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Review of SwingLifeStyle: Expert Opinion for All Users

Review of SwingLifeStyle: Expert Opinion for All Users
About Site
Active Audience 53%
Quality Matches 83%
Popular Age 25-40
Profiles 987 000
Reply Rate 79%
Ease of Use 8.7
Popularity 8.8
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Free registration
  • One of the first website for the SwingLifeStyle
  • Swinger clubs listed
  • Huge user base
  • High daily activity
  • Couple dominate over singles
  • Receiving and reading messages is free
  • Chatroom
  • Notification popup
  • Browsing through profiles is free
  • Subscription plans averagely priced
  • Nudity
  • Sending messages is a paid feature
  • More men than women- gender imbalance
  • No social login
  • Profile photo not mandatory
  • Many profiles are hidden from free users
  • Free users can’t see nude pictures
  • No checklist on user profiles

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SwingLifeStyle, also known as the SLS website, is a niche dating site that helps adults with a certain sexual requirement connect. Swinging is not a lifestyle that is openly accepted and liked. However, it is a widespread practice amongst couples. SwingLifeStyle Reviews suggest that the platform allows people in an unconventional relationship with not so common sexual needs to find partners for the ultimate satisfaction. From orgies, threesomes to partner swapping, the SwingLifeStyle openly states to be the platform to bring sexual revolution. And indeed, because the website undoubtedly makes all fantasies come true with willing partners and help couples level up their sex life. Despite SwingLifeStyle being the ultimate place for couples, it is also the top favorite for singles with sexual curiosities willing to participate in sexual acts with the experienced ones. Even though the SwingLifeStyle Reviews scream to be breaking the typical boring stereotypical stigmas around sex, how worthy is the oldest swinger website to try is the real question!

Variations Of The Dating Platform For Users: Website And App

Variations Of The Dating Platform For Users: Website And App

SwingLifeStyle Reviews share that swingers and couples can use the platform from a device of their convenience. Similar to the most popular dating sites, the SwingLifeStyle, too, is available in two versions. The website version comes handy for people more comfortable surfing on a browser and apps for the mobile users. The dating app is available for a free download on both Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store, indicating its compatibility with the Android and iOS devices. And aside from the basic interface changes, there is nothing that one can miss on the app. There are no unique features available on any version. The only difference lies in the interface because of the obvious screen size. However, even the SwingLifeStyle website is optimized for mobile browsing, which can be used if someone doesn’t want to download an app on their phone.

Profile Quality And Detailed Description

SwingLifeStyle Reviews reveal that the profile quality of the members is varied on multiple factors. When considering age as the factor, no dating platform can boast of a better distribution than SLS. The audience is equally distributed across the age groups, with no exceptions to young or old. It would be the platform aside from niche dating sites to have garnered so much attention from the 35-44years, 45-54years, and 55+ years equally. Although the age on the platform is distributed, hardly anything else is. Men on the SwingLifeStyle count for 70% of the population, women, the rest 30%. However, it is the couples that surprise showing 55% in the audience composition.

Even though the SwingLifeStyle is available worldwide, the countries to make their strong presence felt are the US, UK, Australia, and Germany. However, a little over 1 million monthly visits can also be counted from some of the Asian and European countries. There are not many dating platforms that can openly boast about as large as a 16 Million user base. But aside from claiming the large user base, it is the high activity rate claimed by the SwingLifeStyle Reviews that is rare. The platform confirms to get activity from more than 5 million monthly users in over 300 chatrooms. Thus, while it may seem surprising on other swinger dating sites, getting overwhelming responses even as new users is normal on the SwingLifeStyle website.

Steps To Follow To Register As A New User

The registration process, just like on any other dating platforms i9s mandatory and requires all its members to be of the legal age. However, aside from the eligibility age of 18yrs, there are no conditions placed on the users. Anyone willing to try the SwingLifeStyle can join the platform and get registered for free. Although the platform doesn’t offer a quicker social login with Facebook, the process is a small one that takes less than a few minutes to complete. The form that the new users need to fill while signing up is similar to what you can see on other dating platforms. It asks for a unique username, email id, password, age, gender, and location. The sexuality of the user is also confirmed by asking them to choose the gender they prefer. But the main highlight of the platform is that it allows a couple registration. Along with the form fillup, new users on the SwingLifeStyle agree to the Terms and Conditions and confirm that they are not robots before getting started. However, email verification is also a part of the registration process that requires you to click on a link sent by the platform to confirm and complete the registration process.

Steps To Follow To Set Up A User Profile

Steps To Follow To Set Up A User Profile

Similar to other dating platforms, SwingLifeStyle Reviews reveal that right after logging in with email and password for the first time, the new users are redirected to the profile setup. Even though everything on the user profile is kept optional, the SwingLifeStyle Reviews always recommend completing it as soon as possible. Unique to SLS, uploading the profile picture on a new profile is also not compulsory. Although it allows the users to start their hunt for swingers quickly without wasting any time, it encourages more scammy profiles without photos on them. The highlight of the SwingLifeStyle profiles is the unique privacy options that protect users from scammy profiles. And while it may seem attractive to the readers, the long descriptive type of profile with no checkbox type of questions in them can be a real pain point.

What Are The Steps One Needs To Follow To Successfully Log Out Of A Swing LifeStyle Account?

The SwingLifeStyle Reviews always suggest the users on the website to log out after every session. It protects privacy from unintentional prying heads. However, apps are comparatively safer than the browser as the chances of a random someone using a personal phone and opening random dating apps is a lot less. Nonetheless, one may choose to log out from any device or version of SwingLifeStyle they are using. The website users are required to find the settings in the top right corner and find and click on logout to close the website until the next visit safely. On the other hand, app users need to click on the three horizontal lines indicating options to find and select log out.

How Much Time Does Account Activation On The Swing LifeStyle Take?

The SwingLifeStyle Reviews reveal that the platform in question is a simple and regular platform specializing in the community and not the technical part. Thus, just like any usual dating site, the platform does not waste time in the account activation process. The SwingLifeStyle new user account gets activated right after the completion of the registration process. However, the registration process involves the verification process, without which the SwingLifeStyle account may not work. The platform concentrates on making the processing time shorter by making the entire profile setup optional. It makes getting started with the website for the purpose the users get registered on the SwingLifeStyle dating platform even faster, reducing the activation period, if you can call this as one that is.

How Do You Delete An Account?

Deleting an account from SwingLifeStyle can be a little tricky, although not impossible. The case is the same with all dating sites because no site wants its users to leave permanently. It is the very reason why so many users choose to uninstall the app and stop using the platform after canceling their subscription plans, if any. It is a much shorter way and can easily be done; however, it may not be the right thing to do for safety. And with that in mind, users should go to the additional settings that one can find from the top right corner and look for account settings. The last option in the list is the ‘delete account permanently’ option. Selecting the option will lead you to a page where you will need to answer as to why you are leaving the website. It is only after writing the answer; you will get the Delete Account permanently button activated. Clicking on the button will open up a popup that will ask for your account password. It is only after you enter the password and hit confirm, the process of deleting the SwingLifeStyle account gets completed.

How To Make A User Profile On SwingLifeStyle Rank To The Top?

How To Make A User Profile On SwingLifeStyle Rank To The Top?

While many premium dating platforms allow users to buy top ranks for a few bucks, SwingLifeStyle works in a different way. The platform has a voting system that lets paying users to vote new users and approve them as swingers. More number of approvals and a complete dating profile can get your account to better ranks than others. While this was a natural way to the top, there is also a paid way to get your profile highlighted. Although the feature does not help in the rankings, Hot Date advertises your profile in a public calendar where it can get naturally more attention from other swingers. If you are wondering why the calendar? The calendar lists all the upcoming events, thus gets a much larger viewership than any other page.

Can Profile Viewing Be Made Age Customized On SwingLifeStyle?

SwingLifeStyle does not have a feature that can bar users of a certain age from reaching your profile or hide it. However, there indeed are settings on the platform that protects your profile from the undesirables. SwingLifeStyle Reviews cheers particularly for a feature that hides all the nude photos uploaded by a paying user locked up from the free users. The feature protects the private gallery from the possible scammers roaming around on the website with free accounts on the SwingLifeStyle. While the website automatically blurs nude photos for the standard free users on the site, the paying members may choose to hide their profiles from free users completely.

What Steps To Follow To Change The Profile Name On SwingLifeStyle?

A unique username is one of the major requirements of the SwingLifeStyle website. The platform helps set up a unique username by suggesting changes to the provided name at the time of the registration. Neither is it recommended, nor is it possible, given the requirements to use the real name of the users on a dating platform, including SwingLifeStyle. Thus, changing the profile name may be unnecessary on the site. Especially because the change in the name makes the profile as good as new. However, it can be easily done if someone wishes to on the site. In that case, the user is required to click on the profile and navigate to the profile name or the user name.

Selecting the pen logo next to the name allows the user to start editing the name. Once you enter a new name, the SwingLifeStyle will verify if it is unique. If it’s not then similar to the registration form, the platform will suggest a few changes to make it unique. You may choose to accept one of the changes offered by the platform or type a new name again to see if it is unique. After you are satisfied with the name, click on the Save button to confirm and apply the new changes to your SwingLifeStyle account. But one must remember that it deletes the account and makes a new one with a new user name.

Is There A Way To Hide A User Profile On SwingLifeStyle?

Even though anonymous browsing is not available on the SwingLifeStyle, hiding the profile is possible. However, one cannot hide their account profile just from anyone. The feature is not customizable; it only allows paying users from hiding their premium accounts from free users. The feature is optional for the premium users and can take it only if they want to hide their profiles. However, as part of the policies on the SwingLifeStyle website, the nude gallery uploaded by paying members on their profiles cannot be seen by the free members. The private photos may not be hidden but are blurred to protect the privacy of the members from potential scammers on the site.

What Are The Steps To Follow To Change The Profile Picture On SwingLifeStyle?

What Are The Steps To Follow To Change The Profile Picture On SwingLifeStyle?

Uploading the profile picture on SwingLifeStyle is, as mentioned before, not mandatory. Hence, one can add it anytime or may even change it from time to time with ease just like it is done on various social media sites. The process involves the user to navigate to the profile settings and click on the space for the photo or the current profile photo. Select change photo or the plus sign to upload a new photo from the system or phone. You need to select the desired photo then and save it to make the necessary changes to your profile.

Features To Check Out On The Site

  • Swingers Clubs

The dating platform for the Swingers has tied up with many Swingers Clubs in various locations to help the users on the site get more information about them.

  • Approval

Paying customers can rate new customers based on their interaction with them. The system helps other members distinguish between fake and real users on the site.

  • Hot Date

It is a paid feature that allows the users to promote their profiles on the public calendar to get more attention from interested couples and singles.

  • Travel

The SwingLifeStyle has its own travel agency named the Topless Travels that organizes parties and tours for its official members, mainly to intimate swinger destinations.

  • Events

Aside from the Topless Travels, the Swinger Clubs featured on the site organize parties from time to time for the members. The upcoming list of private parties is marked on the public calendar to help users check if they are in their location and plan accordingly.

  • Swingers Blogs

The website also has a blog section for its users to read and write their experiences and stories. The stories can be both real and fictional about the lifestyle and sex.

Subscription Plans, Prices, And Costs

Just like all good dating sites, SwingLifeStyle also comes at a price. The platform is a premium dating site that runs on subscription plans. However, the registration on the site is free, and so is the standard membership. But unfortunately the access to the platform with free membership is limited. One has to pay for one of the available plans to enjoy the SwingLifeStyle to its full extent.

Free Features

  • Registration
  • Search filters
  • Receive and read messages
  • Browse profiles
  • View profile photos
  • Block members
  • Visit chatrooms and forums

Paid Features

  • View and upload nudes
  • Rate Swingers clubs
  • Approve members
  • Send messages
SwingLifeStyle Subscription Plans- Price And Cost
Expiry Cost Price
One Month $ 14.95 $ 14.95
Three Months $ 9.98 $ 29.95
Six Months $ 8.33 $ 49.95
One Year $ 5.83 $ 69.95

Safety & Privacy

The SwingLifeStyle is a sensitive adult platform that deals with a lifestyle that is considered taboo in many societies. Thus, the reputation of the website plays an important role in the popularity and acceptance of the platform. One of the main reasons that confirm the safety of the SwingLifeStyle website is the huge user base. The happy members with no privacy complaints increase the trust on the platform. SwingLifeStyle is one of the first platforms that target the niche lifestyle. And despite that, it has remained in the industry with a sprawling and successful presence. Not just for its unique features but also the privacy and safety.

Are The Chats On SwingLifeStyle End-To-End Encrypted?

Yes, the messages sent through the Instant Messenger on the SwingLifeStyle to other members are all end-to-end encrypted. The encryption protects the messages from being read, stored, and misused by anyone, even software, assuring complete privacy protection to the users.

Is There A Way That SwingLifeStyle Can Use To Track Its Users On The Platform?

Is There A Way That SwingLifeStyle Can Use To Track Its Users On The Platform?

The simple answer to the question would be a yes, because SwingLifeStyle Reviews mentions the platform using the GPS to connect nearby users. While the GPS can definitely change the user experience for the better, it always increases the risk of getting tracked down. However, one should not be afraid as SwingLifeStyle is an old website with a good reputation. The dating platform respects the privacy of its users and hence only uses the data for connecting nearby users and nothing else. The privacy policy confirms not selling user data to third parties.

Who Is The Right Person To Contact In Case Of A Privacy Issue On SwingLifeStyle?

SwingLifeStyle comes with previously answered FAQs to help users with common privacy issues. However, in case the problem needs expert advice from the team, one can reach out to [email protected] through email. The dating site also has a registered contact number- (754) 242-7440, but the SwingLifeStyle Reviews recommend that the users reach the team with a written complaint on the email.

How To Delete Previously Filled Information On SwingLifeStyle?

The information provided to the SwingLifeStyle during the registration cannot be changed. However, anything that a user puts on the profile can be edited or deleted anytime they want. One needs to navigate to the profile and then hit the pen sign to start editing or deleting the previously filled information on the profile. Saving then new changes by hitting the button is necessary to make the new changes on the account.

Real User Review

We have been into this lifestyle for more than five years now, and have been using the SwingLifeStyle on and off during the period. The large user base and good quality profiles really help in finding a partner of your choice. We have been with various amateur singles and experienced couples in the last five years, all from the platform. The members are extremely cool and supportive, and the algorithm truly helped us get connected with nearby users, which made things possible. The events and clubs work as an added advantage for people like us who are looking for new partners every now and then. Socializing with swingers in the locality makes things super smooth. – Couple(36M, 32F)

Conclusionary Words

SwingLifeStyle may not be the only website to target the lifestyle, but it is definitely one of the firsts. And while the user base is more than enough as a highlight, one look at the platform will make you understand that you are in for a wholesome experience. Swingers, clubs, toys, DVDs, and erotic stories aside from the nudes on the website can spice up things for good. And while the interface still has an old school look, the sprawling, responsive community on SwingLifeStyle is better than any updated swinger dating sites. Even though a paid dating site could be a turn off to many, the averagely priced SwingLifeStyle subscription plans make it worth a try.

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