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Review of Chat Avenue: Expert Opinion for All Users

Review of Chat Avenue: Expert Opinion for All Users
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Active Audience 91%
Quality Matches 92%
Popular Age 18-35
Profiles 1 250 500
Reply Rate 89%
Ease of Use 6.2
Popularity 9.3
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Free
  • Active chat rooms
  • Customized chat rooms
  • Customized chat rooms
  • No registration guest account creation possible
  • Presence of app
  • Simple
  • Video web chats available in some chat groups
  • Anonymous chatting
  • Interesting avatars for profiles
  • No user verification process
  • Not many features
  • Not a dating site entirely
  • Old interface
  • Media cannot be shared
  • Not much can be known about the registered users from their profile
  • No way to search users
  • Not the best choice for serious relationships
  • No app for iOS users

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Chat Avenue Reviews are the most satisfactory thing that you are going to read online today. If you are wondering why then you must know that the website is absolutely free to use. But that is not the only good thing about the Chat Avenue website. Unlike the current trend that promotes the usage of niche dating websites, Chat Avenue merges all these niche dating sites into a single platform. It is that one-stop-shop for all people across ages with any sexuality. Chat Avenue is a classic chat website that comes with hundreds and thousands of chat rooms for various people. Although chat websites are comparatively, an old school thought, the same turns to be the highlight of the Chat Avenue Reviews. The platform is literally one of the firsts to exist in the industry, which is why the website still attracts a lot of activity from its loyal users.

Different Versions Of The Dating Platform- App And Website

Different Versions Of The Dating Platform- App And Website

Chat Avenue Reviews reveals that the chat website also is available in the app version for mobile users. However, there are many complaints regarding the app. The Chat Avenue Reviews about the app says that it keeps redirecting users to the web page of the platform. Another thing to note about the chatting app is that it is only available on the Google Play Store for a free download on Android phones. The app is not present for iOS users, although the web page is pretty optimized for any phone’s browser. Apart from a better-designed interface for a smaller device, the Chat Avenue app is no different from its web version. There is no single feature on the Chat Avenue website that users can complain of being missing on the app. However, despite the presence of the app, the maximum number of user traffic on the chatting platform comes from the website, unlike popular dating sites. If Chat Avenue Reviews are to be believed, then the change in trend is due to the faulty android app and the absence of an iOS mobile application.

Detailed Description Of The User Profiles

One of the oldest chatting platforms in existence, the Chat Avenue Reviews, shows that the platform is still very much active and rolling successfully. The monthly activity on the chat rooms crosses 5000 users a month. But more than the numbers, what matters in a chat room is the rate of activity. You would be surprised to see how each of the chat rooms stay active 24X7. The reason could be the platform’s popularity across the globe behind keeping the chat groups active across different time zones.

Although the minimum eligibility age to enter Chat Avenue is 18, different rules are made for different chat rooms. As an example, there are kids and teens chat rooms that allow teens to age between 16 and 19 years. Coming to the dating or adult chat groups, the groups are strictly 18+. However, there is no way to verify the age of the users on Chat Avenue. Despite the chatting site boasting of worldwide popularity, the most extensive user base comes from a selected country, namely, Poland, the US, and the Netherlands. And geographical distribution is not the only imbalance that one can notice in the Chat Avenue website; even the gender is not balanced in the audience. Men make 70% of the audience composition showing clear dominance over women. Following the similar trends of all dating sites, the younger age groups 16-24 yrs and 25 -34 yrs make most of the audience count on the chatting platform.

New User Registration Process

New User Registration Process

The registration process on the Chat Avenue website is quite unique and unlike any heterosexual, homosexual, or transsexual dating sites. Users get to choose from two types of login, every time. While the first type is Guest Login that bypasses the registration process, the other type makes the user register with Chat Avenue. Either way, the process is the shortest one would have seen on any dating platform. If you choose to use the guest login, you are required to enter three basic pieces of information. While first being a username, the second is the gender, and the third being the age. Age and gender are important pieces of information, as each of the chatrooms has laid out their own eligibility standards that one has to abide to enter.

The other way to enter the Chat Avenue platform is by registering as a new member. The registration process, despite seeming to be lengthier, is as simple as the guest login. The registration form asks the new user the same questions of username, age, and gender, with only the addition of email and password. The email and password are required during the registration process only to create login information. Otherwise, unlike other dating platforms, Chat Avenue doesn’t even use the user’s email ID to verify the user.

Steps To Create An Optimized And Attractive User Profile

The highlight of the chatting platform is its simplicity. It takes you back to old chatting days. ANd being one of the oldest platforms, it still continues to practice the old trends. No verification, quick information, small profiles are a thing of the past and are hardly something that you get to see on newer dating platforms. But faster logins are still one of the most in-demand features, which is why Chat Avenue, despite being old and not very updated, continues to show activity on its platform. Unlike dating platforms, Chat Avenue takes the new user straight to the chat rooms list to join instead of the profile creation page. It is only after joining a chat room that a user gets to edit his or her profile, which is optional. Because not every chat room will allow users to enter with a registered account. Some groups allow guest logins only; in that case, setting up profiles becomes a waste. However, even as a guest user, you can add a Bio to your profile. And by the way, adding up the bio is the only additional thing you can do to a profile apart from adding a photo. Instead of uploading a profile photo, most users on the Chat Avenue website choose to use fun avatars as their identity.

How To Log Out Of The ChatAvenue Interface?

Logging out as a guest user requires the user to close the tab and end the session. One can also click on the logo at the top right corner of the page and hit log out to end the session. Registered users are required to follow the same route. Navigate to the top right corner and select logout to leave the Chat Avenue website safely. The Chat Avenue Reviews always recommend doing so to protect privacy on a system, while apps are mostly safe from prying hands. Each of the chat rooms is customized to the theme of the topic. And thus, the logo on the top right will not be the same every time. However, the options it will reveal will be the same.

How Long Does It Take To Get Your Account Activated On ChatAvenue?

There is no activation period that one has to wait for on Chat Avenue. One can get started on the chatting site right away by creating a guest account that only requires you to enter a username. Even the longer way that requires the user to create an account with the Chat Avenue website by registering with the site activates the account right after the user completes signing up.

What Steps Does One Need To Follow To Delete His/Her User Account?

What Steps Does One Need To Follow To Delete His/Her User Account?

As the Chat Avenue Reviews reveal two types of accounts that can be created on the platform, deleting an account on the site also follows two ways. For the guest account, the user only needs to close the session by closing the tab. However, a registered user needs to take a different approach to delete the account. One needs to navigate to the profile settings and find the delete account option to get rid of the Chat Avenue account.

What To Do To Rank Your Profile At The Top Of The Search Result?

Chat Avenue does not have a search option, which means there is no way that one would be able to search for a user and hence no way to rank. The only way one can find and connect with a user is from chat groups. Even if one wants to take things privately with a specific member, one has to start from a chatroom. Clicking on a user logo shows the user the option to add them as a friend. However, the advantage of adding friends is only available with registered users. Also, the other user you want to add as a friend in such a case has to be a registered user.

Can Chat Avenue Put Age Bar On Profile Viewers?

No, there is no way to hide your profile from users of a certain age. You can absolutely go anonymous with a guest profile and avoid getting viewed by registered users on Chat Avenue. However, there is no way that your profile gets customized viewing from people of your liking.

How To Change The Name Of A User Profile On Chat Avenue?

Username is actually the only requirement of Chat Avenue. And even then, no one asks the users on the chatting platform to use their real names for usernames. Actually, the Chat Avenue Reviews particularly recommend the users not to use their real names for their profiles. However, there is no prohibition for users not to be able to change a username once set. You will need to visit the profile section and select the profile and hit the pen next to it to edit the name and type a new one. Hit save to save the changes and get a new profile name. However, the profile name can only be changed when your account is registered with the Chat Avenue website. Usernames on guest profiles are temporary, so in case you still want to change, just close the tab and start afresh to set a new name for your guest profile.

How To Hide A User Profile On Chat Avenue?

Going anonymous is super duper easy on Chat Avenue, easier than any other dating websites on the internet today. Why? Because it allows you to enter as a guest user without needing to register on the platform. It saves time, keeps your privacy on priority, and lets you enjoy without putting you under pressure to meet someone known on the site. Even though you are registered with an account on Chat Avenue, you still get to become a guest user by clicking a button. Also, there are certain chatrooms, mostly related to sex and dating, that particularly has made it compulsory for joiners to go anonymous.

How To Change The Profile Photo On Chat Avenue?

Although one can add a photo on Chat Avenue, most people prefer using Avatars to give their profile a unique look. The avatars or profile photos can be changed anytime by clicking on it and selecting the change profile photo. The next step requires the user to select whether to add a photo from the system or choose from the exciting and fun avatars available on Chat Avenue. Once selected, browse through the available options and choose the one you want to set as a profile picture and save. That’s it; you are done.

Features To Keep An Eye On

Features To Keep An Eye On
  • Chat Rooms

The Chat Avenue Reviews finds the many chat rooms on the site are the only highlight of the platform. Because not only are there chat rooms about different topics, but also each of them is customized for the theme. Also, the moderators in the chat rooms maintain the quality of conversation in the groups.

  • Whispers

It is a unique feature that allows users to secretly reply to a particular user participating in the discussion amongst the crowd of people in a chatroom.

  • Different Rules For Different Chat Rooms

Unlike any other dating site that offers chat rooms as a feature, Chat Avenue lays down different sets of rules for different chat rooms to suit its requirements.

  • Web Video Chats

Although not all but some chat rooms do allow web video chats along with text chatting.

  • Private Chats

The chatrooms constantly show the names of online and participating members in a list on the right side of the chatroom. One can create a private chat with some online members and even add them as a friend.

Premium Subscription- Plans & Prices

Unlike most popular dating platforms, the Chat Avenue website is absolutely free to use. But then again, it is not exactly a dating platform. Chat Avenue is a chat site that offers thousands of chatrooms for people across different age groups and with varied interests. However, there is a chatroom for dating but using that as well is free. There are no hidden charges involved on the site, which makes the site favorable even today after so many years of operation on the internet. And while the platform is absolutely free to use, the list below points out all the features that can be used for free on.

Free Features

Free Features:

  • Account creation
  • Anonymous account creation
  • Joining chat rooms
  • Adding friends
  • Private messaging
  • Using and changing avatars
  • Whispering in chat rooms

Paid Features:

  • None

Privacy Details

There is not much privacy that the Chat Avenue Reviews suggest on the website. Because there isn’t anything that the members would want to be private. The information required from the users is limited and not even compulsory. One can use the platform even as a guest user requiring no information at all. The only thing one would want to keep private on the Chat Avenue website is the chats, which are protected from third parties with full end-to-end protection.

Are The Chat Messages On Chat Avenue Encrypted?

Chat Rooms are like groups that only allow texting, so the messages are anyways seen by multiple users present in the chatrooms. However, the chat messages are still end-to-end encrypted. Although there are moderators in the chat groups, the makers are oblivious to the chats taking place in the chatrooms. And thus don’t take any responsibility for it. The Chat Avenue website clearly puts it out that the platform is for people above the age of 18 years. So no one can come out and complain about safety against the minors because of the lack of verification.

Can Chat Avenue Locate Any User?

Can Chat Avenue Locate Any User?

Chat Avenue does not make use of the GPS on your devices to keep track of your location. And hence it can’t. However, it does store the IP addresses each one of the users is using. But apart from that, as there is no information that the platform stores, it can’t locate or track your whereabouts and put you at risk. Chat Avenue Reviews reveal that the site is a simple and safe platform created to exercise the old school habit of chatting to strangers randomly on the internet.

Where To Place A Complaint In Case Of A Privacy Issue On Chat Avenue?

One has to understand that there isn’t much to ask for on the Chat Avenue website regarding privacy. Thus, there is no way to complain against one. Apart from saving the user’s IP addresses, the makers don’t keep any information about the users with them. Also, while setting up an account and even at the time of registration, not much personal information is asked for, which can create a privacy issue later. Adding a photo is purely optional, and for that, the site offers avatars to make setting up profile photo fun. And even then, certain sensitive chat rooms only allow guest users to keep the user completely anonymous. Hence, no place to have privacy issues and thus no place to complain.

Is Deleting Already Submitted Information On Chat Avenue Possible?

The first thing to notice is that Chat Avenue does not ask for much information on its platform. Second, if you submit something, you may change it later anytime by going to your profile section and making edits. The edits can be done by clicking on the pen button and typing the change before hitting the save button. While it is absolutely normal to change information, the Chat Avenue users don’t pay much attention to it. Also, the lack of verification makes it hardly a big deal.

User Reviews

I am an avid user of online dating sites, and after using almost all good, bad, and worse platforms, I came to know of the Chat Avenue website. Although it is not a traditional dating site, I couldn’t find any harm to try a free platform that doesn’t even require a long registration process. I would not choose it for serious relationships, as the platform is too simple to do that. However, the activity rate and the user base can be well entertaining. Aside from the chat room discussions, I would get greeted with a minimum of three private messages that would sort my night. It is a fun alternative to online dating, as honestly looking at the website, it wouldn’t matter if the user is fake or real till they respond to you. – Alex, 27

Summing Up

Summing Up

Easy and fun is what you feel when you start using Chat Avenue. Wasting absolutely no time in registration and creating profiles, users get access to the chat rooms right away. Other than the fast processing, the highlight of the website is that it is free to access and always active. Although it may not be the best choice for finding partners for a date, the varied list of chat rooms can still replace any dating sites. While the high activity rate in the groups doesn’t seem to be disappointing at all, Chat Avenue takes you back to the good old days of online chatting with strangers.

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