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Review of LiveJasmin: Expert Opinion for All Users

Review of LiveJasmin: Expert Opinion for All Users
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Active Audience 58%
Quality Matches 94%
Popular Age 25-40
Profiles 1 450 000
Reply Rate 86%
Ease of Use 8.3
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • User-friendly interface
  • Free registration
  • Free viewing for 10 minutes
  • Lots of cams to choose from
  • Variety of models from all genders
  • Both amateurs and pornstars to suit different likings
  • Unique VibraToy feature
  • You can be a performing model as well and earn
  • No requirement of creating detailed profiles
  • Quick registration with no unnecessary verification steps
  • Variety of games
  • Free app download
  • App not available on the App Store or Google Play Store
  • Pricey premium plans
  • Exciting features are all paid
  • Model registration is a lengthy process

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LiveJasmin is a webcam site that replaces your needs to find any niche dating sites. With the hottest of boys, girls, and trans up for live dirty talks and action on screen, the LiveJasmin website turns out to be high in demand. And why not? Following the current dating trend, the LiveJasmin Reviews quickly replaces the dating platforms full of fake profiles and promises. One of the biggest reasons behind the growing popularity of webcam chat websites has been the absence of unnecessary drama that dating websites make users go through for quick action. Although websites like LiveJasmin can only let you enjoy virtual dates, unlike dating sites that promise real dates, it is still being preferred more. The reason is the large numbers of fake profiles, money launderers, and bot messages. LiveJasmin Reviews claim to save the users from being robbed by the popular names in the dating industry, that in the end, turns out to be all a big scam.

Web And Mobile Versions Of The Platform

LiveJasmin comes in a website form for the browser users. Although it also has an app that is compatible with Android and iOS devices, it is not available on Google Play Store and the App Store. The app can only be downloaded from the LiveJasmin website. Even though the app is free to download and is compatible with the OS, their absence on the official app stores seems like a disadvantage to LiveJasmin Reviews.

Profile Quality Details

Profile Quality Details

LiveJasmin is quite a popular adult cam site, which has been successfully functional for a few years now. Launched in 2001, LiveJasmin has created an enormous number of webcam live shows, thanks to the large user base that is also performing models aside from followers. And although the site has many things to consider as its highlights, one of the most important elements to address is the presence of all genders on the site. The age of the models are well distributed to match the different tastes of men and women. However, the analysis of the users’ age cannot be done because of the strict privacy policies on the site. The flexibility of sexuality on the site is why it can be considered a good alternative to homo, hetero. While the platform is accessible to the global audience, most users are noted to come from the United States. However, the exact numbers and trends cannot be revealed about the members due to the strict privacy policy that protects the user information submitted on the site.

Registration Process For New Users

Despite being an adult cam site that does not require user profiles, LiveJasmin insists on compulsory registration. The compulsory registration is a protective measure taken to stop exposing the underage audience to LiveJasmin’s sensitive content. However, there is not much that the website does to verify the provided user information. The registration process on the adult cam site is concise and only requires less than two minutes to complete. The step requires the user to fill in the basic information that almost all websites ask for. Aside from the email and password for creating the login details, the LiveJasmin also asks for age, gender, sexuality, and a username for the registration of the user. While the step and the information requirement list seems to be common with all dating platforms, it is the next step that becomes surprising. After registration, users do not need to waste their time on profile creation and instead can directly start browsing through the available live shows.

Steps For Setting Up A Profile

LiveJasmin being an adult cam website, does not require its users to create a profile, unlike the dating platforms. The difference is due to the functions of the platform. Platforms like the LiveJasmin Reviews are not used to connect with other members for dating purposes. Instead, they are used for entertainment purposes. It is like watching live porn. Interacting with models does not require the users to create a profile as such. The basic profile that is automatically created after the registration is enough for the purpose. Thus, users are not required to fill in additional details on their profiles. However, interested users can add their photos to their basic profiles for the models to distinguish them.

How Do You Safely Log Out From The Website Or App?

Logging out is an essential task that all users on LiveJasmin or any dating platform should follow, as it may compromise the users’ privacy. You would need to navigate to the options to find the logout button and leave the account safely. The LiveJasmin additional options on the app can be found by hitting the three horizontal lines at the app screen’s top-left corner. On the website, hitting the profile pictures shows the logout button, which one can use quickly and leave the website.

How Much Time Does It Take On Live Jasmin For Account Activation?

How Much Time Does It Take On Live Jasmin For Account Activation?

LiveJasmin doesn’t take an activation period to activate the account on its site. The user profile gets activated right after the user completes his/her registration. Unlike the models or the performers, users registering for viewing purposes do not even need to verify their email ids, making the process even shorter than dating platforms. The absence of the activation period gap acts as a strong stimulus to push more and more users towards trying adult site cams, states LiveJasmin Reviews. However, the model accounts take 24 hours to get activated.

How Do You Delete Your Account With The Platform?

The interface of the LiveJasmin website is one of its highlights because of its simplicity. And why not? Unlike dating platforms, adult cam sites do not offer a long list of features to make a website or app space much. Thus, one can find only one extra button on the navigation bar that leads to some profile settings options and payment. Aside from the payment options, navigate to the delete account permanently option from the list of options. The makers of LiveJasmin do not delete the account right away and instead chooses to warn the user first, before asking for reconfirmation and finalizing the action.

How To Rank On Search Results With Your Account On Live Jasmin?

The search bar on the LiveJasmin is not used to find users, but performers on the website. One of the biggest reasons behind the growing popularity of adult webcams is that it does not pressure users to perform better. No one needs to impress anyone on sites like LiveJasmin to watch a satisfactory live broadcast. And since there is no user profile and no search bar to find members, the ranking requirement becomes null and void for this case.

Can LiveJasmin Bar users Of A Certain Age From Viewing Your Profile?

No, age barring cannot be done on LiveJasmin, mainly because you, as a user, are only present on the platform for one purpose: streaming live videos. Unlike dating platforms, LiveJasmin does not allow users to create profiles, let alone be checking out fellow members’ profiles. Hence, the site does not offer any feature to search for user profiles. And when there is no profile, there isn’t any age barring. However, to view and browse through the profiles of the performers and check out their explicit gallery, one has to be a minimum of 18 years. That is also the minimum age eligibility to register with the LiveJasmin website.

How Do You Change Your Profile Name On LiveJasmin?

The username can be changed by navigating to the profile settings under the options. It can be found in the top left corner with three horizontal lines on the mobile app and in the top right corner on the website. However, considering the nature of the website, changing the profile name hardly changes anything. Firstly, neither anyone is interested in knowing who is behind the name, secondly, nor would changing the name change anything.

How Do You Hide Your LiveJasmin Account?

How Do You Hide Your LiveJasmin Account?

Although there isn’t any feature, particularly in the name of anonymous browsing, one has to understand that the platform is not exactly a dating website. The users enter the website and register with it only to enjoy the performances of the models live. Thus, anonymous browsing doesn’t really work with the idea. However, as the site users are not required to create a profile, not much can be revealed about the person behind the username. It is only when someone uses the feature Cam2Cam in a private session does he or she reveals the face behind the username. And even then, one need not worry about privacy as it is only the performing model who gets to see the user’s video screen. The end-to-end encryption in private sessions helps in protecting the privacy of both the users and the performers. Additionally, while signing up, both users and models agree not to reveal any person’s identity from the platform even if they know them personally.

How Do You Change Your Profile Photo On LiveJasmin?

LiveJasmin doesn’t have a system of profile creation for its users. It means that the users on the site can access everything without having to waste time on developing profiles on the platform. And because there isn’t any profile at all, there can’t be any way to put up a picture on it, let alone be changing it. So, unlike popular dating platforms, LiveJasmin saves a lot of valuable time for the users and instead allows them to enjoy the live shows instantly.

Unique Features On The Site

  • Sending Surprises

Surprises on LiveJasmin are virtual gifts that the users can buy to gift their favorite models with credits and get a private show in exchange.

  • Private Show

A private show is precisely what you understand by its name. You get to have a private live show with a model with no one to see. While it is more expensive and costs you more credits than a general broadcast live show, it is more explicit in nature as well. The models be it a man, a woman, or a trans, goes a level higher to show their carnal sides than what they show on a public show.

  • Playing Live Games

Multiple adult webcam sites offer virtual games with the models as a feature, and so does LiveJasmin. Although it involves credits, playing games with a live model can make things both exciting and naughty on the site.

  • Cam2Cam

Cam2Cam is a feature exclusively available for private shows. It lets the user turn on their camera for the model to see and enjoy video calling but at additional credits.

  • VibraToy

The LiveJasmin Reviews keep talking about a unique feature available exclusively on the platform named VibraToy. The specialty of the feature is that the site lets you control the vibration of a sex toy. Not all models on LiveJasmin own it, but those who have them have a badge on their profiles indicating the same. The feature uses Bluetooth, which lets the users increase the vibration or rotate the toy with the movement of their mouse.

Subscription Plans- Cost And Price

Unlike most adult cam sites, the LiveJasmin Reviews share that the platform runs on a credit system and not subscription plans. It could be bad news for a lot of people because credits always prove to be more expensive than subscription plans. On the brighter side, the platform accepts many payment methods, including Bitcoins. However, before moving to the price of credits, it is important to understand if it is worth the value. The next section analyses all the features available for free with that of the paid ones.

Free Features:

  • New user registration
  • Model registration
  • Ten minutes of streaming live performances
  • Creating a favorite list
  • Vote
  • Chatting during a live broadcast
  • Browsing through model galleries

Paid Features:

  • Private shows
  • Turn on camera
  • Use mic
  • Get access to play games with the top models
  • Send surprises to your favorite models
LiveJasmin Credit Prices
Credits Price Cost
28 Credits $ 33.99 $ 1.21
68 Credits $ 75.99 $ 1.21
98 Credits $ 106.99 $ 1.09
158 Credits $ 169.99 $ 1.08

Privacy And Safety On The Site

There is not much user information taken during the registration form, and there is no need for profile creation on the LiveJasmin website. However, the same is not the case with model registration on LiveJasmin. Thus, the website offers strict privacy protection for both viewers and performers to protect the interest of both. The platform doesn’t sell any information to third parties at any cost, giving the safety and privacy of users the topmost priority. The website is SSL certified, and the app is updated with the latest encryptions so that the users can make a safe payment on the LiveJasmin website.

Are The Messages The Users Send Are Encrypted?

While the messages sent in the private chat rooms are end to end encrypted, the comment sections of a live broadcast are not. However, because nobody shares any personal or private information on the platform, the presence or absence of encryption doesn’t make a difference. Platforms like LiveJasmin websites are only used for virtual satisfaction and not online dating. It is the reason why there is absolutely no requirement of a private heart to heart communication that one would like to protect from prying eyes.

Can LiveJasmin Track Its Users?

Can LiveJasmin Track Its Users?

In simple words, no. Unlike dating platforms, adult webcams do not need to know the users’ exact location to pair them up with performers. It is a virtual experience that anyone from anywhere can enjoy based on their choices. Thus, the adult webcams do not use GPS to track or keep location information from the users. However, all websites keep data of all IP addresses used to log in to their platforms. Thus, even though LiveJasmin Reviews claims that the makers cannot track its members, that they can’t, the IP address still holds information.

Whom To Contact On LiveJasmin When Facing Privacy Issues On The Site?

Although one can get in touch with the LiveJasmin team on their toll-free number, the website doesn’t deal with any critical user information to face privacy issues. It is open to any complaints or feedback related to the adult webcam. Even though the platform doesn’t take any user information that can later create problems, members registered as performing models put a lot of information at stake. The toll-free number 1-800-493-0390 is mainly for them to help them in case of issues. However, the number is open for all users.

How To Delete A Previously Submitted Information On LiveJasmin?

The LiveJasmin Reviews reveal that the platform is not precisely for dating. It is meant to enjoy the scintillating performances of adult models live and get satisfaction. The very reason why the platform doesn’t give any profile space to the users, as there is no use of the same. It is almost like one-way communication. Thus a user’s information is of no importance. The only place the information is required is at the time of registration. And that too because the makers need to confirm that the users meet the eligibility criteria of age. The other information is merely used to help with suggestions. And because LiveJasmin doesn’t even try to verify the provided information, there is no point in bothering to delete any previously filled information. However, preferences can be changed anytime on the LiveJasmin website and app using the search filters on the search bar.

Real Life User Review

If I had to describe myself honestly, I would say I am a horny guy with sexual needs. Yes, that is the reality that most people feel ashamed to accept. I don’t, and that is why I keep trying various dating sites and adult webcam sites to find satisfaction. However, finding real dates and good quality models seem to be a blessing I never had until LiveJasmin. Although it started off as a joke, with my friends saying that the only thing that could satisfy me was LiveJasmin. After avoiding initially being so cliche, I finally gave up and thought to try for fun. And today, I can thank my friends secretly and bless them with my heart for suggesting LiveJasmin even if it was a joke. The models, the private shows, the live broadcasts, games, VibraToy, and the number of options available on the site simply have blown my mind. Although a bit expensive due to the credit system, yet I can’t keep LiveJasmin out of my mind despite trying it for two years. It just never fails to disappoint with the variety of new models and cams added almost every day. – Daniel, 33 yrs

To Sum Up

To Sum Up

LiveJasmin is one of the pioneering adult cam sites on the internet that still manages to maintain the quality of the platform. While more and more dating platforms turn to become big scams, adult cam sites are picking up popularity for guaranteed satisfaction. Even though most people complain about the quality of models and their lazy activities, LiveJasmin doesn’t disappoint. Its reputation is what attracts more people to its site. The only problem that the LiveJasmin Reviews complain of is the credits being costly, but that too is taken away with the uniqueness of the platform’s features. Another factor to stand out is that the models on the webcams are of all types suiting the taste of people with varied sexualities. And despite all the good points, if something has to be mentioned as the site’s best features, it would be easy and fast access. Aside from the assured privacy protection, the long list of pros of the website makes LiveJasmin a perfect replacement for all scammy dating sites without a second thought.

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