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Review of FetLife: Expert Opinion for All Users

FetLife Review 2020: Social Networking for Kinksters
About Site
Active Audience 77%
Quality Matches 93%
Popular Age 18-45
Profiles 8 981 000
Reply Rate 89%
Ease of Use 9.6
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Free registration;
  • Strict verification process;
  • Large and supportive community;
  • A huge number of fetish groups;
  • A varied number of kinks listed;
  • Mostly free;
  • Cheap membership plans for complete website access;
  • One time payment plan for lifetime access available;
  • Free pornographic content on blogs created by users;
  • Location-based and sexual fantasy based groups;
  • The FetLife Team moderates groups;
  • Niche social networking site for the BDSM community;
  • Free messaging;
  • A negligible amount of scammers and fake profiles;
  • Free 7-day trial version.
  • Paid social networking platform;
  • The interface is old;
  • Not regularly upgraded;
  • Not a dating site;
  • Many profiles with hidden profile pictures;
  • Any fetish group that encourages violence like rape, needles, blood, is deleted by the team;
  • Romance is not a popular subject here;
  • Certain content on the site may become uncomfortable for people who have softer fetishes.

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The FetLife website is a social networking site meant to connect people with a fetish. It is a platform for all people who can call themselves kinky. Developed in 2008, FetLife reviews talk about the first adult social networking site created for people with love for talking dirty. Openly calling itself a platform similar to Facebook, it can really be used as an alternative to the popular social media platform but not completely. Why? Well, unlike Facebook, FetLife is an R Rated site that openly allows BDSM, Kink, and all forms of Fetish on its site for discussion. Something that will get you banned on Facebook. But, similar to it, the FetLife website has successfully been able to create a community of supportive, engaged, and like-minded people.

Available Versions: Website & Mobile App

FetLife reviews point out how the platform is available for users with different devices. The social networking site can be logged into through mobile phones and tablets using the FetLife Apps. The apps are available for Android and iOS devices and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store for free. However, the members who are not comfortable downloading the app and accessing the community through their mobile phones can easily opt to use the FetLife website on a browser. One of the good things about the website is that it is well optimized and can run smoothly on any device, be it on a desktop or a smaller mobile phone. Although everything remains the same on both versions of FetLife, be it the app or website, 70% of the audience is known to access the platform through apps.

User Profiles: Quality and Description

User Profiles: Quality and Description

FetLife review reveals a whopping number of 8 million people across the world signed up on the platform as registered members. However, the gender ratio, despite the large popularity of the platform, is not impressive and is rather disappointing. The website population analysis shows that 80% of the registered users are male members leaving only 20% as women. The fact indicates that the men have to compete hard to get the attention of the limited number of women on the site. Other than the gender imbalance, another thing to notice in the audience analysis of FetLife is a large number of users from the US. Although the Fetish-based social networking site members may not be called balanced and distributed, the quality of profiles is uncompromised. There are reasons for that claim. Firstly, most user profiles are complete and descriptive in nature, and secondly, there are negligible to nil fake profiles on the FetLife website. The credit for the real profiles goes to the compulsory social media and phone number verification required in the registration process.

Signing up and New User Registration

Registration is not a difficult process on FetLife and neither very long. It can be either done on the browser version of the FetLife website or the app available on the app stores. Similar to all dating platforms and even social networking sites, signing up is compulsory. While 18 yrs is the minimum eligibility age for members to sign-up, anyone below 60yrs can be a part of the community. As a new member, one can use his/her email id or phone number to get registered with FetLife. Apart from verifying the email id or the phone number you use for the registration, you will be required to enter a few more details. Apart from birthday, nickname, gender, role preference, and sexual orientation, you can even link your social media accounts with FetLife during Registration.

Steps to Set up a New User Profile

Just like the registration process on FetLife, setting up a user profile on the network is also very easy, although a little lengthy. A new user right after entering the FetLife website post-registration is directed to the profile setup, which is divided into six sections. While the first section is to edit the info already mentioned during registration, the second gives you space to write about yourself. The third section is for your relationships, the fourth social login linking, the fifth for your photos, and the sixth videos. Although none of the sections are compulsory to fill right away, completing your profile to the maximum helps the FetLife algorithm find matches and groups for you. And thus, even though detailing of the profile is optional, FetLife reviews highly recommend users complete the details as soon as possible for a better experience on the site.

What Are the Steps One Needs to Follow to Log Out Successfully?

Logging out on FetLife is just as simple as on other social networking sites. The settings section is the best place to find the button for logout. The button that leads to settings is found in its usual space at the left corner of the screen. The top left corner location for settings is valid for both the FetLife website and app interface. The three horizontal lines that you find on all other apps are what you need to look for in the FetLife app as well. Logging out is always a safe option to keep your account protected, especially when using a browser version or the website. However, app users are hardly seen logging out from their FetLife account as their phone is anyways protected with password from prying eyes.

How Long Does It Take to Get the User Account Activation on the Platform?

How Long Does It Take to Get the User Account Activation on the Platform?

Users on FetLife do not need to worry about account activation. There is no added manual verification system to elongate the activation process on the platform, unlike a few websites that require an activation period. It means that all one needs to do is complete the registration form that takes less than 5 minutes to complete, and move to the verification step. After receiving the registration request from a new user, FetLife sends a verification mail with a link to the email id or the phone number of the user being used for signing up. On receiving the mail or the message, the new user must click on the link to log in to his/her FetLife account on mobile or desktop. Completing the verification instantly activates the FetLife user account allowing the user to log in, create a profile, and connect with the community on the social networking site.

How Can You Delete a User Account?

Deleting a user account, although possible, is not easy to do. It is not something towards which any site would encourage its users. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t delete your FetLife user account if you wish to. It is absolutely possible, just the option for the choice is kept hidden. One who is willing to delete a FetLife user account has to explore the settings tab a bit to find the correct option. Typically, the delete account permanently option button is hidden under the settings and privacy. Do not be confused if you are redirected to the browser version of FetLife. Be patient and keep scrolling to find the ‘delete account’ button after writing your reason for doing so.

How Do You Make Your User Profile Rank at the Top of Search Results?

If you pay attention to the FetLife reviews, you will notice that it time and again states that the platform in concern is not a conventional dating site. Although it has all the potential to match people and help users find hookup partners, FetLife chooses to be different. It brands itself as a social networking site that builds communities of a certain kind rather than the typical swipe and match dating sites. It is the very reason why the general rules of any dating site are not followed on FetLife. Similarly, even though there is a paid structure on FetLife, there is no way one can pave his/her way to the top of the search result. The ranking is done by the site’s algorithm and is based on the profile, which is why users are recommended to keep their profiles complete and updated.

Can Your FetLife Profile Have Custom Age Eligibility for Visitors?

The profile plays a crucial role in the FetLife world. If you notice the profile setup structure, you will see six separate tabs for different types of details. One of the tabs is, particularly, for relationships. On the one hand, it allows you to link a user from FetLife, indicating your relationship with him/her. On the other hand, the tab allows you to define your requirements in a partner where you can even indicate an age group. As the FetLife algorithm takes each and every requirement mentioned by you on your profile into consideration, your profile gets shown to people only in the mentioned scale. It brings us to the answer to the question. Yes, using the profile, one can definitely set a custom age eligibility for FetLife visitors.

How Do You Change Your FetLife Profile Name?

The process is similar to any social networking site. The user needs to navigate to the profile section, where the very first tab is the place where all the information put during the registration process shows. The list of information includes the nickname that the user must have put during the registration. Hitting the pen sign next to the name will allow the user to edit the name. Saving would successfully change the name on the profile. However, FetLife recommends its users not to use their real names on their accounts for privacy.

How Can You Hide Your FetLife User Profile From the Members on the Platform?

While there is no way in which you can hide your account, you can definitely control your privacy. FetLife offers customizable privacy options for the users on the site and keeps updating them from time to time for users to try if they wish to. However, as the very purpose of being on the FetLife is to be a part of the community, there is no option to hide your account straightaway. But if you come across any person or user on the platform you would like to avoid, you can block them at any instance and find peace.

What Steps Does One Need to Follow to Change the Profile Picture on FetLife?

Again, the process is very similar to the one followed on other social media. One needs to click on the current profile photo and click on it again to find the change in your profile picture option on the screen. Click on it to find options like browse from the uploaded photos or system. Select the favorable option to find and set a new profile picture for your account.

Unique Features of the Social Networking Site

Unique Features of the Social Networking Site

  • Groups and Communities

FetLife review shows how the platform is full of BDSM communities explicitly created for particular fetishes and locations. The groups hold discussions on related topics for members to participate.

  • Nudes and Pornographic Content

One of the unique features of FetLife is that it openly allows the use of nudes and pornographic videos on its platform. Members can write blogs with adult content or add private photos and videos on their profile containing nudes.

  • Adding Favorites

Similar to many social media platforms, FetLife allows its members to create a favorite list. The favorite list works like a shortcut to reach selected members in a click and get to see their activities high on the feed.

  • Explore Tab or the Feed

The explore tab shows activities and discussion being followed in communities you follow. It also shows members that FetLife recommends based on the requirements mentioned on your profile.

  • Add videos

Unique to FetLife, the platform allows its members to add adult videos on their profiles.

  • Nearby Kinksters

The feature is similar to the nearby features used on different websites to locate users close to their location. FetLife reviews suggest that the feature is incredibly helpful for those treating the website as a dating site and looking for hookups.

  • Blogs

The members on FetLife, apart from participating in the group discussions, can write blogs to voice their opinion and thoughts on related subjects with photos and videos. Some can choose to be the readers and connect with the authors through the comment section as well.

  • Message

Messaging on FetLife is similar to sending emails. It is free of cost and can be sent to anyone you come across on the platform.

Subscription Rates: Pricing

Subscription Rates: Pricing

FetLife, like most dating platforms, is a paid platform, but as the website is not particularly a dating platform, it may seem questionable. The FetLife reviews reveal that although the platform is mostly free to use, there are certain premium features that need to be paid for to get access.

  • Free Features:
  • Registration;
  • Browsing;
  • Profile setup;
  • Photo and video uploads;
  • Blogging;
  • Joining groups;
  • Participating in discussions;
  • Commenting;
  • Favorite list;
  • Search;
  • Connect and Message.

Paid Features

  • Watch uploaded videos on FetLife.

FetLife Subscription Price
Expiry Price Cost/Month
7 days (trial) $0 $0
6 months $30 $5
12 months $60 $5
2 year $120 $5
Lifetime $240 $5

Details of Privacy Policy

FetLife swears to take the privacy of the users very seriously, especially because of the sensitivity of the content being shared online on the platform. All the information on the platform is kept private and not shared with anyone until there are court orders. Additionally, the team takes extra measures to keep scammers away and increase privacy protection for the users.

Does FetLife Provide End-to-End Encryption on Chats?

Does FetLife Provide End-to-End Encryption on Chats?

Users on FetLife can feel safe on the platform as the website takes safety and privacy very seriously. The chats service, which is somewhat similar to the emails in format, comes with end-to-end encryption. It means no third party in the transit can see your messages and modify them or even store them for any purpose. Everything stays between the two communicating parties, only keeping things away from unwanted prying eyes.

Can FetLife Track and Locate a User?

FetLife comes with a feature called the Nearby Kinksters that uses GPS to locate the users. So originally, the team can access the information regarding the location and track them, their privacy policy stops them from doing any such thing. Any user information on the FetLife website is stored privately in the database without interference. FetLife would use the data only if there are court orders to do so.

Whom Should a User Contact to Solve a Privacy Issue on FetLife?

FetLife takes care of user privacy proactively and keeps updating its policy when required to make the platform safe to share the content. However, in case there is an issue regarding privacy that a user comes face to face with, FetLife support should be the answer. While the support button can easily be located in the settings, one can even reach out to the team through email. Thus, one can email the FetLife team at [email protected] to report a privacy issue.

Can Any Duplicate Information on the FetLife Site Be Deleted By the User?

The user profile is always at the member’s disposal. Duplicate or not, one can change, edit, or remove any information shown on the user profile at any time without going through a complicated process. Even the information used during the registration process can be edited on FetLife with ease. All one needs to do is navigate to the profile section to start editing.

Real User Review

Real User Review

User 1:
I have been a user of FetLife for ten years now. The community is extremely supportive and helps in polishing the amateurs and newbies into experienced doms or slaves. The huge number of groups on the FetLife website is its highlight. It helped me engage with people and find discussions where I could participate. Besides helping me learn new things about the lifestyle, the groups help me make connections. My BDSM life has been blessed because of FetLife, as it never takes me much time to find a partner. FetLife has been a relieving experience for me where I get to show the real me openly and talk about my sexuality without a fear of negative judgments. – Lea Slave
User 2:
The FetLife reviews may give a lot of praise to the website; it hardly deserves any of that. The platform is full of abusers. Either the members will remain inactive, or they will attack. There are not too many women to find, and the ones who exist directly ask for money to provide services. On the other hand, I found most of the men showing extreme dominance. They kept convincing me that my fetishes are not important. They kept asking to meet after abusing me so much. I found the FetLife website, full of psychopaths. – Sandy Dom

Final Words

With a complex balance of negative and positive reviews about the platform surfacing online, FetLife turns out to be one of its kind. The huge member base, supportive, and engaging community is a good enough reason to find hookup partners and dates for sub-dom relationships as well. Newbies or experienced in the lifestyle, if Fetish is your thing, then FetLife is the place you must be and find your kind.

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