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Review of Spdate: Expert Opinion for All Users

Review of Spdate: Expert Opinion for All Users
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Active Audience 65%
Quality Matches 87%
Popular Age 25-40
Profiles 875 000
Reply Rate 80%
Ease of Use 7.1
Popularity 8.8
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Many users
  • Private and public photo galleries
  • Complete search with personal filters
  • 100% secure, discreet, and anonymous
  • Limited user information
  • Not suitable for serious relationships
  • Application is a bit lengthy

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A number of Spdate Reviews make it evident that Spdate is a worldwide dating site that can be used anywhere. It is a Cyprus-based Digital company that helps people get in touch. It allows you to radically change your life to find a partner with whom you can live a fascinating relationship.

It particularly focuses on people from Eastern European countries, specifically on women and men originally from Bulgaria, Romania, through Moldova, Poland, up to Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, without forgetting the Czech Republic, Belarus, and Serbia. With a quick glance at the registered profiles, you can also see people from Asia, Morocco, and Brazil. For this reason, the site is available in 14 different languages, to create an experience that is 100% multilingual. It is quite interesting, especially for those who also want to test themselves with a foreign language.

Besides, In the Play Store alone, it seems to have 1,000,000 downloads, and several users of this site have talked about it in the comments, asking for insights and advice on it.

Here, in the review, you will find out if it really is the ultimate singles’ weapon as it promises, or another rip-off created to get money. Read on this Spdate review to find out more about the site.

Pros And Cons Of Spdate Website

Pros And Cons Of Spdate Website

Spdate is an interesting dating site if you are looking for friendships or love in a foreign land. You can meet people from all over the world, who are often charming with the country’s typical local attitude and spirit. The primary purpose is to find some sporadic adventure that lasts only one night or several days.

As mentioned, this site mainly welcomes women from Eastern Europe, and for this reason, it becomes difficult to find people from other regions. It could be a limit for some men, but this is the same mission of the site, which is aimed precisely at a specific target. The site has a disadvantage that you cannot talk in other languages except 14 that the site permits you. However, It must also be said that in this case, it takes very little time. Therefore arm yourself with a translator (there are many online) and continue your knowledge, perhaps by making some writing mistakes and having a little more fun.

Web Version And Mobile Application Of Spdate

The website makes it easy for one to connect with no limitations. The intent is to provide a platform to encourage passionate adventures and fun. Whether one is interested in an intriguing connection such as a mysterious romance, a friendly chat, finding a special someone, or sharing the same secret interests, or on a business or vacation trip and wants to meet some locals, this is the place to be.

While conducting the test, You observe how long it takes for a Spdate adventure to form. The results may be impressive. Members here are very quick to respond and very engaging.

Besides, Spdate is not just available on desktop, but it also allows you to chat and meet people in a mobile application, which can be used on your mobile phone. You can always have the opportunity to be connected with the sparkling community of this dating site through the app that is available for both Android and iOS and Windows Phone.

In this way, you can always directly connect with the person you are dating remotely or virtually, thus interacting with other users wherever you are. Even in the application case, once downloaded to your smartphone, you will need to register and complete the questionnaire.

Another aspect that should not be underestimated is the possibility of using your real position to find people who are in your vicinity and reflect your tastes. To know more check out further in Spdate review.

Quality Of Profiles

Just like Tinder, Spdate is also a dating app that has been around for a long time. In 2017, there were as many as 90 million users worldwide.

Besides, the registration process on the Spdate site is quite simple and easy. And to do this, you no need to register by connecting via Facebook. Register by providing your personal details such as Name, Address, Email address, Gender, Age, City, State, Country, etc. Furthermore, the site is supporting sexual chatting and interactions. Therefore at the time of registration, you will be asked to fill in about romance.

After registration, you have to send messages to the opposite sex, and you have to like their profile and then send the message right away.

Furthermore, this application also provides paid features for those who want to be more serious and accurate in finding dates. You will get various priority features, such as knowing who viewed your profile and who sent you likes.

Registration On Spdate Site

Registration On Spdate Site

Many Spdate reviews provide every piece of info you want to know about registration on Spdate. And to do this, go to https://spdate.com/ from your computer browser and click Sign in.

A window will appear for you to log in with your email and password if you are already registered. And if you are not a registered member, you will get an option “Create Account.” After that, follow the steps described below:

  • On the page that will appear, you must put your email and click Next.
  • On the next page, you must create a password for your Spdate account and then click Sign Up.
  • In the next step, you are advised that you must fill in certain data for your profile. And then click next.
  • Continue the process by typing your first name and clicking Next.
  • On the next page, you must put your gender, whether it is male or female. By clicking on More Options, you can also choose from a series of sexual identity options. After choosing, click Next.
  • On the next page, you must put the date you were born. Then click Next.
  • Continue with the country and city where you grew up and click Next.
  • Who are you looking for? There it would help if you mentioned what you are looking for. Click Next.
  • The relationship options you want to establish will appear on the next page. After you choose, click Next.
  • What comes next is to define the age range of those people who may interest you. After selecting that range, click Next.
  • Say things about yourself, so other people can get to know you. Click Next.

By doing all that, you are already part of Spdate.

Profile Set-up

After registering, you will have to set your Spdate profile. And to do this, first, you have to feed your image in the profile picture because your profile picture creates a good impression on the other users.

In the next step, you will be asked to continue answering a series of questions to define your matches. Click on ” Matches” again after answering the questions and choose “Match Search.”

A page of potential matches will appear, their profiles, and the percentage of matches they have with the same answers.

Click on a profile to see if you like the person. Send a wink or an email in the system’s internal messaging system. The site will send an email to let you know if the person is sending a message back to you. Read ahead to know more.

How To Logout From Spdate Site

How To Logout From Spdate Site

You can log out from your Spdate account, either from your PC’s browser or on your mobile device. And to do this, you have to go to https://spdate.com/ and then select the Settings > Account> Logout option.

How Long To Activate Account

Spdate has a completely free registration process, and you can become a member in 2 minutes. Shortly after getting registered, you will be to operate the application without any further delay.

To know how to delete your account on this app, dive more into the Spdate Review.

How To Delete an Spdate Account

If you want to delete your Spdate account permanently, you can do so by following the steps described below:

Open the Spdate account on your mobile device then log into the app. Click on the profile icon. This icon has the shape of a person and is located in the upper left area. When you click on it, a menu will appear. After that, choose the option ” Settings ” This is located below the profile image. Then press “Delete account” this is located at the bottom of the menu.

After this, you will observe different reasons to delete Spdate and choose the one you like. But if you select “OTHER” as the reason to delete your account, you will have to write the reason.

How To Make Your Profile Top

To make your profile the preferable one, upload your few images with an attractive filter and write something about your personality out of the box. By doing so, you will mostly get positive responses and sparked conversations.

Can Spdate Put Age Limits On Who Can See Your Profile?

If in case you want to only interact with the people of your age, then the Spdate app will allow you to put age limits so that you will get the matches as per your preference. On the other hand, if you want to befriend those older and younger than you, you can skip the criteria to fill age limits.

How Can You Change Your Name On Spdate?

To change your name on the site, you have to check out the settings on the website, where you will get basic information. Go in basics and change your name.

How Can The Users Hide Their Profile On Spdate

There is no option to hide the profile. It is completely visible to others until you block them.

How Do The Users Change Their Profile Pictures On Spdate?

If you want to change your profile picture of the Spdate account, you have to click on the profile menu. After that, go to the profile image, and there you will get an edit option. By pressing edit, you will get the option to choose images from the uploaded gallery on the site or the phone gallery. Choose the image and change your DP.

Special Features

Special Features

Now, if you want to register on the Spdate app, before registering, you must first identify the cool features of this dating application. The following features are the advantages of the Spdate application:

  • Priority for Nearby People

This feature is useful for you to know who the people are around your current location who are also using this site which is set up to find new online friends. You can also search for other users in various cities and other countries. So you can find as many friends as possible.

  • Filtering Dating

This dating feature can be used as a filter to match the accounts of other Spdate users who want to get acquainted. When you set Dating mode, about 70 percent of the search results for the spdate app will appear for users with the same interests and hobbies.

  • Filter Chat

The Chat feature will be a filtering tool that will show you and meet other users with the same interests and preferences. If you only want to meet Spdate users, chat and use this feature.

  • Filter Find New Friends

This feature will find you, new friends, on Spdate. If you want to meet and add to your favorites, only new friends can use this feature by clicking ‘I Want.’ You can also filter friends by age and who you want to meet.

  • Allowing Sex Request

Through this Spdate review, you will be happy to know that the site allows the users to special features, i.e., sex request. With these features, you can request other users to have a sexual interaction. However, there is a series of spam in these features.

Costs And Prices

Costs And Prices

Free Features:

With a free subscription on Spdate as a possibility, you can get a full setup on the site and start exploring it. You can send free flirts to potential users. Flirts are predefined short messages, primarily intended to check whether someone is interested or not. When there is a reply, well, a message can be sent.

The interactive “Skip” or “Like” option of users can also be fun. If you “Like” a user, they will receive a “Like” in the “Like” tab. There are so many ways to earn free tokens by doing simple tasks. Free tokens are given by setting up and completing the profile and registering for several days in a row and updating the account with new photos or information. You can spend these tokens by sending various messages.

Paid Features:

As mentioned earlier, your subscription to Spdate is completely free, but to use all the services offered, you will need to take out a subscription that provides monthly fixed costs.

Thanks to the payment, which is set by the online dating platform, you will have the opportunity to be part of a first profile screening. Generally, only people who are interested in meeting someone decides to subscribe.

After all, let’s not fool ourselves: the possibility of meeting scams and people who pretend to be who they are not is very high when it comes to online dating. But in this way, everything becomes much safer.

Take, for example, the subscription service for basic users, without additional boosters. The cost is 29.99 USD per month, which includes further variations if you decide to extend your subscription’s monthly payments. Its basic version allows you to consult the photos and profiles of the people who are registered on the Spdate website and add some people to the Favorites list.


The site has stressed that it complies with privacy laws and has strict contracts with providers to guarantee users’ personal data security.

Are Spdate Chats Encrypted?

A number of Spdate reviews state that the site is not encrypted. The Spdate Website provides safety and reliability to its users. People are guaranteed high security, all thanks to the staff, who carry out periodic checks on profiles, moderating them, and preserving personal data, which are thus always protected.

The site ensures that your financial information is kept safe and anonymous. Payment details are processed through their secure servers. They conduct payments with a highly secure industry standard. They also don’t store any of the sensitive data.

Can Spdate Track You Down?

No, because tracking users means the company is committed to the illegal object. And Spdate is a legal site. Therefore it is not a matter of concern.

Who Should You Contact If You Have Questions Regarding My Privacy On Spdate?

Who Should You Contact If You Have Questions Regarding My Privacy On Spdate?

In case if users have any queries, they can contact the company’s helpline sector via email or helpline number. Below you will get all the official registered contact information of Spdate:

  • Company’s Name: Digital International Inc
  • Company’s Address: 1st Floor, Hadjikyriakeion Bld 1 121 Prodromou Avenue Strovolos Nicosia 2064 Cyprus
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Website: https://spdate.com/

To know more, go ahead with this Spdate review.

Can the Users Delete The Information That They’ve Already Submitted?

No, you can not delete the submitted information. Instead, you will have to provide alternative information to remove the previous one. For example, if you want to remove your phone number, you have to fill out an alternative number.

Real Life Spdate Reviews

The site is a legal dating platform. It ensures valid help to know the type of success of the meetings that took place through the Spdate platform and is certainly the possibility of reading the users themselves’ testimonials. Through these stories, it is perceived that this is an interesting opportunity for anyone who wants to find the man or woman of their life.

Among the many possibilities offered, there is also that of participating in events organized by the staff, putting users in contact, and eliminating fake profiles.

Furthermore, unlike many other sites of this kind, Spdate is quick and easy to delete your profile from the site. Each user has the right of withdrawal to terminate his subscription, which must be exercised within 14 days of subscribing to the services themselves. Once this time limit has been exceeded, contact the staff directly, by sending a completed form (which can be downloaded on the website) from https://spdate.com/.

If you have signed up for a subscription and do not want to exercise the right of withdrawal, you can proceed with the account’s cancellation and automatic renewal blocking.

You were surprised to notice the ease of cancellation: linked to the section “my account and subscription.” In the section called “cancel your subscription,” you can end your experience. This operation can be carried out up to 2 days before the subscription expires and involves the renewal itself’s suspension. In terms of timing, it is possible to receive a confirmation email within 24 hours, where the profile’s cancellation is acknowledged.



In conclusion, it can be said that Spdate is absolutely the best platform for those who want hookups and fun, especially for a short period. It offers a wide variety of female and male audiences. Prospective members will also find what they want, ranging from age range and any preference. The limited information on users’ profiles certainly slowed you down a bit when it came to finding the right candidates.

But having gotten more than enough users with direct responses and who proved to be on the same page with you, this feature just missed. Anyone who contemplates the site as a new spice in their life will certainly not be disappointed as it can cater to different needs. Furthermore, in terms of money, Spdate is the cheapest dating site. To sum up it can be said that it is a worthy site for singles to mingle. So, don’t miss out on the opportunity.

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