shows how popular the lifestyle is across age groups. Besides the age distribution, the audience analysis report returns to look normal, with gender imbalanced with men taking the majority despite a huge percentage of couple registrations. The audience profile shows a massive number of registrations from the United States alone in terms of location.

Steps To Sign Up And Register With The Dating Site

The Alt.com Reviews points out that the platform’s registration usually takes longer than what other platforms take. The reason being the form asking for more details than general. Aside from basic information like gender, age, sexuality, the user is required to answer preferences, and body-related details as well. The form is surprisingly detailed and demands the user’s attention and time both on the matter. The form has five sections that need to be filled up to complete the signing up process. While the detailed registration form itself is unique to the site, the presence of group registration as an option is something that catches the eye. And while the ling signing up process cannot be avoided, the step of email verification adds on to the mandatory list.

Steps To Sign Up And Register With The Dating Site

Steps To Create A Detailed And Attractive Profile

If filling up the long registration form seemed fun, then you are in for a treat. Because the profile setup is longer than any profile setup seen on dating platforms. And even though the fields on the profile are optional and can be edited later, the user profiles on Alt.com are all extremely informative. However, browsing through member profiles is a luxury that can only be experienced by the paying members on Alt.com. Once you purchase a plan, you realize how important it is to complete the profile to get attention on the site. Alt.com Reviews always recommend users to complete the profile and upload photos as soon as possible. The absence of a checklist type of answers may make it look difficult; browsing through profiles and getting tips from users and blogs can be helpful in the matter.

How To Safely Log Out Of The Dating Platform?

Considering the fact that the Alt.com website does not have an app version, all members have to log in to the platform using a web browser only. Now the risks of exploited privacy are not new for internet users when using a site on a browser. A single mistake of not logging out safely before leaving the browser can lead to a massive invasion of privacy, which needs to be taken very seriously. Thus, all users should make it a priority to visit the profile settings from the top right corner and select log out to log out before closing the tab safely. One should be very careful of not closing a tab before successfully logging out of Alt.com.

How Long Does It Take to Activate an Account on Alt.com?

Alt.com does not have a separate process for account activation for its new users. It only insists on completing the registration process and email verification. The whole process takes about a maximum of 15 minutes, considering the length of the registration form on the Alt.com website is longer than general. Once that is complete, a user can easily use the login details to log in to the website. Although new users are redirected to the profile setup page, one can skip the page and jump to the website’s homepage instead and begin exploring.

How To Permanently Delete An Account From The Dating Site?

Permanently deleting an account is a complicated process on Alt.com. However, the fact is true for just not Alt.com but all dating platforms. The platforms clearly resist losing a loyal member from its platform, and thus more and more users choose to abandon the dating platforms instead. However, abandoning a dating site like Alt.com is not the safest practice, and may lead to unexpected billing on your cards, if you were a paying customer. Thus, to always be on the safe side, first cancel a running subscription plan as they get automatically renewed without taking the user’s permission. Next, move to the account setting from options and search for the delete account option. Selecting the option will redirect you to a new page where you will be asked to write the reason for doing so and give them feedback. On completing the step, you will be asked to re-confirm by entering your user password to complete the process of deleting the account from Alt.com.

How To Permanently Delete An Account From The Dating Site?

How Can Your User Profile Rank At The Top Of Search Results?

Ranking on top of the search results is a privilege that comes with paying for the subscription plan available on Alt.com. The makers enlist your profile to the top of the list giving you better exposure than everyone else.

Can Alt.com Account Be Custom Hidden From A Certain Age Group?

Anonymous browsing is not an available feature on Alt.com. It is the reason why you cannot hide your profile from users. However, unlike many similar dating platforms, Alt.com does not even have a feature to let other members see visitors’ list on their profile. It means that profile browsing remains anonymous only without even an intention in doing so. On the other hand, restricting members of a certain age is also not possible on Alt.com. However, if you come across members you don’t like, you can report and block them to hide your profile.

What Is The Process One Needs To Follow To Change The Profile Name?

Changing the profile name is an option you will be able to find in the profile section. Everything in the user profile can be edited on Alt.com, unlike many platforms that do not allow changing user name after registration. It is not the case with this website, at least. Once you click on the profile, you get greeted with your profile, where you need to find the name you want to change and click on it to bring the cursor on it. The cursor indicates the field is now editable. Delete and type in the new name and when satisfied, click outside to save the changes.

How To Browse Anonymously On Alt.com?

As mentioned before, Alt.com does not keep track of your activity. Neither does the BDSM community’s website allow its users to see the list of visitors on their profile. The absence of such a feature makes browsing on Alt.com anonymous automatically. Thus, you do not have to worry about members knowing about your stalking habits.

How Do You Change Your Profile Picture On Alt.com?

Alt.com Reviews reveal that changing the profile picture is similar to changing profile name. The user has to navigate to the profile section, similar to when one changes the profile name. The only difference is that instead of hitting the profile name field, the user needs to click on the profile photo space and select the change profile photo option. It opens up the files section from your system, which allows you to browse through the desired library and find the perfect photo for your Alt.com account. Don’t forget to select Save to confirm the new changes on the Alt.com website.

How Do You Change Your Profile Picture On Alt.com?

Special Features On The Platform

  • The Hot Or Not Game
  • It is a popular dating game that is played on many dating platforms. Basically, its a version of the swipe right and left; only the name is different. The users are shown photos of random members registered on Alt.com, with two buttons Hot and Not. The user hits the button that they think suits best for the photo. The user is notified when there is a match.

  • Compatibility Test Based On Astrology
  • An unusual section of astrology shows your sexual appetite for the day based on your zodiac sign. The section also lists the zodiac signs you can be most compatible with.

  • Kinks
  • The BDSM lifestyle is all about kinks and fetishes. The kink section on your profile allows you to add as many kinks as you like and then find people into the same kinks. The kinks also help in your profile, getting discovered by the members following the same kinks. So it works in both ways.

  • Testimonials
  • Testimonials work like recommendations in a workspace or LinkedIn. The BDSM lifestyle frequently involves activities with fellow members of the platform. The members can write the best qualities about you in the testimonial section after carrying out a scene with you or a relationship. It helps other members know you better and get more attention. You can do the same for other members as well.

  • Blings
  • Blings are small icons that reflect something about your personality. You can add as many blings to your profile as you like and also add them to your posts.

Special Features On The Platform

Premium Features And Subscription Plans

Alt.com is a huge platform that comes with many many features. While a lot of it is exclusive to the paying members, standard members also get a fair share of exciting features to enjoy. The list below compares features available for standard non-paying users vs. paid services on the Alt.com website before comparing the subscription plans’ prices.

Free Features:

  • Registration
  • Profile setup
  • Photo upload
  • Chat room access
  • Flirt
  • Virtual flowers
  • Create a hotlist
  • Add friends
  • Live webcam shows
  • Hot or Not game
  • Kink search and add
  • Search bar

Paid Features:

  • Browse profiles
  • Rank on the search list
  • Get notified about new members
  • Get access to the live shows done by members and video intros
  • Virtual gifts
  • Adult movies
  • Messaging
  • 24/7 Customer support
  • Read and write blogs
  • Join groups
  • Get featured

Alt.com – Subscription Plans And Prices

Gold Membership




One Month

$ 29.95

$ 29.95

Three Months

$ 19.99

$ 59.97

One Year

$ 12.50

$ 149.97

Silver Membership




One Month

$ 19.95

$ 19.95 

Three Months

$ 11.99

$ 35.97

One Year

$ 8.33

$ 99.97

Safety and Privacy On The Platform

Alt.com is an extremely sensitive website that deals with content that may be taboo in some societies and too dark for some people. Even though BDSM is a lifestyle choice that many make, some people consider it psychopathy and condemn it as a criminal mentality. The stigma around the BDSM lifestyle makes the safety and privacy protection on Alt.com all the more important. While it assures of not distributing content outside the platform and protecting the privacy, the users on the platform hold equal responsibility for saving the sanctity, if not more. However, the community on Alt.com is one of its greatest strengths. The members are supportive and accept each other very well. The Alt.com website’s reputation is a major reason behind the constant growth and popularity of the platform.

Are Your Chat Messages On Alt.com Safe And Encrypted?

Alt.com Reviews comes with end-to-end encryption on the instant messenger. However, video chats are also encrypted by Alt.com to protect the privacy of the users.

Can Alt.com Track My Location?

Technically speaking, yes, Alt.com has the capacity to track down its users. The platform uses GPS to connect nearby users and thus has a record of your location and movements. But as the Alt.com website comes with a stringent privacy policy, worrying about the same is illogical and useless.

How To Resolve Privacy Issues On Alt.com?

The Alt.com takes the privacy of its users very seriously and thus offers a 24*7 working customer support for the premium paying members of Alt.com. Alternatively, the users can also use the answers to the FAQs and take the help of the chat support present on the platform. Alt.com Reviews boast about its strong customer support team, and thus disappointment is the last thing you will face when reaching out to the team to solve privacy issues. Aside from the other options, users may call on the hotline number for a quick resolution on the matter by dialing on 1-855-776-8436.

How Can You Delete Already Submitted Information To Alt.com?

While the information submitted during the registration process on Alt.com cannot be changed, any and everything on the profile can be edited and deleted. One needs to navigate the profile and select the field that needs a change to produce the cursor and make changes. Although clicking outside saves the changes, users can hit the save button as well to confirm new changes on the already submitted information on Alt.com.

How Can You Delete Already Submitted Information To Alt.com?

User Review

My college days brought me close to many nice men, but the lack of force and drama made me sexually frustrated and eventually led to breakups.

After thinking about it a lot and looking for solutions on the internet that I found the existence of BDSM groups for girls like me who liked it dirty, and ever since my realization, I have been a part of the Alt.com community because the reviews suggested it to be the best option. And guess what? I am not complaining. After exploring the lifestyle with different men for over a year of blissful satisfaction, I found a man and we have been together for a year. If I have to say how my experience had been on Alt.com, I would say life-changing. I am finally used to be happy with the ending if you know what I mean.- Sara, 27.

To Sum It Up

With time, people did understand that sex is a need, but what they still fail to realize is that it can get boring. Many couples and singles distract from the usual sex routine, also known as the vanilla relationship, in search of spice for increased fun and satisfaction. Alt.com is the solution that sexually bored people look for today. An active online community with an acceptance for BDSM, sexual fetishes, and swings is what makes the Alt.com so special. The increasing sexual curiosities and the need to explore varying carnal pleasures are reasons more and more people from transsexual dating sites drift to the lifestyle. However, finding a willing partner is where the difficulty begins, which is why the online community has gained so much popularity in a short time. With unique features, high profile quality, and subscription plans for varying budgets, the Alt.com promises satisfaction to the ultimate level. We hope that our Alt.com review will be useful to you and help you make the right decision.

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