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Review of FuckBookHookups‌ : Expert Opinion for All Users

Review of FuckBookHookups‌ : Expert Opinion for All Users
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Active Audience 90%
Quality Matches 92%
Popular Age 23-29
Profiles 1 700 000
Reply Rate 88%
Ease of Use 8.8
Popularity 8.3
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The‌ ‌website‌ ‌offers‌ ‌free‌ ‌registration.‌ ‌
  • The‌ ‌prices‌ ‌for‌ ‌the‌ ‌premium‌ ‌membership‌ ‌are‌ ‌affordable.‌ ‌
  • ‌The‌ ‌developers‌ ‌provide‌ ‌a‌ ‌substantial‌ ‌and‌ ‌advanced‌ ‌search‌ ‌form.‌ ‌
  • Active‌ ‌live‌ ‌cam‌ ‌performances‌ ‌will‌ ‌boost‌ ‌your‌ ‌experience‌ ‌here.‌ ‌
  • The‌ ‌community‌ ‌is‌ ‌LGBTQ+‌ ‌tolerant,‌ ‌and‌ ‌all‌ ‌sexual‌ ‌minorities‌ ‌and‌ ‌individuals‌ ‌of‌ ‌all‌ ‌gender‌ ‌ demarcations‌ ‌are‌ ‌welcome.‌ ‌
  • Sooner or later, you will have to pay money if you want to find a hookup. It is because all necessary features are not free, and you will be very limited in services if you decide to remain a non-paying user.
  • Not all corners of the world are covered. If you are from a small country or city, your chances of getting laid are zero percent.
  • There is a rather small database in comparison with other dating sites.
  • The developers of the website do not offer a mobile application to their users.
  • he design is rather old-fashioned and does not correspond to modern trends.

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FuckBookHookups is one of the oldest dating sites. This platform exists since 1996, which means quite a long history and substantial experience in the field of dating and hookups. The website belongs to Various, Inc., which is a subsidiary of FriendFinder Networks Inc, a corporation with a world-known name. It aims at helping people to hook up and spend a pleasant time together without obligations and responsibilities. According to the website, here, you will find a community of like-minded individuals, diversify your sexual life, and realize your wildest dreams and fantasies.

If you came across FuckBookHookups and are now wondering whether it is worth your time, you may have a lot of concerns about it. This article may come in very handy. Can you trust this portal? Is it efficient? Will you succeed in sex affairs here? What audience will like it more? Find answers to all these questions and many others in this review.

Web Version and Mobile Application

The FuckBookHookups website does not have a mobile analog. Nowadays, when mobile phones play a great role in any modern person’s life, this can be considered a significant disadvantage. When someone wants to find a match on the go, for example, on their way to work or home, or during a lunch break, they have no opportunity to do this easily. Though the platform is accessible with the help of any mobile browser, some difficulties with the website’s usage persist.

Thus, the most comfortable way to use FuckBookHookups is on your PC or laptop. However, it should be noted that the website seems to remain in the past. The design is very old-fashioned if to compare with other modern sites. The style that dominates on the website was popular back in the 2000s, but not today. Though the colors used are typical for a hookup platform, they are not combined in a smooth way. As such, bright blue and bright orange colors do not look well together on the black background. The header looks torn from the body of the website, which creates a negative impression. Overall, the design does not feature a great style.

As for the basic content provided, apart from search forms, the profile database, and messaging windows, there are other useful sections. For example, there are dating forums that contain erotic stories, magazines, and members’ blogs. Moreover, you can access the live chat from the main page. If you have any questions about the navigation on the platform and its services, you can always refer to the FAQ section, which is very detailed here. Thus, one can say that, despite the poor and dull design, the website features interesting options that may draw your attention and motivate you to register.

Web Version and Mobile Application

What About Quality of Profiles On The Website?

People on this website are there for entertainment only. The entertainment here is divided into two types, online and offline. Thus, the members are looking for either online webcam performances or finding matches for offline hookups. Statistics of the platform state that there are more than 30 million people who are situated in various places in the world.

The developers claim you can find a match in your city easily with the help of this website. However, it should be noted that small countries and cities lack the audience on FuckBookHookups. Thus, if you are from a place where hookup platforms are not that popular, you will hardly meet someone on this website. Still, the possibility to enjoy erotic live shows remains.

It is convenient that the first information that you see on a user’s profile is the gender of a person. The basic information on each profile includes a username, status, either online or offline, gender and age, location, and search preferences. Some individuals also leave a short description of themselves to provide a clearer picture of them. Finally, a photo that one chooses as their avatar is also displayed.

Another important thing that requires your attention is the presence of bots on FuckBookHookups. As they state, “Persons appearing in photographs may not be actual members.” Thus, you need to remember this fact when you decide to join the community.

Registration Process

The sign-up process does not differ much from those on other dating sites. You need to open the website and find the appropriate button that suggests you register. After you click on it, you will be sent to another page with the registration form that you need to fill out. As such, you will have to add such information as who you are, like your gender or couple identification, who you are looking for, and then press “Next.” On the following page, you will be asked to provide a bit more data about yourself. Namely, your date of birth, country, and state, as well as the city that is the closest to you, will have to be identified.

The next step will need you to provide your email address, create a unique username, and think of a reliable password for good protection. Your username should be from four to 16 characters long. The password is case sensitive and needs to be at least five characters long. The final step is to upload your photo. After this, the registration is over, and you can get started. Signing up on FuckBookHookups with your Facebook or Goggle account is not possible.

Registration Process

How to Set Up a Profile?

When you create a profile on FuckBookHookups, you need to remember a few things to make your profile stand out among others. First, it is recommended to provide your picture because members of such platforms prefer seeing who they communicate with before deciding to meet. Profiles with avatars are ten times popular than those without pictures. Next, the title should be creative and unordinary. This will increase the members’ attention to your personality. Finally, do not be afraid to tell what you are looking for on this website. This will help you to find the best matches for casual dating.

How Can One Terminate Their Session?

You can log out at any time you want. Just click the respective button in the top right. The click will terminate your session. Do not forget to clear Cache and Cookies if you keep your account on this website in secret.

How Long Should You Wait to Activate Your Account?

Account activation usually does not take much time. Once you receive an email letter with a confirmation link, you need to follow that link. After you do this, your account will be activated.

Is It Possible to Delete Your Account?

Yes, it is possible. To do this, you do not have to ask customer support or fill out any forms. You need to go to the “My Account” section and hit “Delete Account.” You will see a special link by clicking on which you will be redirected to another window. There you will be asked to enter your password and confirm the deletion. Once you agree, you will permanently delete your account. The deletion means you will not be able to restore your data on FuckBookHookups anymore. If you are a premium user, you have to make sure your automatic payment renewal is turned off before you delete your data.

Is There Any Account Promotion?

Unlike many dating sites, the platform does not offer you any paid promotional features. The only way you can make your profile top is by being active. If you receive many likes, visits, and comments, the search algorithm will promote your profile automatically.

Does FuckBookHookups Have Any Age Limits on People Visiting Your Profile?

According to the FuckBookHookups review, you cannot limit people who visit your page in any way. The platform allows access to its database to all individuals over 18. Thus, you will not be able to set any age limits.

How Does One Change Their Username on FuckBookHookups?

To change your username, you need to be logged into the system. Click on the “My Account” section and choose the “Basic Profile” link. Insert a new username in the respective field. Your username will be changed in the system within 72 hours.

How Does One Hide Their Profile on FuckBookHookups?

There is no such option on this website. Any registered user will see your profile in search results. If you want to hide your data, you will need to delete your account.

How Does One Change Their Photo on FuckBookHookups?

You can do this in the settings. Click on “My Account,” choose “Basic Profile,” and click on your picture. In the pop-up window, choose a new photo and confirm uploading it. Save the changes.

How Does One Change Their Photo on FuckBookHookups?

Special Features

Live chats.

This option is known well among most modern users of dating sites. Live chats are rooms where embers can communicate on topics related to a particular sphere. On such platforms as FuckBookHookups, all topics are related to sex. Thus, if you want to discuss a sex position, seek advice on intimate issues, or post a proposition to have sex, you need to try this feature.

Live cams.

This is an especially useful feature if you live in a small city and there is no one nearby with whom you could have sex. In such a case, you can always watch and enjoy a live webcam performance of FuckBookHookups’ models. These are people who work to entertain you, excite and arouse you, and then resolve your sexual tension. Such shows may greatly improve your experience on the website.

The opportunity to earn money.

The portal provides an affiliate program with the help of which you can earn money. You can become a webcam model and receive payments for this. This will have two significant pros and one huge drawback. As such, you will be able to get money, and this is the first advantage. According to their website, you can earn up to 130 USD per order, and the number of orders per day is limitless. Next, you will receive unforgettable emotions when you satisfy yourself in from of dozens or even hundreds of people. However, you should remember that all content you provide to FuckBookHookups will be stored and can later be disclosed to other parties. Thus, you need to thoroughly think about whether you want to work as a model or not.

Contest photos.

You can send your photos to battle and win the attention of other members. You can receive many likes and comments this way. In turn, this will boost your profile’s popularity, which will contribute to the number of matches. Thus, it is recommended not to avoid this feature.

Erotic stories.

If you like to arouse yourself by reading someone’s stories about their sexual adventures, you will like this service. Here you can dive into other people’s experiences with various sex forms. Who knows, maybe you will like something and want to try it in real life.

Blogs and groups.

It is another helpful feature that can unite like-minded people. Do you like bondage? Or could it be that you love group sex? Or anything else? Groups will come in very handy here. You can join a group for your taste. Or you may create your blog and write about your experiences, wishes, concerns, etc.


Flirts are an analog of winks on many dating sites. It is useful for those who are afraid to begin communication first. If you are one such person, you can send a flirt to someone you like, and they will receive the respective notification. If they also like you, they may want to initiate a conversation.

Overall, the impression of the website’s special features is somewhat controversial. On the one hand, the portal has good and useful features that should attract a lot of users. On the other hand, the platform’s popularity remains quite low in small countries and cities.

Special Features

Costs and Prices

As a free member, you will be able to like photos and videos, conduct a basic search, vote for contest photos, add your pictures, communicate in chat rooms, and create your blog. Live performances will be allowed only one at a time. However, if you decide to upgrade to a premium user, you will receive unlimited access to all of the features on the platform. You will be able to conduct advanced searches and view the full profiles of other members. Moreover, you will have access to their full pictures and videos and comment on them. Webcam shows, flirts, and friend requests will be unlimited.

As for customer support, the priority is given to premium members. They can contact the support team via phone and receive replies to email within 12 hours after submitting a ticket. Finally, the most useful service on FuckBookHookups becomes available only with the paid membership. Namely, you can message, read, and reply to the texts only as a premium user. Free members do not have access to this feature.

One-month usage will cost you 29.99 USD. If you decide to subscribe for three months, you will pay 49.99 USD. And 69.99 USD will be withdrawn from your account if you purchase the membership for half a year. As you can see, the prices are rather moderate. The payment is automatically renewed each time your period ends.


You can find two important sections that relate to your privacy on FuckBookHookups. These sections are Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. You need to familiarize yourself with them before you sign up for the platform. Though the conditions are mostly standard and resemble those on other dating sites, some information may be new to you.

Does FuckBookHookups Provide Chats Encryption?

FuckBookHookups’ Terms of Use state that your chats, blogs, posts, and other types of texts on this platform are considered public. Thus, you should be aware that your chats are not encrypted and can be accessed in case of necessity. It is recommended to think about what you write and be careful with sharing too much personal information about yourself.

Does FuckBookHookups Have the Rights to Track You Down?

Yes, it can. They can detect your IP with the help of your email address and locate your position. They will know where you live and share this data with third parties if necessary. Once you submit any information to chats, they will have the right to do anything with it.

Who Should Be Contacted In Case of Any Questions About Your Privacy on FuckBookHookups?

There are several ways you can contact customer support if you have questions about your privacy. For example, you can call them at (669)208-0363. If you prefer electronic communication, you can write to [email protected]. You can also send them a letter to 910 E. Hamilton Ave, Sixth Floor, Campbell, CA 95008, USA, Attn: Privacy.

How to Delete the Information that Has Already Been Submitted to FuckBookHookups?

Your personal information will be stored in their base as long as you are a member of the platform. FuckBookHookups will use it if there will be cases when some disputes need to be solved. Thus, if you want to delete your data, you will have to terminate your account.

How to Delete the Information that Has Already Been Submitted to FuckBookHookups?

Real Life Review

The limitation of free accounts is the main complaint from users. A lot of members are not satisfied with the fact that they have to pay to see how the features work and check whether they suit them. This makes it impossible to decide whether the platform is efficient or not before subscribing to premium.

Moreover, FuckBookHookups reviews evidence poor popularity of the platform in low-crowded areas. People from such places complain about the impossibility of finding a partner for casual dating, let alone some unusual fetishes. However, individuals from locations like New York or Washington do not have negative words about the portal’s popularity. However, a complaint about bots is common.


FuckBookHookups will be useful for big cities’ dwellers. They will be glad to know that the website is quite active in urban areas. The portal compensates with webcam performances for its low popularity among citizens of small countries. The two most significant disadvantages are the absence of a modern and stylish mobile application and the impossibility of doing anything meaningful as a free member. All necessary features need to be paid for if you want to succeed on this platform. Thus, you will probably have to go premium once you register on the platform.

However, it is worth noting that the prices are rather low. Another advantage is that FuckBookHookups offer a wide range of search criteria with the help of which you can customize your request. Moreover, the community is tolerant of all sexual minorities, so if you are gay, transgender, transsexual, etc., you can feel completely safe here. Cyberbullying is prohibited. Another good fact is that you can earn money on the platform if you decide to work as a webcam model. So if you are willing to diversify your sexual life, living in a big city, and in search of dating sites, FuckBookHookups may be a reasonable choice.

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