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Review of Uberhorny: Expert Opinion for All Users

Review of Uberhorny: Expert Opinion for All Users
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Active Audience 73%
Quality Matches 78%
Popular Age 25-50
Profiles 1 450 000
Reply Rate 69%
Ease of Use 9.7
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Grounded relationship facility available.
  • Navigation and location facility.
  • 2-days and 7-days of trial membership.
  • Guaranteed hookup for the time subscribed.
  • Trio sex feature is available.
  • Easy handling of the site and fast registration process.
  • Free subscription available if Uberhorny was enabled to provide hookups during your subscription period.
  • Being on the internet these days, anything and everything can be hacked. Fear of leaking explicit photos is the most dangerous form of cons.
  • Many fake profiles are managed by people, giving false hopes and desires, but it looks like they never show up to meet you or drive you through the real play.
  • Location is shared, which can accidentally harm you and your safety these days due to the internet and its supersonic spreading.
  • The yearly subscription to Uberhorny.com is quite expensive and takes a good amount of money to get laid on or quick hookups to soothe your soul with what you want.
  • The main aim of Uberhorny is a clear no-string relationship; it is just like friends with benefits situations being played into the role for you. In case you fell in love, that is completely out of the policy, and Uberhorny doesn’t support that.
  • Doesn’t allow communication and chat option if you are not a paid member, free membership only limits you to winks and likes and lets you participate in a cute matching game. Even the response of who liked you back will be viewed only with membership to the website.

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Uberhorny is a fast dating site that allows step-by-step registration and the benefit of communicating right after. Why Uberhorny.com? Because of busy lives, a relationship is not a wise decision to make; it involves a large amount of input and time consumption. However, Uberhorny knows your needs and helps to reach standard sex.

Popular in the United States, Uberhorny is one of the most widespread dating sites. Uberhorny comprises over two million members all around the globe. Members of Uberhorny usually consist of country people, mostly males.

Looking for a casual hookup in a short time? This dating site is the place to be with a searching function available that finds people around you at the closest distance possible. If it seems a bit suspicious and hard to rely upon kind of place, it’s a no big deal because Uberhorny.com has a two-day and seven-day membership as a trial. Uberhorny offers great trustable deals and provides three months subscription free of cost.

Uberhorny has visitors as members from other countries, too, with highly active women members using the Uberhorny website.

Members post pictures on the Trending Now page, where there are x-rated photos and access to other members’ posts. The night is the time to rock as it seems like users are proactively seeking hookups at night. This Uberhorny review will focus on the website’s basic features and why you should use it or why not.

Web-version and application

Uberhorny website desktop version has a user-friendly interface that makes navigation smooth. The mobile app has all features available on the website and they are following: broadcasts, quick search, and video. This website is made to be operated on mobile phones, and hence if you do not want to download the mobile application, it will still smoothly commence your tasks. Members with iOS platforms can access the site via the mobile version of this site. Uberhorny.com can be reached even when you are hanging out or at the club.

Quality of profiles

Quality of profiles

The profiles of Uberhorny are not the best profile pages, to be very honest, not that informative or helpful. But there are three categories for defining information, that are profile photo, profile information, and public media.

During the registration, as soon as your account is activated through the link after putting up a username, you can upload your profile.


You can register on the website easily without having to fill in much data. All they will ask you are the questions that will fill up your profile. Once done with filling up the registration form and setting up your profile, you will have to wait for the activation. Once the activation is done, you will be able to search through the profiles. Given below is the process to get started with the registration process on the Uberhorny Website.

  • The registration process on the Uberhorny website is quite quick and takes about 3-5 minutes. Fill up the details such as gender, preference of what gender of the opposite partner you would like, and the zip code of the area you live in and manually put up your location.
  • Be careful to make sure you are not a minor as only 18 years and above age group can register through a valid email id and password. If you are not of age 18 or more, you will not register on the website. After entering the valid email, you will be asked to enter the validation code with which you will verify your email. So try not to use some invalid email on the Uberhorny website.
  • A simple tip to be noted is that you do not give your personal/job email ID and use some other exclusive email id to clash with your work.
  • A verification link will be sent to your email id; only when you confirm that link your account will be activated as soon as you click on it.
  • Before verification, fill into the requested information form to impact ten times more on the sexy and hot people you want to get laid on; because of the data you provided, this will also make your profile rank higher compared to others with barely any information given.
  • As soon as the account activates, choose a username and an attractive profile photo that stands out of the box. There is no compulsion to upload profile pictures; it’s only advisable to do so because it helps your profile rank higher for other members to access and increase your chances of getting laid on.

The moderator team scans your information to approve your account and makes sure your profile isn’t a fake one. This usually doesn’t take much time.

And then you are good to go and sway upon your search for the best hookup partner and let your lust drain within.

Profile set-up

Profile set-up

During the registration process on the Uberhorny website, you are sent the link to verify your account. After you are done filling in your information, the account activates, giving you access to name your account and upload the profile picture setting up your complete profile.

How Do You Log Out?

  • There comes an arrow with a drop-down option on the profile picture at the right-hand corner of the profile.
  • In the drop-down menu, click on the logout option.
  • Your account will be logged out, and you can log in when you want to get back.

How Long to Activate Account?

It hardly takes 3 to 5 minutes to activate the account, which is quite quick taking in to account the moderator’s work of verification.

How to Delete Account?

You can delete your account anytime if you have found your match or don’t feel that the site is working for you. You can delete your account whenever you want and the process to delete the account is quite easy.

Steps to delete your Uberhorny.com account:

  • Log into your account through the mobile version or website.
  • Click on your photo located in the right-hand corner of the profile page.
  • In the drop-down menu, click on the Account settings.
  • Now select the option that says ‘Make My Profile Inactive.’
  • Click on the “save” button.
  • Your account will officially become an inactive account.
  • If you have a membership, do remember to cancel that too. You can approach the customer support page and ask questions regarding the cancellation of the premium membership.

How to Make Your Profile Top?

How to make your profile top?

You can make your profile rank up at the top so that you get the best experience of being laid on. All you need to do is enter your information like user name and upload a profile photo. This itself creates a large difference and helps you in ranking up. Filling information like hobbies, likes, and dislikes, sharing “about you” note helps, even more, to be available as an option within the upper list. Be viewed first and get Hookups faster than you expect.

Can Uberhorny Put an Age Limit on Who Can See the Profile?

Yes, the website is strictly prohibited to children under 18 years of age. Do not access websites that are not for kids. Every website has its protocols and this age limit of 18 years and above is what Uberhorny follows. So no access to the profile for young children under 18 years.

How Can You Change Your Name on Uberhorny?

Changing the user name is not big of a deal, just like you created your account and typed in your user name. Click on the profile, and down below it will show up your user name. Select the name and clear, type in the new username, and click on the tick in front of the name typed. This will change your user name.

How Can You Hide Your Profile on Uberhorny?

As of now, there’s no information about hiding the profile on Uberhorny. There’s only the option to make your profile and be in the search of every profile whose search criteria meets your profile. Once you have created your profile, there’s only the option to delete it or change its details, and no option to hide it. So if you are looking to hide your profile for a short period till you are dating someone or some other reasons, then you won’t be seeing that option on this platform.

How Can You Change Your Profile Picture on Uberhorny?

Changing pictures is quite an easy task just as you access your profile page.

  • Click on the current profile picture and click Edit profile.
  • After clicking onto this option, options to choose from the gallery, drive, camera, etc. open up.
  • After choosing the picture, you want to upload, select it and click Ok.

All these steps, once done, will change your profile picture once and for all.

Special features

Special features

There are various features of the website that might attract you to use the website. Features that go unending and do offer various benefits to the users for the price they are paying to be on the website. Given below are some features that you will be seeing when you are using the website.

  • Members can also upload their pictures and videos to stream around and get noticed to enjoy multiple hookups.
  • More than one way to find exactly the person you are waiting for the hookups. Uberhorny has two search options, regular and advanced, which directly helps you sieving through the profile to find the master of your body. Also, know who is online now or find new faces to Uberhorny. Such information will be provided.
  • Chatting allows video chats and group chats as options to meet women.
  • Games and recent fun play which attract the opposite gender called Swipe game, where you have to choose other members as cute or not from members’ photos.

It’s a dating site, not like all other dating websites that only talk about websites. Uberhorny is a site that helps you find women interested in having sex, and only sex nearby.

The name itself defines the website better because it is in actual terms a site that has maps that locate women in your area willing to have sex and offer good hookups for you.

Members aim to find a casual hookup. This is the perfect site for your body to rest into, to get your needs down, and a chance to laid upon.

This site has the function to satisfy your body needs through hookups. Within the reasonable price point, Uberhorny does offer various benefits and also true dating functions so your subscription won’t go in vain.

Costs and prices

Costs and prices
  • For one week, the cost of gold membership is 9.95 USD/week.
  • For a subscription of one month, the cost of gold membership is 34.95 USD / month.
  • For the subscription of six months, the cost is 11.66 USD/ month.
  • For twelve months, the cost is 6.67USD/month.
  • Other offers include the trial of gold premium subscription cost about $0.95
  • Gold 7-day trial costs $9.95.
  • One month gold premium Membership costs $34.95.
  • For six months, the gold premium Membership is $11.65.
  • Gold subscriptions for 12 months cost $6.67.
  • When no subscription is named, you can only access the room for nothing else.


The site is safe and keeps all your information to the website, you and the person you are chatting to get laid onto. There is complete verification of what is fake around the websites by moderators. All the explicit photos are safe. Uberhorny hardly met any accidents of leakage of data or location. Everything is checked and rechecked. What goes into the site as personal information doesn’t come out.

Are Uberhorny Chats Encrypted?

Yes, the chats are encrypted with no leakage of information, phone number, and all the naughty pictures you share. What’s said is said and is absolutely between you and the one chatting. You can always be sure of your chats not being read by someone else and always be between you and the one you are chatting with.

Can Uberhorny Track You Down?

Don’t be worried about being tracked down unless and until you want your location to be shared. The website wouldn’t allow a single flee pestering around your address. And the site will make sure of your security. You have the permission to give your location access to Uberhorny, and without your permission, they won’t be able to track your location.

Who Should You Contact if You Have Questions Regarding Your Privacy in Uberhorny?

Who should you contact if you have questions regarding your privacy in Uberhorny?

There won’t be any privacy concerns when using Uberhorny as a dating platform, but you can contact the platform’s customer service team if you do feel so. Uberhorny customer service team comprises professionals and team members who are willing to work to serve the people registering on the website with all of their queries, let it be technical or any other queries regarding the platform’s usage or privacy concerns. You can reach out to the customer service team anytime you want, and they will always be there to help you with all your concerns.

Can you Delete the Information That You’ve Already Submitted to Uberhorny?

Yes, anytime you want to. Deleting the information is completely in your hands. Remember, you own your account. Uberhorny is just a medium, so all your rights come before anyone to share your information or delete it. If you feel suspicious about your data being leaked or used without your consent, you have the right to delete it anytime you want. Uberhorny website allows its users to access their data and anytime delete it without answering any questions as if they are doing so.

Real-life review

For people staying up at night and feeling horny, Uberhorny is what they can look up to. Uberhorny website does feel the need for one’s sexual desires whether they are single or not. All the people out there looking to get their sexual pleasure fulfilled can opt to go for Uberhorny. With the free subscription, you can try the website and then get a paid subscription to get your journey started.



Let’s conclude the final words about this whole Uberhorny review into a paragraph. This site is the best if you want to hookup on lonely nights and boring days, those that are horny yet alone. When lust fills the brim, but there is no one around to fulfill your needs. Wherever you are, Uberhorny will be there for you satisfying your body and its needs in every situation. The hot pictures streaming around and the videos is all that it’s starts with. It’s not always about relationships and being true in life. Life has to be lived on your terms and if that life wants sex, then yes, go for it. Your body needs sex. It’s the best exercise done than just talking. Casual hookups and being laid upon these thoughts will come to reality with Uberhorny. This site is fast and will help you to get the person closest to you who is interested in having sex and only sex. No love and obligations after the practice are required. Don’t be tensed and do what you want in life, even if it is just having sex with no commitments to make. A person’s needs are important and one needs to fulfill them at some point in time.

The weed that grows tall is to be plugged out; otherwise, it falls, similarly needs to be plugged out and fulfilled right when the body calls. This site is suitable only and only for people who are stressed, alone and horny. Someone who works all day, who doesn’t have time to get into a relationship. The nights of such people need to gloom, and Uberhorny provides that gloom. People above 18 years of age are suitable for members. Usually, working people and someone tired of life kind of people are the ones for whom this site is constructed to keep in mind. This Uberhorny review is made based on the conclusion of various other Uberhorny reviews and hopefully it does tell you whether you should prefer using it or not.

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